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  1. Our recruitment is open, come and check what we have at http://the-unknowns.eu/ Any questions? Feel free to come to me personally!
  2. Some nice tips in there, thanks for sharing.
  3. We have allowed a few spots to open again, so if you're looking for a home away from home on Cerulean, we might just be what you're looking for! (:
  4. Haha, I probably was the whiny one trying to get one of these started! This is great, now I can reference to this. Nice work, Dorky!
  5. Awesome, Andrytha! Let's collaborate together and pour our resources into one place. Your knowledge and guidance is definitely welcome! :) Agreed! I'm honestly just want a section where we can take each match-up into account and provide tips/pointers for fighting said match-up.
  6. Sure thing, there's no rush. And I'm not saying your word is gospel, but a thread where we can discuss these match-ups is something this forum subsection needs, I'd say. Obviously, you reaching Diamond is enough credibility to show you know a thing or two, and that's a good starting point. :)
  7. Thank you! We should really consolidate all this dotted information into one thread. Would you want to? If not, I don't mind doing it when I get home from work. Though if you want to edit any class match-ups with new pointers/tips, might be better if you do it. I certainly don't have the kind of knowledge you do :D
  8. Ilia, congrats! Well deserved, I've seen the many threads you have posted here and many have been very informative for arena. I was hoping you could possibly provide some insight. Maybe going through each class match up and just giving some very simple tips and pointers. I seem to have the most difficulty with FMs and Destroyers currently. You did something fairly similar in the "PVP build?" thread and if possible, maybe you can expand on that! Of course, if it's too much hassle, no worries. Congrats again :)
  9. Excellent work, as always, Heero!
  10. Congrats! I just got mine too, very happy.
  11. Only a few slots left open! Come be part of the Unknowns Family as we continue to grow and discover together.
  12. I'm happy to announce that our recruitment is [Open]. We are looking for compassionate members who want to be part of a diverse and slightly insane family. Slots are limited but don't let that deter you, if you are level headed, mature and willing to experience the game with like minded individuals, the fun starts here. Head over to http://the-unknowns.eu/, we look forward to hearing from you!
  13. We are planning to open up our recruitment within the next week - More information to follow shortly!
  14. Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response. I'm guessing you've already found a home and I hope that's the case! We are currently filled to the brim and have a waitlist of players that may potentially be joining. We are in the process of looking through our current members to see if there is anyone that may have dropped away or lost interest. Though so far, we have a very strong online presence. Don't let that deter you, however, if you are interested in joining in the near future, head over to our website and leave an application with us. All the best!
  15. Here we go, full release, everyone. Full steam ahead, see you in-game!