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  1. Exactly. Your weapon and Bo-Paes does not affect your stats.
  2. You have a point...
  3. Thanks for your input. What concerns me about the 5820 or 5930K is that base clockrate is much lower than that of the 4970K. 3300 / 3500 vs 4000. Since i don´t plan to oc my cpu, i´m not sure what the real impact of this for BnS for example is. Well you rig is a nice one, but originally i didn´t plan to spent so much money, more like around 2k bucks. I originally planned to take one gtx 980. I should add that i don´t intent to play games like FC4. I look for a rig that allows me to play BnS and any upcoming mmorpg perfectly for the next couple of years.
  4. I thought skylake is gonna release this year?
  5. The problem is that you can´t troll or perm-gank people with such a system. There are lot´s of people who loves to farm lowies or people who are obvious weaker / not so killed like them. It´s clear that you can only enjoy such kind of "pro"-pvp with such kind of system and it´s obvious that this is the "true" way to pvp. It is that simple, there are people who wants to force the "pvp" on you. You can´t do such kind of thing with the current pvp-system (or only i a very limited form).
  6. I plan to create a complete new rig and have a hard time to decide which CPU i take. If my scope for the new rig is solely private use and only for mmo gaming, would you guys take the classical i7-4970K or invest in the 6 core? I´m aware that current games does not support more than 4 cores but somewhere i read that dx 12 will support up to 6 cores. Beside this 5820K supports ddr4. Would you guys say that the 5820K or 5930K / x99-platform is more future proof? I know that skylake is coming around but what i read is that it only brings a minor increase in performance compared to current haswell cpus (correct me if i´m wrong).
  7. I plan for a deep ladder run in 1on1 arena, no way to do that with 300 ms from germany. I´m actually chinese so cn server is from cultural standpoint sometimes even better. I´m 100% sure that the western version of BnS will utterly suck compared to the other asian versions but ping over all in this game.
  8. Personal preferences. There are lots of people in asia who einjoys to compete against each other in arena under fair and equal circumstances. I don´t know why it should be different here in west. Obviously you can´t make everyone satisfied. And it was already proofed that this game has already a good bunch of opportunities for open pvp in form of faction war / fights in the special zones. I know what i´m talking about since i spent siginficant amount of my time to fight in kr and cn bns in mistyforest/floating island and windplains. You even have GvG in form of Hell island.
  9. Huh? They offer arena fights where you can fight others under fair and equal circumstances and you write they stick to PvE-Players only? They even revamp 3 on 3 and want to add 6 on 6 so even group pvp fights will be available (again). Normally i really like to read your inputs but i hope you realize how wrong you are on this case. Keep cool, it was irony. Someone already mentioned it but the atmosphere getting more and more toxic :big_smile:
  10. +1 Hands down, Forcemaster is not only a magical "machine gun", it´s additonally the most mobile of all classes.
  11. I think i should check out the chinese bns forum and look if there was such a kind of pointless discussion too about pvp servers that always end up in the classical "pve-players" vs "pvp-players" / "wannabee-openpvp-pros" vs "carebear" discussion :big_smile: Oh btw. SherlockHulmes voted for sticking with the current optional flagging system. I guess this case can be closed now.
  12. The current system in the faction areas is not perfect but it could be easily improved with minor tweaks. I think that´s more efficient to adress those issues than to demand for a true open pvp server. More incentives for the faction areas, only allow you do enter those areas with active faction dobok and stronger meaning of the faction rank are couple of very simple changes that instantly come to my mind. I´m honestly satisfied with the current pvp content and i define myself as 100% pvp player. Just my focus is more on arena combined with a bit open pvp action in the faction areas.
  13. If this is the case than i hope for you guys that NCSOFT realizes this and sees enough potential for SA Servers.
  14. This can be countered with easy changes for the game. I would more blame NCSOFT for being incompetent to not adress this problem correctly since BnS-release in KR than people who abuses this. But faction areas are good examples. There you already have plenty opportunities for open pvp. Just add more incentives for doing faction dailies or making faction rank more important in terms of possible rewards. Than combine faction rank with player killing. There are already plenty possibilities for interesting open pvp experiences and more could easily be implented with the current system. I can reassure you on this. Even if real openworld pvp comes, the people who regards them as true pvp-elite are those in diamond cup rank and will see people who are mainly doing open pvp as, i´m now diplomatic, "soft". Considering the average mindset and intelligence of western gamers (sadly not very high) i´m pretty sure this will be very true. People lounge in the sun of their own arrogance and superiority. @OP: Your whole poll and intention of this thread already disqualifies itself in terms of seriosity by generalizing people who supports flagging system as "carebears". Try to be more serious if you want the support of the community, otherwise people could come to the conclusion you´re just one of those "wannabees" who only dare to fight people if he or she is in an advantage situation. Oh and as for my vote, i randomly chosed one of the five possibilites because i really couldn´t care less what system BnS in the end gets, since i prefer competitive pvp (arena).
  15. It just sounded a bit dramatic when you were talking about "pvp", no offense :) But to be honest the current system allows a lot possibilites for open pvp on a populated server with even balanced faction strength in huntian und wulin. I had so much fun when my chinese top guild was still active in the windplain faction area. Mass fights, small group fights, zerging and trolling...the full program. When lvl 45 was max level i had a static group and we always did our faction dailies in misty forest. We had so much fun with fighting the opposite faction when there where couple of guys doing their faction dailies during reset too. I think Sheru and BirdOfHermes can confirm that :big_smile: Sometimes we just wanted to rush through those dailies but at some days we end up fighting for nearly a hour there.