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  1. those polar pedobears
  2. last thing i read, early 2014
  3. as long you can pay, na and eu publishers will welcome you with open arms
  4. myself
  5. so then i registered and downloaded the game for nothing? sucks
  6. iam in this server
  7. me too, that video is cool and the music as always is so good too. i found funny how in asian languages sometimes they talk alot or is a lot of typing and in the end it was just a phrase or a short commentary.
  8. that girl in the middle looks gorgeous from the image now that i see it .. but wonder without makeup ;) Finally was able to download this game, so slowly but dled, logged for the recent stress test, i liked the art, is cartoonish but is good, cant say about anything else, one hour isnt enough, i just did the normal stuff such get familiar with the interface and so on.
  9. mmm that homepage is down 24/7
  10. i watched that video like a month ago, thats why i called it garbage, not even going to comment about it anymore. thats why you fail, wanting FPS in a RPG, seems legit, theres nothing to discuss anymore, that was pretty clear...again nothing to do with a guy who plays more than you. Didnt i tell the other guy, any class can be in front? that was constructive to the discussion, so ''stop spewing an awful lot of vitriol with an awful lack of substance to it'' and read the whole post And btw this game is easy and fast
  11. leave that guild, period if you think is a good reason, but have in mind that, if you are going to be a trully useless slot..then whats the point for you to join them, wont matter if you dont have the gear or lvl, as long you can be useful and helpful.
  12. naive...that has nothing to do with ''second job'' or being/not being skilled, its just your desire of not doing anything and being able to compete with someone who actually plays the game, then i recommend you sPvP from Guild Wars 2, that would be appealing to you you should stick to that. and once again someone comes to post that dumb ''power creep'' video...i just loled, not even going to comment that garbage anymore. An assuming you are the only who have a job is delusional too, the real life card is an over used excuse.
  13. If you dont speak english that well, i would assume you dont even understand the ''easy'' hangul, is not worth believe me, you will have big ping and wont understand anything in your screen, i see no point in buying an account from x site.
  14. why? lazyness? do you want free loan? or what am i missing. if someone plays more than me i supose is logical he would have more stuff than me or better, atleast faster than me. If someone has better gear than me i found it logical he would have more chance to kill me, as long it was aquired by legit way and not RMT or pay 2 win crap i dont see a problem with it. No, everyone can handle everything well at the end, but some do different/easy due to defensive/offensive capabilities and gameplay of the class.
  15. game is easy, thats why, difference you cant even deny, the pace is very slow, so you have more time to react, the movements are very slow...i get desesperate so thats why i dont play it, i prefer dota 2 or hon, but not that fan of MOBAs after DOTA. many people played dota from the custom map in war3, all the lol players in majority where the ones which never played at competitive level, not even an open league lol is perfect for them for what i told you in the first line, is just a slowly pace relax moba.