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  1. nice signature what anime is that?

  2. Well King Moogle primal is coming in 2.1. I know he was already in the game at one point before 2.0 came, but it's something at least for this patch. As far as new primals. They said Leviathan is scheduled for patch 2.2, and that Ramuh and Shivah were planned to came after that.
  3. For those that have done hardmode titan and know the fight, extreme mode titan has quadra+ landslides during bomb phases as well as double rock goal prisons, new adds, and the arena continuously shrinks even further. Going to be fun.
  4. In all honesty they probably don't respond because they have nothing to say. If what people are saying about the server structure is true, then that's just how the game was designed and there is nothing they can do at this point to change it other than doing some incredibly massive overhauls that will probably never happen. Unfortunate, but it was their decision to build their game this way and if they end up losing tons of players over it than it's Square's huge mistake and they will have to suffer through what ever repercussions it may cause.
  5. Found an interesting post about the lag/latency/server response issue for those of you still playing and encountering problems.
  6. I'm not sure why you think skills have no synergy either. At 50 I have yet to feel that way at all. The 'delay' of abilities as compared to other games is because unlike most western games, this FF game as well as other Eastern games have animation delay and non instant dmg ticks. The dmg is applied at at specified time during an abilities animation rather than immediately on key press. Some abilities proc their dmg at the beginning, some proc closer to the end. Animation lock and working your way around it is simply part of learning to play your class properly. I don't see how it could negatively effect PvP at all considering the number of mmo's that also feature animation/gcd locking in their combat systems and have managed to have PvP work just fine. If you use an attack and are on gcd or animation locked and therefore can't stun a healer cast or something than you made a mistake, or the other person played well by waiting for you to lock yourself. The same already applies for PvE in this game. The only concern I can think of for PvP is melee and hit box issues. As a DRG and MNK I find it sometimes difficult to attack moving mobs even when i'm standing nearly on top of them. Of course in PvP you have slows, stuns, movement speed, ect, to help with this problem. In PvE most bosses and such are immune. We will see when it comes out. Unfortunately this is one of those games where it is necessary to have lots of keybinds. Think WoW, not GW2. I have about 30 or so keybinds so far on my dragoon, but thats still nothing compared to the 50+ binds I used to have to use for Wow. This isn't a game you can manage with just one small bar of skills like GW2, and probably will never be. It may seem redundant to have lots of abilities, especially the ones that are often the same ability just slightly different, like Black Mages, but every single one of the abilities I have at 50 I use in every single boss fight. Each has a place, and each has a reason for existing, it just may not be apparent until you start doing 50 content.
  7. I'm actually looking forward to PvP. Just because FF games haven't had it in them before doesn't mean no one wants or cares about it. Heck WoW was a "PvE" mmo, and it had a sprawling and very competitive PvP scene. Of course that doesn't mean that ARR's PvP will be any good, but even if it sucks I will just play LoL on the side to get my PvP itch. Doing HM Titan tonight with my FC, should get my relic weapon before tomorrow. Probably walking into Bahumuts Coil by next week.
  8. Sunken Temple is what I would consider the first sort of difficult instance you do on your way up to 50. I enjoyed it, but it was the first dungeon where my DF group actually wiped a few times on each boss before completing the instance. I still think cutters cry is the most difficult instance to pug sub 50 though. So many groups fail at that first boss, and many more fail to kill the chimera at the end. It's probably the first legitimately difficult fight you will do in the game. It's great practice for the real chimera fight at 50 though.
  9. That seems more like a strange isolated incident to me. Like they queued before or during a live maintenance. I've never had to wait longer than 30-45 minutes as both a solo queue or a premade for AK runs. The only instance this is really happening for is AK, since it's being constantly spammed by everyone that is level 50. In Yoshi's recent post about servers, he said that during prime hours, 24% of players online were in an instance at any given time. So you can imagine just how many people are running/queued for AK during primetime. There's only so much server space they can have for hosting one particular dungeon. Should they increase the capacity for the DF? Probably. But the best fix they could probably do is give more incentive to run other dungeons for Tomes of Mythology.
  10. It's more than likely going to be the musketeer class. Whether or not it is a whole new class or a side job off of marauder or something is anyone's guess. Also, whether or not it will be the first new class is also unknown, but it's plainly obvious they are going to put it in the game at some point.
  11. I can definitely understand the frustration of having to wait, especially in praetorium where if your group is new and really bad there's a chance you want even finish all the fights if they watch the cutscenes before time runs out. But you can't really duty finder an 8 man story dungeon and expect new people to not watch cutscenes just because others in your group don't want to wait. If you are running them for tomes and want to speed run it without cutscenes you should make a premade group and not use the duty finder. It was no different in SWtoR. If you wanted to skip cutscenes and dialogue events in dungeons, you premade a group with the intent to do so.
  12. If you think the story is good at level 34 wait until you get to 43-44! And the final story missions in Castrum Meridanium and The Praetorium. :what: The Praetorium has like 20 minutes of cutscenes through out the dungeon. That place was omg epic.
  13. Yes, I am hoping that the race/image change potion will become available again in some other form. Whether or not it's from further veteran reward milestones or if it's a purchasable service doesn't really matter to me. The idea of only being able to do it once makes it difficult for me to justify using it in case I decide I don't like whatever I changed to as much as before. If I knew I could get another one somehow I wouldn't hesitate.
  14. both answered here ^.^