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  1. Atrocious.
  2. Got mah key :3 I'm honestly more excited for this game than any other right now.
  3. Did they really say that...? Meh. I think they should at least release a Dark Popori class or something like it, considering how closely related the Elin and the Popori are. Though, the class really does look like it belongs on Castanics.
  4. Well, looking at it from a somewhat optimistic standpoint, it could also mean that the other races will each get their own exclusive classes in the future.
  5. I don't have recruiting powers, but I suggest you make an in-game application (if you already haven't) so that someone with said powers can invite you in.
  6. Yet another payment method controversy thread.
  7. It's me. :3
  8. I'd rather wait so that the nice people working on it are allowed to be thorough with their polishing of the game. :)
  9. Wow, that's awesome. :o There's nothing like owning a physical copy of music and the lovely cases they go in.
  10. Honestly, them being there (the incredible, expansive environments) is reason enough for me to explore and continue to enjoy/appreciate them. Besides, there are quests that have you go to many different areas and utilize your abilities to run, jump, fight, etc. The reason the incredible environments and the special abilities exist are for immersion purposes, I would say--and I honestly think they've pretty much done enough in that aspect. From there, players should use their imagination with what to do next... for example, everything and anything in any MMO game, no matter how horrendous it is, is 100x more fun with friends. In a game like Blade & Soul, you and your friends could have one killer Hide N' Seek game. Also, I agree with you on the day/night feature... I feel like they could totally pull that off. A weather or season system would be cool, too, but maybe I'm asking for too much. Dx
  11. My friend bought me a nice, soft blanket with a picture of wolves on it. He also got me a shirt. :'D I also got some cash from my family which I spent on Tales of Graces f. Thinking about what other games I should get with what I have left over. We should have a Pokemon battle sometime.
  12. Ducks are pretty tasty. Merry Christmas. :D
  13. Hmm, I've never really thought about this much. As much as I love how mystifying life can be at times, I would say some long-desired clarity is worth fighting for. Ultimately, I'm fighting for peace... of mind.