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  1. It will launch with act 1 through 3, so quite behind korea that is on act 6.
  2. Let's compare with how ncsoft west handled patches with aion. The game was released with 1.5 in the west. 1.5 Korea in august, west sept 2.0 Korea may 2010, west sept 2010 3.0 Korea oct 2011, West April 2012. (also changed to f2p in west)
  3. I know aion wasn't that far behind when it released, all I remember is that we had patch 1.5 for release but can't remember what korea had during the time, I do know they had the same level cap though. Anyone know how much aion lagged behind for 2.0 and 3.0 patch? It should give you a rough estimate.
  4. What happened with the 36v36 PvP battleground that was mentioned in the 7 waves? Did it ever happen? Did they implement all 7 updates since all I remember is the lyn blademaster and lots of costumes.
  5. It already did
  6. People don't buy 2-3 full priced games per month but if you release COD MW3 and wait 6 months until you release COD BO2 they will probably buy that game as well. By releasing same type of game at same time you end up stealing customers from yourself and therefore reducing total revenues. Its not like the old days when players stuck to their mmorpg's for years, nowadays a huge segment of the playerbase switch mmo every 3-6 months looking for the new thing.
  7. Its a shame but once they had been silent for months and I heard the news of wildstar cbt starting I expected it to happen. From a business POV its bad to compete with yourself, and that's exactly what they would have done if they released it during the same time frame as Wildstar. It doesn't mean the death of the game for the reasons already mentioned, the game will have more content in 2014. You will also have lots of disappointed players that tried ESO, Wildstar, EQ next that look for a game with better combat and a different artstyle.
  8. Launch plans for the west has been halted due to the upcoming release of Wildstar. Wildstar is about to hit beta and it makes no sense launching two games at the same time.
  9. MMO Culture had this info. Chinese launch of gw2 and B&S is included, but nothing on B&S in the west.
  10. Even though I don't think wildstar is the MMO i am looking for, all these videos still makes me want to test it.
  11. I played with kbd+mouse
  12. Downloaded it, was to try it, and then I was hit by the fact there is currently no way to invert Y-axis. Oh well, plenty of other games out there.
  13. I haven't paid attention to this game for months but once they open up beta signup I am taking the bullettrain to hypetown again.
  14. Home/car/life insurance. You pay them lots of money and they will do everything to not pay you if something happens. Electricity bill when nuclear plants are having maintenance during winter. Electricity companies make more profits when they have to do emergency stops on their plants. Dentist costs. Getting tortured and also having to pay the bill.
  15. Not sure why people think it will take such long time to release the game in the west. Aion took 9 months and the ncsoft west hq in seattle had just been formed so it should be a lot quicker this time.