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  1. Sooooo sexy. I love this Soulburn version. So sexy http://puu.sh/r0xin/f8dbee2db6.jpg

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    2. Mushi


      WHAT! Someone here said I swear it was you! some program that rips out ipod music!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH

    3. Aari
    4. Momo Kozuki

      Momo Kozuki

      I wish boobs remained when a Lyn with Swimsuit variant goes Soulburned XD

  2. Business Casual is now in the Cash Shop. Too bad NCSoft made it looks like shit so now I wont buy it.

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    2. Rhy


      @Deicidium: The red version has its own icon, the icon for Business Casual was always a blue shirt. (Which is male version)

      Red was an actual bug for real.

    3. Rhy


      Also the male version showed Strictly Business on males (White shirt) so I instantly knew that something was wrong with it..upon further inspection, yep it's not even meant to be the red one. So I bought Strictly Business straight away.

    4. ShiraKiku


      I was sooooo looking forward to the red business casual tho Q.Q

      Totally would have gotten strictly business instead if i knew that it was going to be like this

  3. Almost 39k DPS on last boss in Tomb. And I dont even have Stage 6 Legendary. Sin DPS is fckinf crazy now

    1. Mushi


      Oh who cares about pve, lets all go have some real fun in PVP! WHOS WITH ME!

    2. Zyrelia


      Dark or lightning?

    3. FinalxxSin


      @Zyrelia I am assuming Dark since it does more damage.

    1. Lady Selene

      Lady Selene

      Uhhh..the costumes doesn't look that cool :L, anyone got pics of other races? ._.

    2. Alcetaur


      It's heartbreaking to see my favorite outfit, Golden Pagoda, in this system. ;_; I'LL NEVER HAVE THAT OUTFIT NOOO ARGHHHHHHHHHHH

    3. Nyona


      This goddamn event again.

  4. Looking forward to the server merge. Finally more channels with Reds mining that we can farm NPC's out of

  5. Got this after 3 runs this season Quite happy with it for now considering I don't even have a legendary. With that I could go so much further :big_smile: I think I can pretty much stop for the rest of the season now. Will prolly stay in top 30. Just gotta get enough Tribute Tokens for the Soul Badge now.
  6. NOOOOO. Too bad that it was too late already. Here is a screenshot of my character in it to make you jelly :wave:
  7. You kinda wanna skill 2 points into it tho if you go for that. Since you currently don't have it skilled. It also allows you to apply both X AND 2 after the 3 and still get the guaranteed stun/daze from whichever skill you wanna use after that. Sometimes when I tried to apply both x and 2 and then still get the 1/4 the classes would be counter/iframe.
  8. You combo a little bit weird for my taste. I always rather use all my stuns early in the fight and then afterwards go for the knock up into web so that they are ready again. You can also use 3 in stealth when they are webbed on the ground for a better stun opener, just cancel with RB and do 2 RB/F combos and then go into 4/LB stun. Whats the reason behind skilling Cyclone Sweep onto KD rather then Daze? I also like to skill Steath Smoke Screen as it allows for quick combo extention.
  9. How much gold you got? ;)
  10. For me gliding into Tab Swap has worked 100% of the time. But I havn't fought thaaat many SFs yet.
  11. Considering it was an Alpha I am sure there was a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in place so people are most likely not allowed to talk abut their experiences.
  12. Oh yea SF is so evil. I got crit for 45k from their Kingfist. Not fun losing so much HP at once. I also started to deal a lot better with FM's. I hate Summoners so much. Especially since they start using Cat grapple later on where you lose easily 60% of your health so you HAVE to save your escape for that. BD is also so terrible when they get a reset on the Blade Barrier and waste so much time.
  13. I finally did some more tower recently and got to Floor 54. Even had 2 FM and last enemy was a Destroyer. I still have to deal with lagspikes in Tower tho. Kinda annoying. But im quite happy I got that high without even having a Legendary. I am at Rank 8 with that so I will just save the other Tokens for now. No real need to waste them if you are above rank 30 anyway.