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  1. You guys overestimate me... As of right now, I obtain my skill info through the official bns kr website, which still has some missing/incomplete information. I know it would be better to get them in game but my sub for kr ran out. Besides, I'm also working on my entry for the costume design contest atm....
  2. 2) You're right. The Korean web version had that line for some reason but it doesn't exist in game.. strange 3) The tree was already updated before launch and I felt it would kinda be a waste of time to revert back if they are going to update it anyway in the near future. I am shifting my focus to NA/EU so the trees will (eventually) match NA/EU. I may however make a separate "beta/test" mode for KR updates.
  3. 1) Dandelion Protect is Enhanced Seed Shroud which is used with F after pressing 4 (which isn't shown in the in game skill window). Normal Dandelion (Seed Shroud) is there under 4. 2) The first line (next to the image) already states that it "Enhances the Familiar's offense" 3) This was changed in the December patch (which NA doesn't have right now)
  4. I got an email saying that a package got shipped from ncsoft. Think it's the jacket but it says it's 3.18kg...

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      3kg for training? lol

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      Tae Ryong

      Yeah, I know . . . it's strange, but nothing popped in my mind >.>

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      welcome to WWW,OKAYGOODS,COM for black desert market items ,service 24/7

  5. Per region Base evade/block will be set to 0. But evade/block gained from skills, stances, buffs will remain.
  6. If you look at bnstree, any skill with the tag "defense" is a defense skill (except FM and SU.. they don't have tags yet) You can use the filter at the top The general rule of thumb is, if it blocks or counters, it's a defense skill (with some exceptions)
  7. I like a challenge
  8. Iksanun should be Ick-San-Oon
  9. I think I fixed it now... it was a very small silly mistake that took forever to find.. haha Source will be released once we get closer to release. I'm still adding features and I'll need to write documentations as well.
  10. 2~RF2~RF2~RF