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  1. Thank you for the answers, so i can't buy points with my own credit cards? What's the usual exchange rate, i mean, how much are you paying extra for the mycards on Seagm for example? Thanks again and have a nice weekend.
  2. Hi guys, what would you have to do to buy ncpoints for the taiwan version of the game? Thank you.
  3. Twas the first time i saw the screen, sorry. Might i ask what all the listed prices mean on the store? It's something like 5588 and under it 2794 - is this the half price or is it another game currency? Thank you once again.
  4. Hello, i seem to have gotten a loading screen that states 50% off on all costumes. Does anyone know the specifics? Don't think the prices have changed .... Thank you.
  5. Will join in as soon as i get to 17, thank you. Hate the queues though :|
  6. Sorry to barge in but how do you guys know which ip to ping?
  7. Can people still join in? I would love to be part of the community and i think i can convince a friend to give the game a try as well. Either way thank you.
  8. Hey guys, sorry for bothering, got a question regarding the state of the game atm. I'm looking into playing for a few months but before i commit i'd like to know if it's still worth it. I heard lots of player quit and the game is a shell of it's former self. I'm asking this because the monthly payment is pretty high considering the conditions ( lag/ language barrier/ timezone) and i hate wasting money. Other questions: are there any active European guilds still active? is endgame entertaining enough to mandate the monthly pay? what else should i know before going in? Guess that's it, i'd also like to mention I enjoy pvp a lot and that's mostly why i'd like to try the game, I'll probably start with a friend so we'd be a two man team. Looking forward to some answers, thank you and have a nice week. If i'm in the wrong part of the forum i apologize.
  9. That is, if he doesn't have any mail pending on that char, otherwise it's byebye till he pays :P