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  1. Whatever you replace it for: 1) add the upks to your installation, update the one click replacement tool and then swap for whatever you want. 2) Or learn how to manually mod costumes.
  2. i suppose it's about time i learnt how right? :)
  3. I've got two Costumes that don't work at the moment, one i got elsewhere which i'd really like to get fixed :( They are forums, similar to this one.
  4. i have a couple mods that don't work, doesn't matter what i do, the majority of them seem fine though.
  5. Are you running 32bit or 64bit?
  6. Have you added any costumes recently? or added anything like the wings? I'm just grasping at straws here :)
  7. Wasn't infront on my PC at the time i wrote that, my memory isn't what it used to be, strange that its doing it on a new installation? Are you running the entire process or partial? Could you elaborate? i have no clue what you are talking about
  8. Well, i'm glad i don't have to pay gold for every mod i have, otherwise i'd be broke. Not sure if that will work here, plenty of people doing mods for free(donations), but good luck
  9. This has happened to be a few times, but re-running the full update always fixed it. You did complete the last steps right? copying the tga's to the correct folders?
  10. But, don't you have these already? They are normal ingame upk's right?
  11. WD

    OK, something else strange, The BnSBuddy i have already on my system isn't detected as having a virus, but a new download is? I'm starting to get worried To expand on that statement, the version i did the online check on was from a fresh download(with local AV disabled).
  12. WD

    This is weird, again i don't think there is a virus here, but doesn't explain why the results are different. Scanned using virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/47a0a3ec762c287eecc1433aa4f8e82c6ae3d761b7c6f89cb8722e431062335b/analysis/1487351796/ No Virus found
  13. WD

    Updated, still can't download BnSBuddy, are your definitions showing the same as mine?
  14. I have no problem with either of those costumes, any specific race? Is your DB updated? Did you update it yourself? (from the screenshot, i guess not)
  15. WD

    OK, just so that I can confirm this guy isn't going crazy, i'm getting this error on 3 PC's, seperated by different networks(2 on 1, another at another location) As soon as i download BnSBuddy, Defender intercepts the download and it fails due to virus detected. It does appear in Windows Defender. Although i am sure that the fault lies in Windows Defender, and not BnSBuddy, just thought i'd let you know, 100% reproduceable. BTW, am running Windows 10 Pro(Insider Preview latest release) on my main rig. The other two(which also detect) are on the main release. Done more testing, AV only positive on Windows Defender, Symantec(yuck!!) comes up clean. Windows 10 Pro (insider preview) Windows Defender - Positive Windows 10 Pro (latest release) Windows Defender - positive Windows 7 Pro (latest updates) Windows Defender - positive Windows 7 Pro (latest updates) Symantec Endpoint protection - No Virus found