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  1. I'm playing on the same server while waiting for the dojo#2 server to open up. Should have the same connection because these servers are really close to each other. Then again I might be too lazy to switch if they take their time on opening the old servers.
  2. Honestly people will change to the possible EU/NA version lightning fast because ping is such a major factor in this game.
  3. Yup Sub-Server and channel are irrelevant. Although less populated channels tend to work better :j
  4. Well for me some servers are straight unplayable. While others give amazing connection in comparison. Server selection is really important to get the best possible connection.
  5. Yea I'm from Finland. The 11C works great for me in those two servers ^^
  6. The route to 12B seems to be better for you, but it's location is really far from those servers so you will get extra latency added to the xunlei ping. For me 12B is really bad, almost 100ms worse than 11C What's the lowest ping server in xunlei senior vip for you? Checked 11B that gave me the best direct ping but it's location is awful ending up in 400-500ms to every BnS server :j Also the big latency during china prime time is caused by the lines getting busy inside china. Thus you want to avoid any extra links inside china from your proxy/vpn. This is why 11C (even if it shows higher ping in xunlei than for example 11B) is better when it comes to those two servers.
  7. Imho the only reason to change servers is if you get a major improvement in ping.
  8. Xunlei Senior Vip server (11C) is located really close to the game servers 网通五区 and 网通一区 so you'll be having the said ping in game (maybe +5 to +10ms). The key point in choosing a server from Xunlei is to have that as close as possible to the game servers. The (11B) server is close to 电信二区 for example. (Basically you should choose lowest ping xunlei server and use it on the lowest ping BnS server you get from launcher screen.)
  9. It's really annoying to have to buy VIPs and inventory slots all over again Gotta check the pings on these servers, currently the official dojo #2 and the one I'm on (网通五区) gives the best results with xunlei senior. The event itself is not worth the investment.
  10. It's free but you'll need to reactivate your account every 2 weeks by going to the site and clicking the text on your account screen :j
  11. Heh awesome maintenance time. For me it's 1am-8am, the sleeping time ^^
  12. I think it's the ones with red flag on the launcher. I started a destroyer in 网通五区 (白清剑) . Seems to be a lot of people at the starting areas ^^ Also I was able to redeem the bag in the Event 01 section even though the date isn't in yet :j Could be wrong though!
  13. You need to register and activate your account. And then select the cogwheel to choose server in the program :j @Dragon It's free with no usage limitation. You just need to re-activate your account from the webpage every 2 weeks.
  14. IPmana doesn't function properly in the launcher screen. You have try ingame to judge it :j
  15. Also the new server 网通五区 is located in Beijing. Making it have as good or even better ping than the official dojo server #2 and considering it's open ^^