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  1. Hi there, Though don't forget that America isn't the only place with BnS fans. What late is for you. is early in the morning for me ^^
  2. Hi zora, hope you'll have a good time here. Cute pic,... daga otoko da! El psy congroo...
  3. Can I have someone's account? - no Can someone help me make an account? - no Can you play this game already? - it depends If you are Korean/ Have Korean friends, family who can help you out - Yes If I'm not Korean and don't know any Korean can I still play before western release? - it depends If you want to keep it legal - NO if you wan't to use illegal ways - NO (well actually...) And don't ask us again. You are on your own when it comes to this topic.
  4. Okay, I'm seeing that these are all Unreal engine related files. Though there are many things they have changed. I don't think that this brings a lot change to the game though. perhaps it is a format changing for a more efficient space usage/loading time. Though this kind of update is normally possible by just encoding the files on your computer and wouldn't need to re download them. Though it's still possible. I've also read somewhere that those files are testing/optimising results of unreal engine 3. To be more specific Raw data after being processed for further use. In some games this folder "cookedpc" is also used for applying mods on the game, so it also can be related to dlc stuff. But still I can't understand for sure why they would do such a huge patch. Unless it's World Of Warcraft like extension.
  5. I presume that the $Patch$ folder contains the effective patch that you just downloaded. But I cannot tell what it contains. Perhaps if you do this I can help you more: - open cmd (if you don't know, just type 'cmd' on the search bar in the start menu, and cmd.exe will pop) - locate the $patch$ directory from there (if you don't know how, just type in the cmd window "cd c:\program files\plaync\bns\$patch$") - now type the following command: "dir /s /b" Now the list that shows up, just paste it to pastebin and put the link here And about the centering, You meant good but it doesn't make it easier to read. Because It's inconsistent. We are used to how it is standard. And the dark blue text doesn't help either :D :P
  6. First of all, why the centered text? and secondly, for solving an error you can never have a patch of 7.5 GB for this game. You see in games the most space is used by all the textures. And I don't see any point in patching every single texture just to resolve an error. So there are 2 explanations. 1. The patch size has nothing to do with the error. It might be that that patch fixes the error, but it also has to do something else with the textures, although I can't see the point why they would do that, unless they are adding a HUGE ass DLC. 2. It's a bug.
  7. I literally don't know any Korean, However, before asking to other people I use this website to write down korean. After that I paste it to google translate, and it does the job. If that writing tool takes too long, you can also take a snapshot of that text and use a Korean OCR.
  8. I would say, look for a laptop that has the following hardware: Required: - new series ivy bridge processors in quad core, are very good (intel i5 or i7, the 3000 series, with quad core) - 8GB of ram. - Nvidia Geforce 660M or above, If you find it too expensive 650M is okay. Optional: - SSD hard drive will be nice, every program takes way less to load. including windows itself for booting. But it's not necessary - Also the following brands are quality brands, and have mainly more durable hardware. - Asus (best ooption) - Sony (expensive) - Alienware (expensive) - If you can't find these, an MSI is also a good choice. Asus is a very good option, since it's cheaper compared to other companies, and they have manufacture the best motherboards.
  9. I don't know id this is stated on this post yet, but I was to lazy to read through all of them so I will say it anyway. First of all, blade and soul shouldn't be on consoles if you ask me. I mean every consoles has their own exclusives, which I hate, since I don't own a console (except the ps vita, but that a replacement for my old smartphone, now I use a simple nokia instead with 1 week battery life) So I see MMO's as an exclusive for PC's. And if they would release for consoles too, the release date will be delayed too, so I don't want it at all. Besides from that, you stated on this topic that it has to make an appearance with the next gen console. Well that would be for commercial purposes only, since blade and soul doesn't have any content considering next gen graphics. It should have at least some directx11 aspects like tessellation, or using huge amounts of particles. set aside these are actually 3 years old. So unless it has no next gen graphics content to show, there is no reason for it to make an appearance accordingly.
  10. WTH why do you go with such old processors, Buy one of the new i-series (i3-i5-i7) Especially the last ones, the Ivy bridge series (3000 series) Are really good They have high Clock speed, and they enable overclocking when needed and you achieve really high clock speeds. Like I said Those processors are old, like 7 years at least. Why choose for old tech? From the way you asked your question, I presume you already own both processors and you know what you do. I mean I guess you know if they have the correct sockets. In that case I would sell those 2 and buy a new one
  11. I wish you some great fun and good luck, in the wonder lands of Blade and Soul ^^
  12. Nope, a Korean Operating system is not required. Just download Microsoft AppLocale From there a very simple wizard shows up. You simply browse and choose the application you want to run. After that you choose a language from the drop down menu with like 100 choices. Simply choose Korean (note that it doesn't say Korean but it's written with Korean characters). After that it asks you if you want to create a shortcut which allows you to run the next times with the same settings. And voila, you are good to go.
  13. Hi there, I'm from the Flemish part of Belgium, so at least we also speak the same language. Welcome to the dojo. And I'm looking forward to have some fun in the future. ^^
  14. I have to say, they are really nice. There are a few really nice ones out there. Though this one is for years one of my favorites.
  15. Lol I have to say, I mean I can understand why people ask for this so many, It's an awesome game, you can't deny. However, how they always seem to ask it without doing research wasn't as funny as this one, because his Avatar is Irony all over the place haha lol. Sorry, no offense though, I can understand why ask but, I couldn't help myself, had to say it