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  1. Glad you were able to fix your problem :) PS: The fix for your issue will come next update so you won't have to mess with your DPI/Font :)
  2. Restore config.dat (in launcher tab) and try patching it and launch again. If it still dosen't work, fix with NCLauncher (delete the config.dat too) and see if it changes ;)
  3. Still there :/ I forgot to add the path for 64 bit Client.exe
  4. What's the path to your Client.exe?
  5. I haven't patched the 64-bit ones and game works just fine <3
  6. 64-bit compatibility will be added in the next update! [status: done] Just need to complete the update b4 release + testing. A lot of other bugs has already been fixed! I'm playing on the 64-bit one and only patched the other non-64 and the game works just fne! If the bat works, the tool should work just as well, as they are using the same commands! ;) If you're having any errors, just update using NCSoft launcher wait until it's completely done, close it out and use BnS Buddy again <3 ^ just like other nice community member said :D Any further questions?
  7. Forgot to add it last time, i'll do it as soon time allows me to :)
  8. Yea I accidently dropped stuff onto my folder for zip extraction testing dll from the tool for automatic updater and forgot to remove everything x'D I'm going to push a full cleanup of everything this month. Hopefully i'll get it done. Been busy a lot lately, couldn't finish the new update I was making.
  9. Undo every mod applied in mod manager. Restore config.dat in launcher tab Restore Splash. Update the game with NCLauncher Then re-apply all your modifications :) There is no fix for this, as the server and tool are 2 seperate things :)
  10. Restore all files in BnS Buddy (restore config in launcher tab), remove any mods applied (in mod manager) and finally restore thru the dat editor (restore all 2 files). after close tool, launch NCLauncher and scan & repair files. wait until it's over. then after it's done and ready for launch. close it out. Pop BnS buddy up and re-apply config patches in launcher tab and launch :) If error persists, delete CookedPC folder entirely and config. then retry the NCLauncher scan and repair! It should work :)
  11. Why haven't I tought about that x') Forgot to mention, did you read the top of the Q&A and the ReadMe at the bottom? Your post on your site, seems rather misleading? No offense.
  12. I was planning on a surprise for update 5.0 of an similar mod manager working with subfolders. But previews and descriptions won't be added. Because they would have to be manually added by the user itself. unless people starts to provide mods with the preview and description included. But I won't bother everyone with that. So what i'm going to do is select the mod by name as a substitute for description. But I will add an option for IF description and preview exists, it will show them. But that will come in 5.5 or later..
  13. I guess we all have our downs and ups in life. I hope it all turns out well for you. Sorry for irritating you with this & best wishes for the surgery. Sorry again. I'm off to bed. Work in 5 hours.
  14. Oh, but itsn't that why we post the source? So people can analyze our works and see that it can be trusted. If you were typing a message, i'm glad to know that you were doing so :) your multigame manager sounds really neat. I can't wait until it is released! I did try reversing NCLauncherR.exe, but it always resulted in an unknown error when reaching the end process before saving. But posting the login process at the same time will give a helping hand to ncsoft and change their login process or anything wich can be patched... oh well PS: they are using certificates and handshake signatures to trade information(reversed a tiny bit)