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  1. As every NCsoft game the balance is f****. I never saw even single NCsoft game where mages are not OP...
  2. 1.) Happy to have it come you say. I'm value mayself as costumer, the NCsoft job is make me spend my money on them game. It is in their interest, not mine. 2.) Censorship is a censorship. I do not accept it. 3.) BD is sandbox. Yes, it may not fit to dungeons runners exeptions. 4.) In Tera I never had problems with buy costumes that I want via in game money from other players. B&S system is ridiculous, benefits from item shop grow logarithmically, not linear as in other even P2W games. 5) I see Germany border (or something what have been preserved from it) from window. Issue is tragic Germany network connections. Servers in both France and Poland have always much better performance because of better connection. Maybe in other game. But in B&S case the sexual theme is one of main USP (unique selling proposition) , censorship is completely against it.
  3. NCsoft f**** too many things: - 4 years delay - promised no censor anything, now it seems almost everything is censored, included female idle animations 0,o - release with 2 other MMORPG: L2 classic and BD in range of the same month - prices lol - lags in EU (because of server in germany)
  4. Petition signed. But seems like better give up on this game and eventually w8 till Innova will release own version in EU...
  5. In range of single month we have release of 3 MMORPGs: B&S, BD and L2 classic. I'm rly wonder where this guys from NCsoft have brain to to censor now 4 years old game. While to be honest, sexual themes is the only real advantage of this game lol
  6. Free/equalised PvP items are good for games like Tera - where everything else is broken. But since the game is just before release, make this step is like confirm the game is broken. Because there is no single reason to make skippable content in healthy MMORPG. Ofc, theme park is not true MMORPG. But still it is not reason to give free stuff. PvP items can have different way to obtain (because not everybody do like to grind PvE), but should never be for free. Other thing is simplification builds. Equalised gear = removed all tactic based on stats builds.
  7. That is funny a MMORPG game need to have separate RPG server. Better make PvP.
  8. I will just throw my list (some things repeat): Pros: 1. Graphic design 2. Combat system overall 3. Part of CC is breakable 4. Character customisation 5. Ton of costumes 6. Lore and atmosphere of game 7. Story (what is not so much important for MMO) 8. Boobs & half naked girls Cons: 1. No OWPvP, no PK 2. No important goals in open world 3. Theme park 4. Faction PvP is limited 5. Can not use favorite costume in faction PvP 6. Grind 7. Heavy RNG gear progresion 8. F2P 9. Action combat: auto-aim, still CC and too hight DMG in PVP
  9. I'm honest with myself. The game have as many flaws as good things. Problem is the flaws going to ruin entire game. Pointing weak points is kind of support. Sorry if you think that is unkind, but that is reality. In this case try to customise the game to esport will force some changes. Not necessary good changes, but things what will ruin other elements of the game. You see, the game is a collection of connected vessels. If you touch one element, you will get effects on another. Not to mention the wasted time of developers, which could be better used for something more useful. And e-sport is no thing what have chance to be successful in case of this game. I can only wish you good luck...
  10. Do you really believe this game going to be approved to ESL or something similar? lol
  11. E-sport is for game made for it, well made and with perfect balance - SC, CS, LOL, Q3, WoT etc. No for game with auto-aim and paper-rock-scissors balance (even this broken). And the most important MMORPG =/= arena from definition.
  12. First materials from this game was made 9 years ago...
  13. MMORPG and e-sport lol!
  14. Or 99% of us will go play Black Desert anyway lol