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  1. Yup, it clips. LynF_Feline_Frisky_to_JinF_Feline_Frisky.7z
  2. Done, but just as I expected, it looks weird. JinF_Profane_Jianshi_Charm_to_Lyn_Profane_Jiangshi_Charm.7z
  3. Why would you want your lyn to have four ears? xD Anyway I'll give it a shot but just as the lyn_to_jin looked wrong, jin_to_lyn will probably look wrong too and it will clip with your real ears. Just to clarify, you want your lyn to have the charm over the eye instead of the mask over the mouth?
  4. Well I made it but to be honest it doesn't look good, it's probably because the mesh is intended for lyns and its orientation and anchor points are different. JinF_Feline_Frisky_to_Lyn_Feline_Frisky.7z
  5. :o Please do share once you finish it, my sin would love it for sure
  6. The data shown in blade and soul tool seem ok Mesh: 00011381 - Material: 00011380 - Texture: 00011379 Yet I had the same problem once with this outfit, I think it's confusing material with col1material If you don't know how to let me know what outfit you want to replace and I can try hex editing it.
  7. Do you have any screenshots of it? We don't have that zone in NA/EU yet
  8. Untested. JinF__masked_hongmoon_to_prime_time.7z
  9. Here you go. kun__hongmoon_to_summer_groove.7z
  10. I'm not sure lol, VERSION.txt says v2.0.6 but setting.json says v2.0.7. I downloaded it some two months ago and haven't updated it since. I'm not sure how the databases are obtained/updated but lately I've been seeing a few posts about UPKs missing from BnSTool, maybe it's a bug? If you wanna compare them I attached the my data.json file from BladeSoulTool\database\attach\data data.7z