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  1. Unregistered users can now download UPK Manager.
  2. You need to switch to the File Tables tab and select items underneath the Texture2D node in the tree. If you ask questions on the support forums at I will see them right away. I only found this while doing a Google search.
  3. Email has been fixed. You can ask the site to resend the confirmation email.
  4. Looks like the forums can't connect to the mail server. I'll look into this tomorrow.
  5. No, no clue on that part. I have read elsewhere that the BnS graphics designers were fairly lazy with the meshes. I don't know if that is related to the crashes, but always a possibility. I have a support website setup for UPK Manager now: https:// /
  6. Just fixed. The database went down and I had to restart it.
  7. I'm looking into it. I've received this report a few times now.
  8. This will be fixed in the next update.
  9. Yes, that has already been requested. Now that the hard part is done I can spend more time on improving the program itself.