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  1. Still must be doing something wrong, I can't keep focus up. :/
  2. Haven't seen any recent build/guide and I've been experimenting with builds, but I'm either doing the anicancel wrong or SF just gets wasted in DPS :p I'm sure it's the former. Trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong :(
  3. Most people will compare things to say what the new thing is. That doesn't make it recycling. New shows will often get a pitch of "this show is like MASH meets ER" as it just gives people a reference of what to expect. This does not mean they're a hybrid. :p
  4. How does one level by dungeon? It just doesn't seem to be that much xp, compared to normal leveling, or is this a matter of doing the dailies for the dungeons only?
  5. Wildstars failings was it was to heavy on team raids that required awesome group of playing regularly together. :p My real question though. Isn't this a subject for the official site?
  6. Take the Yun's presets and put them on the Jin and see how the Jin comes out.
  7. The yun came out better.
  8. I thought part of the story line reason was the Jin can't access their chi like the Yun and Lyn can, while the Gon just recently learned to, and why they can be Force Masters now. Though, making that a storyline choice, makes one wonder how the Gon Force Master wound up at Hongmoon :p
  9. They're not going to win either way you look at it :p Half the people saying "Slow it down" the other hald "We need it now" What would be best is barely behind Korea while Korea stays updating :p
  10. Nice to hear we get to work with her :)
  11. As someone who's a casual, I have to ask, what do you expect to do? o.O Seriously, people always mention "the grind" but getting to max level is easy and fast enough, so if you're not working on upgrading/making gold (and I doubt you're an RPer, because RPers always know they can RP instead of grind) what do you expect to do? If you had the best of everything, you'd just be complaining about not having anything to go after. As a casual, I know I can log onto my Assassin main, run POH, BSH, those 4 blue dungeons, attempt Mushin tower (haven't gotten far there yet myself) and I still haven't done the 6/4 man of the two 24s. Then there's the working on other classes to see if I like them. :p Your post really comes off as someone who wouldn't be happy without everything just given to them and then you'd just be gone in a week anyways. So either way, it seems your short attention span would have had you leave the game early no matter what was done. :(
  12. Hmmm...I had just gotten all of the Poh set (3 purple) when this patch went live, so my real thought would be, how long till the next patch and soul shield upgrade, to know if it's worth working on slowly. :) Guess, I'll just see where it all goes.
  13. It is a jin, you can tell that much from the outfit :)