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  1. I am pretty sure to do 4k gaming you need 2 graphics cards. This game is pretty old and not that demanding despite looking great but everything the game has to load then put 4k onto that... If your okay with low frame rate I guess it is cool! 4k gaming is still not standard. Give it another year!
  2. Can I choose Hideyoshi?
  3. The game can be run on pretty weak machines to be honest. Yours can do it, but you won't go higher that 30 fps almost guaranteed unless you lower the resolution by a lot!
  4. You have to fill out some extra information. There are guides out there, I used mmostie.
  5. Age: 21 Employment status: currently looking for a job Education status (as in, are you in school or not): short break will be back soon. College! How wealthy/well-off you consider yourself and/or your family to be: doing well Preferred payment method for B&S (or in general) and why: b2p or f2p seem like the best way to go. I know some people have had problems with f2p in the past but it does work if managed right, as for b2p, Guild Wars 2 enough said.
  6. I was not aware of that, with this information I change my mind however it is possible they may localize parts of it to give the western version a head start in order to better secure possible customers from the competition.
  7. I can't possibly agree with this anymore. I want blade master Lyn! Other reasons can be found in patch notes.
  8. You are right however I still hope at least one person changes their view on f2p. I am confident my previous arguments were solid enough to at least get someone thinking or at least look up facts some where else. Hopefully I have said enough for people to realize the truth.
  9. I understand but remember cash shops are how f2p games make most of their money and if done right I believe cash shops in B&S won't be as bad as previous f2p games you would have played. So just think back if any f2p game was bad or seemed p2w or whatever that is probably due to the company the published it and not due to the pay model and remember if it goes b2p it will have cash shops added with the money you purchased it for. b2p may have cheaper cash shops but if the game is really successful I still believe f2p will not be such a bad Idea if ncsoft does it right.
  10. True but I am still trying educate people who still think f2p is a bad idea I have nothing against you just sharing some knowledge from personal experience. This thread is going in circles but I believe I can at least get 1 or 2 people to change their views against f2p if even slightly.
  11. Despite how rational you would act there are people out there who are so against f2p that they will in fact act like that. If this game was to be announced as f2p the threads would be on fire and I will be siting at my computer watching the fireworks.
  12. I think some people think this game is coming out tomorrow. It is in fact possible by the time this game reaches the western market they would change the payment plan, it maybe unlikely but possible. Also all the people who still think p2p or b2p are the only option for this game to be successful obviously have not seen the success of Nexon in the past few years. This game fan base is pretty big and is full of guys who are willing to spend a $100 or more to get that revealing outfit for their female character or any other cash shop item. Honestly the 2 options should be between f2p and b2p all this f2p stigma has to stop it makes the community look bad. I do not have a problem with p2p but from what I have seen lately it is not doing so well and only a few games are doing well with it. Maybe its because the f2p community is bigger. Really I think some people are so against f2p for whatever reason they throw logic and common sense out the window and just say what pops into their heads, so again the only reason it would seem worse is because its bigger. If f2p was in fact worse and to be honest I will admit the possibility it would not be some enormous difference like some people imply. Also I have yet to see this so called bad community in any of my f2p games I currently play that people speak of it seems more like a rumor someone started and everyone just decided to roll with it. The only real problem would be bots or it becoming p2w but bots are unavoidable and p2w is unlikely. Edit: I am currently playing Dragon Ball Online and bots so far are non existent or just few in number and it is f2p so payment plans do not fix anything it depends on the company and developer behind it that fix problems such as bots, hackers, and the elusive "bad community". All payment plans do is determine income which right now b2p and f2p are the more popular choice, anyone thinking p2p is a better choice than f2p are either optimistic or ignorant, again not saying p2p won't do well but f2p is more than likely to do better and even slightly better is good enough.
  13. That is true I see those people all the time, however you are not forced to pay that much also it is possible if it went f2p the cash shop items will only be cosmetic bonuses or other things that are not really necessary to enhance gameplay significantly. If this game goes f2p you should thank the people who dump $1000 into it with the money from their job, thanks to them it remains free for you to play. There are many high level players on all Nexon games and some of them don't put a dime in them because everything they may need they can get in game if they play hard enough.
  14. I think people are overlooking the fact that if Nexon is behind this they can help bring it to NA and EU a lot quicker. Also if it is free to play I doubt it will be that bad as everyone seems to believe. I spent like 7 dollars worth of nx on Vindictus and probably will spend another 10 dollars worth so that would be 17 dollars. Even in dungeon Fighter where I spent about $200 on since release is not that bad seeing as most of the stuff is just bonuses, it may help but lets be honest its not p2w more like pay 2 be be better (I have a character who I have yet to spend a dime on and he does good solo). Some people are just to negative when it comes to Nexon cause of their own bad experience which may be partially their fault. If Nexon hosts this game it may not be as bad as some people think, it may be good I do admit Nexon has its flaws but it is a lot better now, this game may bring in more money with Nexon help with out hurting the fans.
  15. With Mabinogi 2 being worked on I thought this game wouldn't get a new character nice to see it still has more updates coming.