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  1. poor poor loli :joss_stick:
  2. just dont blame them alone
  3. another way to solve is to end the trade feature like D3
  4. :shakehead: :shakehead: :shakehead: :shakehead:
  5. they so desperately trying to kick botters out they fuk care about us :big_smile:
  6. have you try look at other version of BNS? are they infested by bots? what makes you think this version is so special? nah i know "make them try their best to keep it down yadayada"
  7. i think its exile if im not wrong.
  8. every time when the boss drops till less then 10% ,she/he some asswipe forcechoke then throw the boss off map to reset ,its been repeatedly 5 to 6 times and been dragging for so long! wtf point is that? anyone know why he does that for?
  9. "till stable" they say lol... now's the million dollar question define "stable"
  10. even the WORLD'S BIGGEST game of all time DOTA 2 has cancelling moves intended ,maybe you should start asking them why
  11. delete
  12. oh now i see your point of "boring" any game can be boring playing multiple times,just take a break that "LOL" and till this point the reply proves that you are hopeless,like a boy keep proving his point of rules is always right to his owner
  13. i guess KOF is a fraud too
  14. people just salty. :joss_stick:
  15. "man what era is this 90s?" problem is i need a good good ping to do my chain combo,the combo icon does not appear 50% of the time because i have 300 over ping most game gives you an cancel move set , i would agreed this game needs it and Tera even has it