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  1. BnSark didn't require them. Showed a message if one wasn't provided. The goal though behind it was to get people into doing it.
  2. I kept it simple for ease of use. Really the only issues BnSark had was not having persistent language settings and the bug with the loading screens, both of which were easy fixes. As I said though, I still provided support to date whenever contacted and while I haven't updated BnSark itself in quite some time, it's not abandoned. Instead it is being replaced altogether with a mod manager for multiple MMORPGs that will include tools such as a .dds viewer, memory watcher (if a user knows a bit of cheatengine, they can add a variable to watch such as their hp) on top of mod installation and game launching, albeit slowly as with my lack of income eating and going to school comes first. If anyone ever fully read my posts and the one screenshot that someone posted on here of discord in the screenshot's entirety or contacted me, they'd know that. Which is why I'm upset that people are going "oh well, Miyako abandoned us" If you honestly are under that impression, then you are an idiot at fault for not bothering to get involved. Last night I began looking at Devilian and considering if I'll include support for that game as I want to have a good range of officially supported games but will also have a button to add games yourself to it. It'll also feature a reshade/sweetfx frontend.
  3. Not everyone is a programmer that can understand source code themselves to know something isn't done maliciously. That too, if we made their login process public, they'd have a security issue and change the process, making for more work in bypassing the nclauncher again, when it's much simpler to just abuse config.dat I'm not familiar with the tool you mentioned in your pm, mostly stuff like IDA and Reclass for me. Also, I apologize if I sound cranky. Been having a lot of stress lately and getting irradiated from seeing my work in multiple games go for nowhere while people use my tools and get thousands of notes, also haven't eaten in 24 hours cause I have a surgery in a couple hours.
  4. The mutilgame manager was going to be a replacement that worked with Tera, Echo of Soul, BnS, Gits:FA, Starmade and Riders of Icarus. And in that same screenshot, I clearly said I still supported BnSark near the bottom of the screenshot. I had read your pm on here and thought I did respond to it once, or at least I remember typing up a response. Talked to someone about reversing the nclauncher to mimic it's login process and explained that I chose not to do so because I felt players wouldn't trust a 3rd party tool with knowing their login information.
  5. I never once stated that I was stopping updates. In fact if anyone ever actually read my conversation on discord and my posts they would know that I still provide support and updates for it. The only thing I had stopped doing was posting on here, primarily because before I started on a mutligame manager I was going to release an update with a Gamegaurd bypass which isn't allowed on here. Did I do work for another game? Yes I did. I went to Ghost in the Shell: First Assault to learn how to better open proprietary archives and overwrite dds files in them since that was a big feature people wanted in BnS Ark which I was struggling with doing. Which was mentioned in my post about modding GITS:FA. All people had to do was simply message me or help contribute. Not like my contact information wasn't everywhere. Also not like I hadn't asked for help to pay for my server so I could work on adding features to BnS Ark and keeping it maintained.
  6. Nice to see the project continued on, keep it up. Although BnS Ark isn't completely abandoned. I've just been focused on finding employment and finishing school because I've been living on less than 100$ each month. Once I've secured employment I'll be releasing my replacement for BnSArk that I've been working on which will be much better written and work for multiple mmo's and games. I will say though, I don't really like how others are getting donations for forking my project. My fault for not adding a license.txt using GPLv3 or zLib preventing that. I never left. I still answer PM's and questions on my website and youtube. I also still update the config.dat that was used. I just don't post on here anymore. Perhaps people should actually follow someone and/or contact them before saying they left the game. People treating the leaving of a single forum of many places as total abandonment instead of bothering to get involved by following or contacting me, makes me not want to bother, in all honesty. Why move from game to game modding them if no one is going to care? Not just this game though, same thing for Tera, Echo of Soul and GITS:FA. Big hype for my work at first then no one cares anymore.
  7. The patch has been updated. I've been busy working at Anime-Expo.org until this Monday so I'm a bit behind on everything. After I've caught up on homework I'll get to working on finishing 1.6 and building a forum for modding games of all kinds. I need help paying for school though so if you like my work then please donate to help me out. I can't afford to not go this semester or I'll be kicked out by my parents which would mean no patches at all. Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/Arisu?ty=h PayPal - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=AU97E7TJKKG26 Bitcoin Address - 1foxypuyuoNp5n1LNCCCCmjZ4RAXntQ8X
  8. BnSark's patch has been updated to the latest bns version.
  9. I'll test this weekend to see if I can replicate that. Could be due to the patch removing the EULA. Not really sure. As for BnSark, it's not discontinued. I'm just really busy with many projects and traveling going on at the same time. Also am completely redesigning BnSark's interface.
  10. My tool doesn't modify Client.exe at all. Instead it downloads a patched copy of config.dat which I make every Wednesday that enables launching locally. I made it originally as a way of making it so people didn't have to deal with the message boxes every time they wanted to play. Which became expanded into managing mod installations, editing stuff like the dat files and splash screen and other performance tweaks. Glad to know it has a good first impression and the included mods are enjoyed. ^-^
  11. Patch has been updated. Pressing the patch button will now grab the latest patch for the launcher. This patch also disables the annoying "EULA Agreement" window when you login. Still have to finish 1.6, that isn't ready yet.
  12. Seems that my accoutns were also unbanned. Suprisingly given that I had characterrs with illegal names like "1234567890"
  13. Just checked at it seems that 2 of my accounts are banned. I'll check my others later. In response I submitted my resume to ncsoft along with an email saying that they should hire me for their open positions for Quality Assurance, Security and Community Coordinators.
  14. 1.6 will be out tomorrow. If not by tomorrow then some time next weekend. My schooling has died down so I have more time to work on it now.
  15. I can still login perfectly fine. On all of my accounts.