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      Hello Blade & Soul fans, Welcome to the official Blade & Soul Dojo FAQ! This thread contains commonly asked questions about Blade & Soul's Western versions. Have a question? Check to see if it's posted here or use our forums search feature before creating a new thread. This thread will be updated at all times by any of the Dojo staff members. For additional information on Blade & Soul visit our wiki, or check out the official Blade & Soul West website. Table of Contents <a href="#1">What is Blade & Soul?</a> <a href="#2">Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?</a> <a href="#3">What is Blade & Soul's release date?</a> <a href="#4">Has Beta Testing started?</a> <a href="#5">What type of pay model will Blade & Soul use?</a> <a href="#6">Will the Western clients be censored?</a> <a href="#7">Where will the Western servers be located?</a> <a href="#8">Will there be Oceanic/SEA servers?</a> <a href="#9">Will my characters from the other regions be transferable to the Western versions?</a> <a href="#10">Will the Western version be region blocked?</a> <a href="#11">What are the playable races?</a> <a href="#12">Why did they change the name of the Kun race to Yun for the Western release?</a> <a href="#13">What are the playable classes?</a> <a href="#14">Are there race and class restrictions?</a> <a href="#15">What will be the Western versions initial level cap?</a> <a href="#16">Will there be a vigor/fatigue system the the Western versions?</a> <a href="#17">What systems will this game be released on?</a> <a href="#18">What are the required PC specs for Blade & Soul?</a> <a href="#19">I didn't catch one of Blade & Soul's Livestreams, what did I miss?</a> <a href="#20">Will there be founder packs for the Western versions?</a> <a href="#21">Will Blade & Soul be on Steam?</a> <a href="#22">Will Windows 10 be supported?</a> <a name="1">What is Blade & Soul?</a> Blade & Soul is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Korean game development studio, Team Bloodlust and is published by NCSOFT. <a name="2">Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?</a> You can find the official Blade & Soul West site here. <a name="3">What is Blade & Soul's release date?</a> The North American and European versions are currently set to be released on January 19th, 2016. Head Start for founder's pack owners will begin at 10:00am PST on January 15th, 2016, and name reservations for Disciple and Master pack owners will begin on January 11th, 2016. The game has already been officially released in the following regions: Korea: June 30, 2012
      China: November 28, 2013
      Japan: May 20, 2014
      Taiwan: November 20, 2014
      <a name="4">Has Beta Testing started?</a> Yes. CBT 1: Oct 29, 10am PDT - Nov 2, 10pm PDT [NA server only]* CBT 2: Nov 13, 10am PDT - Nov 16, 10pm PDT [NA/EU]** CBT 3: Nov 24, 10am PDT - Nov 30, 10pm PDT [NA/EU]** CBT 4: Dec 11, 10am PDT - Dec 14, 10pm PDT (English/French/German)[NA/EU]** CBT 5: Dec 18, 10am PDT - Dec 21, 10pm PDT (English/French/German)[NA/EU]** *NA servers will only support English. **EU servers will support English, French, and German; except on CBTs 1, 2, & 3. <a name="5">What type of pay model will Blade & Soul use?</a> Blade & Soul has been announced as a F2P (free-to-play) title for the West and will have no content limitations. They have also stated that the game will not be "pay-to-win". <a name="6">Will the Western clients be censored?</a> No. <a name="7">Where will the Western servers be located?</a> Blade & Soul's Western servers will be housed in the following location: North America: Dallas, Texas US
      Europe: Frankfurt, Germany.
      <a name="8">Will there be Oceanic/SEA servers?</a> There are currently no plans to support Oceanic/SEA servers. However, NCSOFT has stated that if the community shows enough interest they will reconsider. A petition has been created for NCSOFT to reconsider. <a name="9">Will my characters from the other regions be transferable to the Western versions?</a> No. Transferring accounts is not possible, but transferring the physical appearance of your character from other versions is possible through the profile screenshot function in Character Creation. <a name="10">Will the Western version be region blocked?</a> There are currently no plans for region blocking. <a name="11">What are the playable races?</a> Jin, Gon, Yun, Lyn. Click here for more information. <a name="12">Why did they change the name of the Kun race to Yun for the Western release?</a> In North America, the word "Kun" closely resembles a derogatory racial slur. <a name="13">What are the playable classes?</a> There are currently six confirmed playable classes for the Western versions. The "Warlock" class can be found in the KR, CN, JP and TW clients but have yet to be confirmed for the North American and European release.
      Blade Dancer
      Blade Master
      Force Master
      Kung-Fu Master
      <a name="14">Are there race and class restrictions?</a> Yes. The playable races in Blade & Soul are indeed restricted to a select few classes. Below you'll find what you can play each race as. Jin: Assassin, Blade Master and Kung Fu Master
      Gon: Destroyer, Force Master and Kung Fu Master
      Lyn: Blade Dancer, Force Master and Summoner
      Yun: Blade Master, Force Master and Kung Fu Master
      <a name="15">What will be the Western versions initial level cap?</a> The initial level cap on release will be 45. <a name="16">Will there be a vigor/fatigue system the the Western versions?</a> No. <a name="17">What systems will this game be released on?</a> Blade & Soul will be released for Windows PC. <a name="18">What are the required PC specs for Blade & Soul?</a> Below are the PC specs taken from Blade & Soul's Korean client. [Minimum Spec] CPU : Intel Dual core/AMD Athlon 64X2 or better RAM : 2G or better VGA : nVidia Geforce 8600GT/AMD Radeon HD4600 or better HDD : 15GB OS : Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (32bit / 64bit) DirectX : 9.0c [Recommended] CPU : Intel Quad core/AMD Phenom II X4 or better RAM : 4G or better VGA : nVidia Geforce 8800GTX / AMD Radeon HD4850 or better HDD : 15GB OS : Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (64bit) DirectX : 9.0c <a name="19">I didn't catch one of Blade & Soul's Livestreams, what did I miss?</a> You can view all past broadcasts here. <a name="20">Will there be founder packs for the Western versions?</a> Yes, you can view their packages here. <a name="21">Will Blade & Soul be on Steam?</a> This has not yet been confirmed. <a name="22">Will Windows 10 be supported?</a> Yes. Updated: December 25th, 2015


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  1. As the topic says, I'm looking for a great streaming pc build. I've been sitting down looking at parts and stuff, but I can't really wrap my head around what is good and what isn't. Reading reviews for everything just yearns the usual "ok so everything is good" result. So I'm wondering if any knowledgeable people in here would help me out? The budget is 1k GBP MAX, meaning that'd be the absolute maximum, and the lower the better honestly. It'll be bought on credit meaning interest charges will apply (coz some people are so poor nothing else is an option). My friend who will be using the pc has no other option, and I don't have the funds to pitch in either, so yeah, the cheaper the better (though of course it needs to be able to do what is specified, AKA play bns and stream games in general. Doesn't need to be able to stream high-end stuff on 60 fps max settings, but streaming quite a lot of games on medium, as well as being able to stream mobas like HotS and LoL would probably be preferred.) https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/ is the website we've been using to try to put together builds due to it having pretty decent credit options. I'll try to see if I can build something myself, but I'm honestly at my wit's end :D Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. To be honest, I didn't make any changes to the build since Junghado doesn't have cc protection, For me it was enough to use Anklebiter every 18 seconds. He doesn't have any moves that you can't Q/E/SS or use Block to avoid, so there is no point in wasting damage points in cc. I use the fire build to burst him down, and with true profane it took me ~4 minutes. I only perfect block him, and if I can't go Draw Stance, I triple Pierce. I see no point in speccing into Pierce though, since you'll still mainly be in Draw Stance most of the time. I currently kill him in roughly 2 minutes +/- with Awakened Pirate weapon if I dont miss a single timing.
  3. Soul shields: I always infuse the critical ones or blackram ones (they give great crit). For a Blade Master, you're worth lies in your crit stat. (All your shit procs off of crit :D) 4. 3s 360' Block that can counter attacks in its area regardless of who the target is. That sounds about right. It doesn't give any "resistance" to damage, but acts just like Block, only in a 360' circle, WHICH ALSO PROTECTS PARTY MEMBERS WHO STAND IN IT. My main reason for it is usually to save party members who fuck up. It is a tool that lets me turn around a potential mistake, and I might want to add that it also PROTECTS PARTY MEMBERS WHO ARE TRYING TO RES. So basically you can actually save a party member who would otherwise die while ressing from a yellow aoe attack, which I consider highly useful. The point of it is that you need to consider it an "oh shit" move. When your party is about to get fucked because they positioned themselves wrong. When they are trying to res, and attacks are coming their way just before they finish casting. When you're surrounded by monsters and have a few seconds cooldown left on SS or Q, and you're unable to get away, and unable to block every attack. 5. Disregard my Hongmoon skill thread please, I haven't updated it yet. The list also mentioned that only 4 (Lightning Draw) was confirmed in-game :) You basically have the quest item from BSH4 and the royal zen bean to farm for now, for your hongmoon skills 4 stages.
  4. Hey, sorry for the late response! I see Pyros has answered most of your questions, so I'll refrain from making a wall of text myself. The advice Pyros gives is sound and as he/she says, it is really just basic stance to replenish focus, then back to draw stance anicancel with rmb lmb. As Pyros says, BMs are crit machines. No crit = no damage. Flash Step becomes incredibly good when you hit 50% crit and procs all the damn time. I've got Awakened Pirate wep atm (stage 8), and I continuously see up to 13k crits on enemies with it. Due to having 3 points in it, the animation is crazy fast, seeing as I can re-aim my camera while still in it, justifying the damage. If you don't do a lot of damage while tanking, you are using your iframes wrong. The point of tanking making your life easier isn't just that you get free cyclones and stuff. You've got "control" over the flow of the battle, and the monster(s) aim their attacks your way, letting you easily make them waste a move while you Q to burst them, then you E back as the next move comes and so on. It lets a BM do what a BM is supposed to do, constantly switch between stances to maximize damage while maintaining focus. I don't really switch up my rotation much when tanking compared to when I just dps. I really just abuse my iframes a lot. A good tip if you want to get back into Draw Stance after having used Q and E already for a rotation is to turn 180 degrees and SS to land behind the boss or enemy group, while being less far away than if you had just ss'd away (which could also trigger certain mechanics on bosses like Blood Mane, who would chain you and drag you in for a one shot combo.) Other than that I'd say go do some bsh6-man for example and learn boss patterns and trash patterns. In the end you should be able to seamlessly switch between stances without being forced to block all the time, letting you maintain healthy dps while not being reduced to ashes by the mobs.
  5. Fire will indeed be able to increase your damage compared to lightning if you play it well, and if you're facing a single target. The reason people prefer lightning is for the 5% crit buff and aoe, as well as the rng Honed Slash burst during for example grabs, where fire will do less damage. You also get cooldown reduction on Flash Step Combo with the Lightning version with Honed Slash, as well as access to Blade Echo. I personally prefer using the fire one while tanking 4-mans, because it lets me remain offensive as long as I know the pattern of the boss. I prefer lightning for 24-man and 6-man where much of it is tank and spank aoe grindfest.
  6. Hi Lyon! I'll update the fire build in a day or two, explaining why I've chosen what I did. The fire build as a whole and the parry F are expert choices meant to be used only when you know exactly what you're doing and when you should do it. The damage is done in another way than usual, and the build as a whole centers on not forcing you into Basic Stance just to block a random move. Quick tips though: You don't anicancel with RMB LMB as much anymore. A good rotation would be RMB > LMB x3 > RMB > LMB x3 > RMB > LMB x3 (usually I Raid somewhere inbetween to make sure I get 12x LMB at least. The LMB animation is much faster within this build, letting it do damage on par or better than Honed Slash/Dragontongue.) Everytime you hit with Flicker, you'll be able to parry with F. The parry has no cooldown if it succeeds. The parry also increases your threat by 20% instantly upon succesful parry. The build requires a lot of practice and timing to be effective, and it WILL do less damage than the lightning build in most cases, but it is much better at tanking due to the added mechanics. Also, Dragontongue has no global cooldown on grabbed targets.
  7. Hey there again, I just added some descriptions inside the Lightning-based build to explain the reasoning behind all my choices. Usually I switch around between Fissure T2S3 and Fissure T3S3 by keeping or removing the point in Blitzblade Scourge. The chi generation isn't always a necessity, as the ability sometimes is used as a crutch to keep generating a bit of aggro in situations where you're forced to block or alternate blocks within short timeframes, not letting you comfortably switch to draw stance for longer periods of time and dish out damage. It's a quality of life improvement in that case. If you're using it in any other situation, I'd recommend Tier 3 for the focus regen.
  8. Yeah I also tried it out. I might play a bit differently than most BMs though, I've not really been chi starved much even without those 4 points in Breeze :) Though I agree having those 4 points vs LBM at least would be a huge improvement. Friggin spinning anti-Breeze class :D
  9. It is after tomorrow. Prior to that I personally couldn't justify wasting the points in it. Most of the time it just wasn't that useful to me. I mostly used it vs FM, summoner and sin.
  10. Guess we find different things easier then. Block is clunky as hell for me, which is why I use E instead of block cancelling. The aoe talent on LMB = Tier 4 Stage 3 Breeze. I prefer relying on a safe hit window than running the risk of blowing TAB in a ground counter. Probably just me, though. I'll make a note of it in the combo.
  11. Yeah I know Flash Step isn't always gonna proc that much, but I find it doing great damage, and I've gotten used to using it both for avoiding damage and doing damage. Though I'm also a big fan of Bladeguard, and I've used it on many occasions. Tbh many things are up to preference in 45 patch :)
  12. Regarding Rush, you'd actually trigger the movement buff before needing it, since it has an 8 second duration. Meaning you wouldn't be charging into anything (unless you wanted to save it for that, of course. Long live poh tigers lol). This often requires knowing the encounter, but then again, so does most "conveniences" like iframing certain abilities and such. Personally I did try out Lunar Slash but I found myself still preferring Shoulder Charge and the one point in Rush. I can see a clear merit in it though, so I'll make a note (I can credit you if you want) about it in the build as a viable way to dump the points in something useful if you found yourself not agreeing with the way I build my characters (often to be balanced and ready for unforeseen circumstances, including the "unforeseen" circumstance that you don't know the encounter, and find yourself needing ways to recover or deal with mechanics in certain ways.) Regarding Sword Shroud/Blade Shroud (whatever the name of it is in EU, can't remember, you know what I mean), Think of it as an aoe block with zero weaknesses. It blocks any and all attacks that are blockable in a 5m radius around you (it makes up a complete circle, meaning it is a 360 degree block, unlike the normal block which lets you take damage if you get hit from the side or behind.) It is also a player buff which protects everyone inside this circle. If they get hit by any and all attacks that can deal damage and/or cc them, and these attacks are blockable, they will be blocked or resisted. It won't block unblockable attacks, but then again, nothing else we have will either. Sometimes it is also useful as a way or prolonging your block without becoming vulnerable for those ~.1-.5 seconds it takes before Block can be reactivated. The worst part is that I've found myself regretting not using it at times just because of those very few moments where it had to reactivate. Typically when speedrunning dungeons, I use it a lot to prolong my block for long enough after grouping everything together or while the group tries to down all melees I'd use it to protect them from the ranged moves. For some reason, it also negates Blackwyrm's force grip... Not sure if bug or what. At least it did the few times I managed to use it when everybody else got force gripped.
  13. The updated hongmoon build isn't completely done yet (hence why there is not much text), and the main reason is that I find the 3 points in block extremely useful, what with being able to AOE block to protect partymembers from certain moves (not to mention 360 degree block). Also, I noticed you misunderstood the purpose of putting 2 points into Shoulder Charge. The main reason to use Shoulder Charge in pve is of course to daze the target, but also to regen those 10% health. Now, without those 2 points, Shoulder Charge costs 2 focus, and is detrimental to your rotation due to this. I put 2 points into it in order for it to actually be a positive thing to use in situations where you need to maintain high dps but could really use the health. The reason for putting 1 point in Rush and Raid (1 point in each, no cc extension or stun or anything) is to get the 30% movement speed buff from Rush (I use this a lot to outrun mechanics or prolong dps time on a boss before using Rush and using the speed buff to cover the few extra seconds I spent doing damage), as well as 1 extra focus regen, and to make Raid regen 2 focus (very useful in Draw Stance.) Of course this doesn't mean that having 3 points in Lunar Slash wouldn't be better in some cases, but I really prefer the usefulness of the aforementioned abilities when this amount of points have been invested in them. Think of my build as a build not centered on just dishing in 200k more dps than the others before you die at 60% boss hp, and more centered on doing as much damage as possible while remaining overall useful in all cases, and not losing damage due to needing to regenerate health or running away from the boss aoe/mechanic. I'd also like to remind you that certain bosses have abilities that you either need to predict and react on before the markers even show without any speed buffs, or mechanics that become easier to dodge with these buffs. Sometimes you can afford to use SS to evade and gain 30% speed buff, sometimes you need to save it for later. I like to keep my options open, so that is why I spec like this. Part of this reply will also be present within the build spoiler tag, since this is what I was planning to do (justify my talent choices) when I made the builds. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!
  14. Yeah haven't gotten around to fully fleshing out the PvP rotations, combos and builds. I've sorta been waiting for the Feb 10 patch info to become available, and since it did I haven't gotten around to updating it. I won't mention the 2 or C point because I'll be adding a section on tech chasing which describes it in general, and also describes why these abilities are typically not part of Blade Call combos, due to being saved for the tech chase. About the LMB before TAB daze, that'll be implemented from now on. The reason it wasn't before, is that it is so hard to land without the "AOE" talents in LMB, which I've previously not seen any point in using, unless I wanted to prepare for 50 patch. I've had no trouble getting 3 LMBs in when using E, because the Basic Stance moveset activates before the E animation finishes. The reason I wrote 2-3 is the fact that getting 3 points assumes instantaneous E after 2, as well as having the third hit hit the opponent the exact moment you also use F to launch them. Go try it, it is possible with low ping. I agree that Block cancelling is USUALLY faster, though for some reason in actual practice my block just won't activate without pressing it 20 times or something. Might just be my ping getting worse everytime I want to block (unlikely), but to me it is very clunky atm. I did not have this issue during cbt, but I've had it since launch.