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  1. Update: 2016-09-29 Version: v2.0.7 Software: If you want to update the database yourself, please read the document #5: DOC
  2. Update: 2015-11-13 Version: v2.0.6 Note: database files of 2.0.5 has some wrong model info, since the game client in my PC has been polluted, so I made a new release 2.0.6 Software: Image:
  3. All the codes put on github, if you want you can check :) Every line of code is wrote by me.
  4. I use CN client to build database, thus some special doboks may not appear in the database, sorry.
  5. It's good to remove the special character like "&" and " ".
  6. It's a bit horrible to occupy so many disk spaces, haha. Once you ran some task, then there shall be one log file created.
  7. Found some error message in your log message pasted: Please check what is "Software\BnS\Applications\Blade". As I remember I shall not used something named as this.
  8. Just delete all the *.log files under log dir.
  9. Hey guys, back again. Update: 2015-11-10 Version: v2.0.5 Software: Image:
  10. Last updated: 2015-08-11 Version: v2.0.4 Software self: Image resources:
  11. I saw your pic, it shall be ok.... strange... Got it, I walked through the error log, this skeleton is filtered since the model info does not follow the normal pattern line 3: "Loading Material3 JinSuYoun_mat2 from package 00008334.upk" Real skeleton name is line 6: "Loading SkeletalMesh3 65013_KunN from package 00008334.upk" I could add a rule for it.
  12. And what's the issue you encountered? Or what the error message software gave you? What's that? :surrender: What is the "Jin Seo Yeon"?
  13. Just create a txt file, name it to "backup.json", and put it under "config" folder.
  14. Just delete all the log files, it affects nothing.
  15. Read more carefully about the step of "install.bat", it shall be the installation issue. Cool! It's an amazing magic to implement such a functionality just using excel & vba script! Thank you for the sharing~ :big_smile: