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  1. Is that the main source of the loading screens? Iv been meaning to change it to KRs but it seems that didn work.
  2. Not sure why but the 2 male lyn files keep crashing on load. Anyway someone actually got around to editing these huh, i'v planned to do this my self when I had time but for me it seems it's gonna take another month or 2 since i'm leveling 10...8 now, accounts to max before doing anything else.
  3. And I say again, this forum will close down this year. I'm gonna go make a backup of my stuff.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mushi


      Is it not obvious? Is anyone taking care of the forums? Besides banning bots, any updates whatsoever? Every topic is dead and gets spam bots left and right in them besides mods. You know it's coming.

    3. Mushi


      Even when the bots are banned you still see all the spam topics they've left behind. Any newbie can just say "oh this forum is dead, too many spam bots" and leave without a second thought of registering. Speaking of newbies, the only people that reg here only wants mods. Do you see them in any other topics? No.

    4. Enearon


      Sadly im agree with you and know this since Official Forums was released.

  4. well as you said you've seen it on a chinese site hints they've modded it with 3ds max or something.
  5. Where did you get it from some chinese mod site? tumblr? if so then I can understand since they mod costumes ect in 3ds max half the time.
  6. You're doing this while BMs and warlocks are still broken with all that damage?.....
  7. Anyone know the new blackram girls name, you know, the one with the stripped socks people are dying over.

    1. Jibaku


      Yeon-Hwa Lin

    2. Mushi


      Thank you.

  8. Anyone here that plays on NA server can help me get my legend skill on my lbm, since i'v never ran dungeons period and leveled from just pvping 24/7 I have 0 clue on how to do yeti and I think I need to run it 6 times?

    1. Momo Kozuki

      Momo Kozuki

      The one that requires you hit 10 times a boss?


      You can LFG, since the only purpose of the fight is using your skills. Wipe, party disband, and broken weapon at the end is okay too, cuz you can have all the time of the world waiting for you skill cooldown.

  9. Well, some update on kr to na broke the old face animations from 2013 *sigh'* there goes my screenshots.

  10. Never seen that hair before. its a mod.
  11. Jump event on KR server, if you don't wanna level you better check it out. You can have 2 level 50s

    1. Rhy


      Requires you to already have a KR account BEFORE the f2p started, AND a char at level 50.

    2. Mushi


      Don't know about that last part, all my chars were level 9 and I could jump to 50.

    3. aethe


      Do you know where i can get a KR account? The only website i found says accounts are out of stock.

  12. Do NOT bump year old post! Doesn't matter if you lost something, just don't.
  13. It...looks like you know need to upgrade your very first weapon anymore in KR, anyone still playing there cares to explain whats new beside all the free costumes I got.

  14. ok...somethins going on, I think taiwan and korea are merging servers or SOMETHING! Both are using the same launcher and this is giving me huge problems.