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  1. No. Even if you somehow export back skeletal meshes as upk. files it's far more complex. All you can do is - import meshes, bones, animations of any game character you want into 3D software, importing textures and exporting them back with upk manager. You can make them more shiny, bumpy or emissive (like eyes above) on any chosen part. I tried merging my custom model with existing bones and make Weight Paint to make BnS animations natural with my models. I couldn't export them back into upk. with any available modding software. The other problem is that one upk. file of skeletal mesh includes about 20-30 files of UDK physics related to each other. I don't think anyone currently can handle this one... As you can see in the picture, I "deleted polygons" by making diffuse textures transparent. They are still there but they are not visible so it's kind of reshaped in game.
  2. Hey guys ! First of all... All thanks to my buddy Demirg27 for being my "inspiration" to do it ! xD I also wanted to show people what you can do with some motivation and simple retexturing using upk manager, umodel and hex editor. Unfortunately, not a single model in BnS files matched iconic Warglavie of Azzinoth even a little bit, so ended up making Warlock with Shard of Azzinoth.:P Right Click to make it 4000x6500px
  3. Really ? Then I would love to see it. I feel like i'm the only person who wants to make some popular, favourite characters from games/movies. If you have some links I will be very thankful. Yup, probably gotta do it. Actually, the main problem with custom skins is that currently skeletal models cannot be changed so you need to overcome those imperfections with decent textures, normal maps and fake painted shadows to get some visual shape effect. I already had some requests with the same problem. It ended up looking like some random outfit without identity. Thanks for request and kind words !
  4. haha thanks. I was kinda thinking I'm going too far with it.
  5. Hey guys ! I just created some BnS mods of popular characters which I like or felt creating. Download link, how to install and how to create mods like this here - Have fun ! :) In the links below you can see the videos showing the mods in action: Goku Mod Saitama Mod Vegeta Mod Pokemon Yellowish - Ash&Pikachu Mod Snorlax Mod UPDATE (19.03.2017): Gilgamesh (Fate Zero) Mod Rikimaru (Tenchu) Mod