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  1. WTB GonF dances for LynF and JinF lol
  2. Would it possible to give this treatment to LynF?
  3. Is this outfit available for LynF? I would like to request it
  4. Just Yunma Fei's hair (I believe it's JinF_031) to replace the Imperium Headdress or just a texture edit to remove the weird hair/eye patch from the accessory.
  5. Thanks, this might not the be correct place for a request but I would appreciate it.
  6. Speaking of Yunma Fei... Was a mod ever released for the Imperial Headgear? One that could remove that weird eye/head piece and just make it look like Yunma Fei's hairstyle?
  7. Hold on, if you want to edit .upk you need to use a hex editing program first! Since I'm sure it's easier that way. Second, you need to do work on all files you are going to need for this or it's not going to work at all. Also if you are talking about the designs, and only that, yeah you might want to look for what custom outfits creators are up to I can tell you there is some great stuff out there.
  8. For starters it is possible to make men wear women costumes, most common ones are the lynF to lynM ones because they share the same body therefore they look okay. Now, if you want to do it for Gon and Jin it's possible but consider that they are going to look weird because of the female features (Specially gon) Some outfits like the school and nurse were designed for the actual dev team so they look good or maybe you might be thinking in custom mods.
  9. I know it has been posted already but if you get an error that says UPK file not found it means that you don't have UPK. This only updates the tool! It doesn't add the actual costume files!
  10. Hey there, a little request for yun's rough customer. Would it be possible to remove the jacket?
  11. Have you guys cleared or watched videos of the new dungeon, Sogun's lament? I cleared the dungeon today with my friends and I noticed that Julia is dancing next to the the bosses most of the entire time. So, is there a mod out there for this dance? I know I'm blatantly requesting this mod but if someone knows where to find or how to make this mod it would be awesome, I know there is a pole dancing mod out there maybe we can work from there.
  12. I know it has been asked a lot but I can't find the answer. How exactly can I fix the textures/color problem with outfits that share ID#? For example, my Hongmoon Uniform mods work but Traitor always becomes a black and blue mess. Same thing happens with all the outfits that share the same ID# Do I have to toss some other .UPK around? What do I have to edit on them?
  13. I'll never get past step 2. Kind off topic, does the one click tool replacement work the same way?
  14. Greetings Race/Gender: JinF Request Type: Outfit Base Item: Temptation Target Item: Pure White