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  1. I should probably go play the lottery. I just did Brightstone solo three times today and got Soul Wardens and Merry Potters...

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    2. Revast


      I'll be right over!

      I'm making so many friends today! Weird. Mom will be so proud!

    3. D G P

      D G P

      I've been thinking of levelling my Sin earlier than I planned to just for the sole reason of soloing Brightstone

    4. Natsu


      Wish we could be friends in game, since I am on a different Server, haha~

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    2. Aari


      I passed the attack gem yesterday :( But I got one from last week's OP wheel. Congrats! ;)

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      I was trolled and I landed on the spot right after it :( prob won't get a 1 either.

  2. Aari's content is top quality! A seasoned Blade & Soul player that has played/streamed alongside us since the Korean CBT1 days. Also, he's an Assassin. That's, like, the only class that matters. :teehee:
  3. Current Events in the World of Blade & Soul NCSOFT has shed some light on Blade & Soul's past and its regions over the past week. Now they're giving us a taste of how the world stands today. How the world of Blade & Soul stands today. While having the opportunity to train in the martial arts at the reputed Hongmoon School is a great honor, it must be hard to remain in touch with the outside world. Heaven’s Reach is such a secluded place to hold lessons, though perhaps the distance from the rest of the civilized world is just what an aspiring warrior needs to hone their focus. Still, one must not fall too far out of awareness of the world at large, lest you become a stranger in your own land. The Stratus Empire and the Talus Dominion Sadly, it seems as though there will never be any sort of peace between the two empires. With the Stratus Empire wounded by its losses over the years and the Talus Dominion rapidly rising in might, the two remain at each other’s throat. It seems as though each seek a way to overwhelm the other. The Stratus, in their disarray, look to the past where the Naryu Empire once stood, hoping to find some lost treasure or weapon they might seize in order to regain their former glory. The Talus, as always, move in opposition to the Stratus as they march ambitiously toward the future, looking to gather strength. Mighty war machines and firearms developed from ancient Naryu ruins bolster the Talus’ forces, though one fears they may go too far in the name of progress and bring calamity to the lands, just like the Naryu did long ago. The Warring Factions Civil war is so deeply entrenched in the world that it seems to be a daily fact of life at this point. While there are many clans, there stand two so mighty that the lesser clans practically fall over themselves in an effort to curry favor. The Cerulean Order is a militant group that seeks to bring law to all the land, while the Crimson Legion believe we should rule ourselves rather than bow to others. The two factions meet in battle so often they practically seem like old friends at this point, but there is no denying the passion of their followers as they wage war over precious Soulstones. Powerful martial artists are often approached by representatives of the factions, hoping to gain the strength to overcome the other… perhaps you will find yourself asked to wear a uniform someday as well? The Blackram Marauders These foul pirates have been causing trouble around the Viridian Coast for decades now. They never quite seem to go away no matter how many times they’re driven off, but these days it seems like their numbers are swelling. They recruit any rogue will to raise a sword for them, so it’s no surprise to see the sea monster species of the Yutay or the mercenary Pot Dogs in their ranks. For such a shabby bunch, the Blackram Marauders have begun construction of massive war ships big enough to house entire villages upon. There’s even rumor of the mighty captain Hae Mujin and his adorable-yet-deadly granddaughter Poharan coming back to the region… just what sort of schemes are they up to if they’re gathering so much strength all at once? The Beast Kin It’s not as though strife is limited only to the humans. The various Beast Kin species all have their own troubles to deal with as of late. There has been non-stop insurrection among the war-like Snapjaw Tribe, while the Hoglin have their so-called freedom fighters endlessly harassing the countryside. Even the amphibious Ploggles are in a sorry state due to civil uprising within their kingdom. Meanwhile, the Yutay, Pot Dogs, and Zoraxi Bandits all cause no end of trouble wherever they go. Be careful when you set out into the world, as one never knows where danger might come from. There’s much more to tell and to be seen… too much to cover all at once, really. You’ll just have to come see it for yourself sooner or later. The world has its troubles, but don’t worry, as the good and bad parts are necessary. It’s up to honorable martial artists like you to right the wrongs in the world, after all. So train hard and become a warrior the Hongmoon School can be proud of! There is no doubt you will rise to do great things in the future.
  4. Curse does not allow mods, tools or addons on any of their sites if they are against the games ToS/EULA. Some MMO games like World of Warcraft and Wildstar allow addons, these are not against their ToS/EULA. Games like Minecraft or Skyrim allow modding, which is why you see them hosted on Curse sites.
  5. Assassin's are an excellent PvE DPS class. I can't speak for PvP. Summer丶Rose linked a video of someone testing out a rotation with the new Venomous Strike ability on the KR PTR last week: Venomous Strike (3) procs after a Heart Stab (RB) crit, stacks 1 poison, can be recasted if it crits. That attack speed... :dreaming:
  6. History of Jianghu NCSOFT has released some background lore of the world within Blade & Soul on the official site today. The background lore of the world within Blade & Soul. The history of the Earthen Realm is a long and varied one. So much has been lost as empires rose and fell through the ages; tyrants sought to shape history to their own design, and entire generations have vanished in the wake of great tragedies. Even what does still remain, gathered in so many scrolls and tomes pieced together from across the continents, tell uncertain stories with much still left to question. Perhaps all we can really do is cover what we have and draw our own conclusions. Those souls entrenched in their own affairs cannot be trusted to give an accurate telling anyway. It takes a neutral party to find the truth tucked amid legend and lies. Let us first speak of those few mighty warriors who helped shape the world as we know it today. The Four Guardians Over a thousand years ago from this present day, the Naryu Empire stood as the ruling power in the entire world. Drawing upon the mystical natural resource of Soulstones from within the earth itself, the Naryu created technological wonders that vaulted them into prominence on a global scale. But today, all that remains of them are half-forgotten ruins and the buried wreckage of their amazing machines. The Naryu, in their hubris, reached too far and dug too deep. The energy of the Soulstones they mined in such excess distorted the spirit of the continent, and the gap between the Dark Realm and the Earthen Realm was bridged. Dark Chi seeped in from the baleful Dark Realm, poisoning the world and unleashing demons upon the populace. The Naryu Empire fell to these horrors and it seemed as though the very world itself would share that same fate. But the Divine Realm was not content to sit idle and watch mortals suffer at the hands of invading demons. While the denizens of the Dark Realm sought to open a permanent path between their world and the mortal world for conquest, the Divine Realm gave a call to arms. Of all the beings in the Earthen Realm, four powerful martial artists were chosen to fight against the darkness. Mushin: the Divine Fist and the heir to the Naryu bloodline. Jiwan: the Righteous Blade. Iksanun: the Realmwalker. Hong Sokgyun, the eldest of the Four Guardians and so mighty his power earned him the title Earthbreaker. It is said that the divine spirits granted these Four Guardians a weapon of immeasurable power and unknown origins: the Twilight’s Edge. It is said the weapon would change its form to suit whoever wielded it and could drive back the darkness. Armed with the Twilight’s Edge and empowered by the mystical blessings of the Divine Realm, the Four Guardians met the demons in glorious battle. It would be pleasant to say everything went well. That the righteous triumphed and the world was saved. But, alas, things are never so simple or clean. The demons attempted to summon their master, the Dark Lord, to the Earthen Realm through a Dark Gate so his might could overwhelm the world. Mushin, in a moment of desperation, made a noble sacrifice as he leaped into the Dark Gate and closed it from within, sealing away himself and the Dark Lord. The remaining Guardians had no time to mourn the loss of their friend as they fought against the remaining demons, finally purging the world of evil for a time. But, in the end, all they could really do was delay the inevitable. The corruption of the vile Dark Chi had infested the world and could only be held at bay for so long. The Stratus Empire As the centuries marched along, the Four Guardians passed into history and then legend. The world rebuilt itself and new empires rose where the Naryu had once stood. The Stratus Empire came to prominence in the Southern Continent and spread its influence throughout the Earthen Realm. The Northern, Eastern, and Western Continents were each ruled by one of the Emperor’s sons while the Emperor himself remained upon the throne of the Southern Empire. His youngest son, Prince Wan, was not yet ready to rule and remained by his father’s side, learning the ways of leadership and royalty until his day would come. But that day arrived far too soon as the Emperor met an untimely demise, forcing Prince Wan to take the throne for the sake of the people. From then on, the Stratus Empire was besieged with tragedy and loss. Young Emperor Wan’s older brothers were jealous of him ruling in their father’s wake and sought to overthrow their own sibling, each believing their self to be a more appropriate candidate to rule. The strife and unrest of the Stratus Empire allowed the toxic influence of Dark Chi to return, seeping into the hearts of man as they turned on one another. While the exact nature of the incident is unknown, some great disaster befell the Eastern Continent as its capital city, the Highland Central, was invaded by demons thirty years ago. Prince Sobu and his sister, Princess Solaan, were both killed in the event as malevolent forces overran the city and threatened to open another Dark Gate. But, as before, the remaining Guardians once again rose to their divine duty. The energy of the Divine Realm sustained them throughout the centuries and, along with the Sacred Beasts of the land, they managed to seal away the dark forces once more. The city was lost, but the world was safe again. That was not the end of the Stratus’ troubles though. With the Empire in such a weakened and disorganized state, it became unable to control its own army. Defectors rose within the Stratus itself as one of its mightiest generals, Yunma Kahn, broke off from the Stratus Empire and founded his own Talus Dominion in the east. In these modern days, the Talus Dominion of the Eastern Continent has risen rapidly in power to become a true force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile the Stratus Empire of the Southern Continent is a hobbled beast gasping its last defiant breaths. The two kingdoms remain fast enemies even as both are fraught with civil unrest and corruption, fighting each other to the bitter end in an ill-fated hunger for power and control. The World Today The modern world is built upon the bones of fallen warriors and the ashes of ruined lives. Warring factions have risen to bicker over territory and resources while smaller clans exploit the population for their own ends. In these times of discord, martial artists have grown in population and influence; some as the defenders of the weak, standing up for the people. Righteous warriors such as the Eight Masters have banded together, rallying their clans behind them for the sake of the innocent. The Guardians’ absence is keenly felt: Jiwan had been slain years earlier by the wicked Jinsoyun for the Twilight’s Edge she wielded. Hong Sokgyun struck down Jinsoyun before she could claim the mystical blade, while Iksanun was badly wounded in the ensuing battle and retreated from the world at large. Where this will all lead is unknown. Dark Chi has once more begun to poison the world, the people suffer under the burden of corrupted empires, and the heroes of old are no longer able to come to the rescue. Perhaps the world truly is coming to an end. Or, perhaps, new heroes will rise up to stand defiant against these threats. NCSOFT Seeks Blade & Soul Cosplayers NCSOFT is calling all Blade & Soul Cosplayers! If you have a Blade & Soul Cosplay they want to hear from you! Check it out! Calling all Blade & Soul Cosplayers! We know that many talented cosplayers out there have expertly crafted some of our costume designs and shown them off at conventions and events across the globe. Now we want to showcase these beautiful works of cosplay to all our fans, old and new.We want to create a collection of all this amazing work on our Facebook pages, and we need your help! If you have a Blade & Soul cosplay and are happy for us to upload it to the official Blade & Soul Facebook Page, then please send it to us at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> and we’ll upload it to share with all our fans. Please make sure to include the following in your email: Display name (The name you are happy for us to put in the description) A link to your portfolio, FB page or web gallery (whichever you prefer)
  7. Nope, not me! :no: I'm Revast over on Twitch too, I haven't streamed in years.
  8. I enjoy watching Praetor19 whenever I catch him online. Chill stream and very informative. He's been here since the dawn of B&S KR too.
  9. We have a decent event planned for this month. I'm not going to spoil too much, but it involves artistic talent and the immortalization of some entries here on the Dojo forums. This will just be the start of things to come. We'll be hosting many Dojo official contests, events and giveaways as we approach launch. We're also going to have a section for user created events in the near future.
  10. I'd personally love to get my hands on a Jin Force Master. They used to be a thing back in the first Korean closed beta ( ).It's hard for me to imagine Summoner on any other race haha. Outside of that, I think Lyn Assassin and Yun Warlock would fit pretty nicely.
  11. Hey Big Chief, The Races don't provide any additional benefits for the classes available to them in the Korean client (and any other official region), which is what the North American and European clients will be based off of. As it stands now there's no need for a dedicated forum for the discussion of Races as the only thing they provide is lore and appearances.
  12. Well, damn. I don't think they're going to be doing a contest now. That's pretty much what everyone wants right there. :teehee:
  13. The Regions of the World NCSOFT has posted some information on the world of Blade & Soul on the official site. Learn more about the world of Blade & Soul! The Earthen Realm is a place of wonder, teeming with the beauty of the natural world and a wide variety of inhabitants. Mortals live side by side with beasts, spirits, and inexplicable creatures born of the mystical energies of the world. Of course, for every gorgeous sunset beyond lush forests, there are also dangerous mires where hidden threats lurk patiently for the unwary. Only the unwise would dare wander the lands content in their ignorance of the world and its potential threats. The Viridian Coast The Southern Continent is home to some of the most lovely and abundant regions in the world. There is little that can compare to the serene Viridian Coast. From the sandy beaches outside of picturesque Bamboo Village, to the eerie depths of the Gloomdross Forest where phantoms play, to the towering coastal cliffs of Songshu Isle. The Viridian Coast lives up to its name with its lush green plains, cool bamboo forests, and valleys where fragments of the earth float into the sky to dizzying heights. It is home to Jadestone Village, a bustling lakeside community where business thrives in the region, and the prestigious Hongmoon School tucked away in Heaven’s Reach beyond the shore. But for all its peaceful beauty, there’s always the looming threat of the devious Blackram Marauders waiting to strike at the unsuspecting coastal towns, or the restless spirits haunting the Gloomdross Forest. The Cinderlands The Southern Continent’s mainland was once the proud heart of civilization, where the mighty Naryu Empire stood uncontested for centuries. The Naryu Empire became a battleground to hold back the invading demons from the Dark Realm, and was blighted during the Four Guardian’s fight against the great corrupted energy. Deep forests and surging rivers dried up, leaving a vast wasteland where only the strong and stubborn can possibly survive. Yet in every endless desert there always lies an oasis. Yehara’s Mirage is the hub of all activity in the region, welcoming travelers in from near and far to experience a bit of luxury amid desolation with its fine dining and strong drinks. Away from the Scorching Sands, the bestial Jaofang Village rests safe in its valley, while not far beyond is the Blindeye Bazaar where shady dealings of a less savory crowd operate outside the law. There are even rumors of the tomb of Mushin himself buried somewhere amid the ruins of the Naryu Empire, where a treasure beyond all imagination waits to be claimed. That is, if daring adventurers could first survive the vicious Bonemask Tribe warriors, the giant scorpions, and the bands of tomb raiders along the way. The Moonwater Plains After surviving the desolate heat of the Cinderlands, a bit of water is a relief! Upon the Eastern Continent, The Moonwater Plains has a surplus of mighty rivers, crashing waterfalls, and vast lakes as clear as a cloudless sky. The sprawling Lycandi Foothills are home to the native people of the region who live side-by-side with the Lyn of Brightstone Village and the farming community of Hogshead Pastures. The glorious Sapphire Basin is home to many curious species such as the frog-like Ploggles and the brutish Hoglin. But a shadow always lurks nearby: The Haunted Necropolis, stained by corrupted energy some 30 years past, is where a demonic outbreak is endlessly held back by the brave Snapjaw Tribe. As the Eastern Continent is also territory of the Talus Empire, one must always be wary of the outbreak of violence where the Talus Army clashes with the rebellious Skyhaven Resistance. The Silverfrost Mountains Further north on the Eastern Continent are the Skypetal Plains: gorgeous fields of swaying grass and fragrant wildflowers caressed by the ocean winds. It is home to Zaiwei, capital city of the Talus Dominion, standing as a beacon of wealth and power among nature’s bounty. But it is a city endlessly challenged by the thieving Lumang Syndicate, the corrupt Hao Society, and a bevy of powerful monsters who call Skypetal Plains their home. Beyond the city awaits frozen mountains full of treacherous heights, blistering snowstorms, and ancient temples of long-slumbering gods waiting to awaken once more. But for all the mystery and intrigue the region has to offer, it is the grand capital city itself that holds the darkest secrets. Official Blade & Soul Twitter Q&A Highlights The Blade & Soul West team held a Q&A over on their official twitter today. We've compiled all interesting information gathered from the event below. Official Twitter Q&A Highlights The ability to us controllers is something that they want to do, but cannot say for sure if it will be available. (source) There are currently no plans for a Housing or Guild Housing system at launch. (source) There are currently no plan to IP ban other regions from playing on the Western versions. (source) There will be Clans and features to manage them as well as a a recruiting system. (source) They plan on having a Costume Design contest for NA/EU exclusive costumes. More info to be released on other exclusive costumes. (source) Livestreams are planned to be once a month until CBT, then they will ramp them up. Livestreams will focus key features. (source) The will be accepting feedback on everything during the Western CBT. The focus will be on balancing, but UI, optimization, etc. will all be passed on. (source) The game will be releasing with the first three story arcs. The next three will be added after release. They want to see how quickly people progress. (source) Closed Beta Tests will begin this fall. Make sure you sign up to the Newsletter to keep updated on CBT news. (source) The character models shown on the official website do not represent the in-game playable models. (source) They are hoping to offer other audio languages to the client but can't promise anything 100%. (source) The Western clients will be unique and will contain most up to date features found in the other regions. However, the story arcs will be staggered so people don't rush/get bored. (source) NCSOFT West does not have any Blade & Soul "Dev" teams. They work closely with the teams out in Korea and request changes and updates. (source) Both Open World PvP and Arena (1v1) will be available at launch. (source) They will be taking swift actions against bots and cheating. (source) The Western clients will be a unique build, not just translated but localized with lastest features best suited for the NA & EU market. (source) They only plan on launching on the PC at this time. (source)
  14. I agree. That is the same reason we decided to remove negative reputation for posts some years ago.