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  1. I just checked the cash shop but they are not in there. So where can I buy the perm version of it?
  2. Awesome thanks a lot!!! Btw if I manage to get it will it stay on m account forever or just 30 days?
  3. Please help me find out thanks!
  4. I am enjoying these new arenas 1v1 and 3v3 but the main problem I am facing is lag/delay sigh T_T.
  5. FM chi choke cannot grab boss while LBM and Destroyer can.
  6. I went to PVP with my guild the other day in the Misty forest lv 45 faction pvp area and I got 1 comboed by lyn blade master with that grab and lightning sword... one word too OP. However I found it pretty fun to pvp as a Destroyer because I could grab other ppl and let my guildies stomped on them, pure lol. Also the attack animation cancel technique is hardly usable in PVP because all you can do is spamming TAB key to protect yourself from stuns.
  7. Currently I'm still having fun with my Destroyer one of the best class I have ever played in MMOs. Also I hope that the thunderstrike skill will be back at higher lvl 45+ content or any other cooler skills will be added in the new contents. :embarrassed:
  8. From searching other forum topics I found your post saying about Destroyer in rage state can use destruction skill. as lightning or thunderstrike effect is this true? Original link to that forum From re-watching the video at 0:37 the caption said "When in the Fury state, your Rage constantly decreases but you can use moves like Fury Storm, Thunderstrike and Spear skills to fight multiple enemies" Does this mean that the thunderstrike skill will appear after you use Fury or Rage stage (buff)? Can anyone clarify this please?
  9. If you look at my character Maliken in BnS Kr and his skill tree you will see that there is no thunderstrike skill icon the one you see at 0:37 of this video I really hope bloodlust team didn't remove the thunderstrike skill because to me it's like a highlight of Destroyer class. zoom in for skill tree at lv 30
  10. have a look at this webpage "Train Thunder Strike You can ignore the target’s counter. Train Thunder Strike You can put the enemy in a disoriented state. " While Destruction - 파괴 - 1 Damages multiple targets within 3m in front of you for 16-27 damage. Costs: 30 Rage Cast Time: 1 Second Cooldown: Instant it doesn't ignore target's counter or even put the enemy in a disoriented state + no thunderstrike cool efftect QQ. The reason I play Destroyer because of this Thunderstrike skill now they removed it?
  11. If you look at the videoi at 0:37 and 0:50 you will see that it's not the destruction skill with fire effect because they have different icons. Therefore thunderstrike is not the same with destruction skill. Back to the question where did the thunderstrike skill go?
  12. Hi I am wondering where did the skill "Thunderstrike" I see in the Destroyer skills video go because I have been playing BnS as a destroyer for quite a while now lv 32 and haven't seen it in my skill lists or the skills tree. Please help me verify this. Thanks
  13. Thanks for your fast reply I found the Npc with the googles now, but the problem is where can I buy the mirror. I coudln't find the lyn NPC that sells it and I have been running around the town already. Please help Edit I found it thx
  14. I found it thx
  15. Hi I am wondering at what lvl do you get the Qing Gong skill running on water because I'm sick of this slow swimming now lol. Currently I am lvl 16 and have found none qing gong quests. Please help thx