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  1. Am I the only one that thinks that first outfit looks very...uhm...phallic?
  2. This is gonna sound terrible but...Has anyone looked under the Lyn's skirt? The outfit really isn't that sexual on the Lyn (it looks like a Lolita top, IMO) and really I'd only find any sexual about it if she was wearing a thong like the other races. Looking at the white one I think I see the bottom of the pair of shorts.
  3. Hopefully I can catch up and play with you guys eventually lol
  4. Ah. Did you send me a Guild request? I saw it but got called away right away before I could accept owo;
  5. I actually purchased TERA before it went F2P (for the founder bonus) I'm on Mount Tyrannus. Characters are: Marchil - Elin - Sorcerer- lvl 14-15 (Main) Obsina - Elin - Priest- lvl 12 Layil - M - High Elf - Berserker - lvl 5 Crimmell - M- Castanic - Priest - lvl 7
  6. :O It's going free to play? I guess I'll try it out. XD Though I'm terribly at these kinds of games.
  7. Hyung Tea Kim doesn't do most of the (concept) art for BnS. IIRC He's the art director and thus probably spends more time directing people to draw what he wants. Also, his wife is KKuem
  8. Waiting Waiting Waiting for BnS NA CBT

  9. I think when Blade&Soul comes out I'll try to roleplay on my characters. x: Like when I'm talking I'll act as how they'd act owo

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    2. Dexia


      can't wait to see you playing a Lyn (:

    3. Ghastly


      The more artistic the game the more creative the players can get.

      It's a natural thing. As far as I go I'm not sure I'll roleplay but after playing the open beta the thought of it didn't bad at all. The game is too artistic to just play it without character, attitude, projection.

    4. Nekuraba


      Im unsure if ill RP or not but I agree with Ghast~ the more artistic the game I play the more into it I can get when playing my character

  10. I'm confused about Mabinogi 2. From all the videos it appears to be like vindictus and is all-dungeon oriented BUT I found screen shots for Mabinogi 2 where a person was standing on a snow-y cliff (and other stuff for a terrian builder). So maybe it's gonna have instanced areas like C9 or RaiderZ?

    1. Shinaji


      RaiderZ is open world.

  11. I have a bunch of MMOs downloaded but no will to play them.

  12. ;< So hyped for FFXIV bad it's a long ways away...WHY ARE ALL THE MMOS THAT I WANNA PLAY NOT HERE YET!!!! ;'<

    1. Anya


      If every MMO you wanted was released at the same time, you wouldn't know what to play!

    2. Famfrit


      It's not that far away.... Early 2013

  13. I am so hyped ofr FF14 2.0 since I saw the 'End of an Era' trailer. OHMYGOSH

    1. Ghastly


      Me too! Definitely on par with B&S as one of the most promising mmorpgs.

    2. Famfrit


      The visuals were stunning, you know when you finish watching a video and there's just silence afterwards? That's what it was like for me :3

    3. Radii


      I watched that trailer too. Im very new to the game so im curious to see some gameplay once its released. Maybe I'll buy it on ps3 even. ;3 The trailer was amazing and I noticed some familiar faces from other trailers.

  14. The voice acting in RaiderZ is all sorts of terrible. I'm half tempted to see if they have a korean voice mod for it.

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    2. Tashigi




    3. Teny
    4. naughTAYE


      I created my character but I haven't played it yet, but during the character creation the voices didn't seem like they were different from each other.

  15. Hmmm. I wonder if I would be able to map the dodge in RaiderZ too 'space' It'd make it so much easier.