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  1. yes it makes no sense. it is known cross server dungeon and arena is unaffected by servers, the only time server choice matters is for those dungeons where players do not use F8. if anything mushin may well be the first server to die because the majority of mushin has players who played through this game and the grind and did poh and BSH and lab and the lvl 50 stuff hundreds of times before. they burned through the content get bored and could well be first to quit. for poh24 and BSH 24 you only really need around 15 active players to do. anymore than 8 players fighting a boss and you can expect massive lag and 5 FPS, + more lag if anyone thinks pets and wings are a good idea, + infuriating low FPS when you have 5 warlocks using flashy skills. so really, a server with medium high population, mostly of new blood is best. the old players will keep this game going? no come on, the old players really just go 1-45 in 24 hours and complain no content, and quit sooner than later.
  2. but no prediction for Force fighter?
  3. idle GonF problems :O but yes this idea would be popular with the GonF and Yun for the poses, make it work NCS
  4. burn through content that is a choice you make. don't know why you are blaming them, you knew they are holding back content to release and hype after some months. at the rate i am growing the new content will come right when i have all my characters at 45.
  5. they are poh's aunts. maybe
  6. AA is truly a bad game.
  7. srs? that guy is not someone with boss level HP. also you can CC.
  8. if their word, from the heads controlling this B&S west project is not real confirmation then you need to redefine what is confirmation :big_smile: a lot of their words are recorded on video, check twitch. they want us jumping into the B&S esport championships, we need to be on the same class and skill patch for that to happen. that means lvl 50 stuff at the same time. personally my guess, expect warlock class within 4 months i would guess, soul fighter some months later. championships happened around Nov so they need to give us some time to practice soul fighter too.
  9. to the modders here
  10. premium players wait some minutes, free players wait some hours.
  11. but playing only one character means you cannot be strong like Jaesung lol. every class is his main <-- twitch chat joke.
  12. saw you last night. twitch chat had great laughs watching too. with the fidgety hands must be a smoker.
  13. cho server 6pm MST, 4.5K in queue. years ago NCS head office decided B&S was not wanted over here. somehow "i told you so" just does not say enough :haha: :haha: :haha:
  14. and we have confirmation we are getting updates fast. spiral, warlock, level 50.... all this likely within this year so we can have representatives for the championships. that will bring players back. if anyone says servers are dead it is more likely they are lying, there is just too much to do given how fast the updates will come.