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  1. That's a great idea. I'll definitely have to do that. My PC is pretty solid so I may be alright on the PC Performance side but that grind for endgame gear certainly knee caps all bright eyed and bushy tailed players. If nothing else, the game is free and the campaign is engaging enough that I won't feel like it's been a waste. Hopefully I can get into a clan (called them guilds above) and that will ease the pain of the end game grind. Thanks for taking the time to read my first impression of Blade and Soul.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. That's some solid information. I'm shocked someone took the time to read that, especially since I'm certain I put it in the wrong forum as well. :sweats:
  3. This is a game I've followed for a LONG time, which you can likely tell by how long I've been a member to these forums. I have FINALLY gotten around to playing Blade and Soul. If you stumbled into this because you're in an MMO slump and were wondering if this is worth playing, keep reading. The TL;DR version is that so far, I'd say yes. There's no reason not to play, it's fun, the community is still active, and it's free... what do you have to lose? You were going to just watch some Netflix or Crunchy Roll anyway, right? I get the game installed and go to dive into some Blade and Soul. Oops, I have a 2FA from back when I played WildStar. Now what... well I contacted costumer support and then decided to head to bed for the night. When I woke up they had already answered my ticket and taken care of it. I thought that surely that can't be all. To my surprise I came home from work and was able to log right in and actually play the game. I can't praise NCSOFT enough for this. Customer support like that will keep me playing their games. Character creation; I decided that a Blade Dancer looked like a good time. Wasn't thrilled about being class locked as a Lyn, I've never really liked the Loli style characters but I have to say, this little guy has really grown on me. I made him as tall as he could be and then went into the details. This is a good character creator and as someone who spends literally hours creating a character I could tell that BnS had set the bar for some of the newer MMOs I've played (looking at you BDO). Story thus far; This game does not get the credit it deserves. All I had read was how this was a PvP centric game... and that there were P2W aspects and blah blah blah... eastern MMO P2W! Honestly, the intro to the game was really immersive. Fully voice acted, gave me a full understanding of who I was in the story, later introduced me to the villains, and gave me a purpose to actually play. This is personal preference, I know some people love an open sandbox game but I like having a story drive me through the questing grind. So far everything along the main quest line has been voice acted. Some certainly better than others but still, I appreciate that level of effort. Combat and Game Play; At first I wasn't that impressed with the combat, however, that's why I always play a game for at least 5-8 hours. The first thing that bothered me... this was an action combat game but I didn't see where my active dodge skills were? Hey, I want to dodge and dart back in and jump around and be a bad ass... where is that? Turns out that's what "STRAFE" is in the key binds. I think the default was "Q" and "E". OHHHHH... well that was not obvious to me. I honestly didn't figure this out until I was a good 4 hours into the game but it made a big difference, especially once enemies start ganging up on you and you can actually die. I've got a few more skills now as well so the combos are beginning to become fun and the combat is starting to be engaging. Some people may not like that you don't recover HP very quickly when out of combat but I gotta say, that aspect of the game really makes you focus on your combat ability. You miss click, run out of focus and it will actually punish you over time as you're running around with a 1/4 HP. All that said, the combat is legitimately fun and while I would say BDO feels a little more polished to me, I can say the combat in this game is very fun. BDO may have just been more intuitive for me as well. Questing; As I mentioned about the story has been pretty good. I know why I'm in this world and what my purpose is. While this game doesn't have the big glowing trail leading you to every objective the way the map works is very intuitive and I've never once felt lost or that I didn't know what I was supposed to do next. The biggest draw back to this type of MMO is that making alts can be a bit of a bore since you've already experienced all of this already. However, if it's your alt and there isn't any new story to latch onto, it's really easy to just blow through the voice acting and reading and get leveled up. The drop rates on items seems to be fair. Have like 4 or 5 outfits so far and I got a cool sword early on that I've "evolved". I'm a big fan of vanity stuff and I love the outfits in this game and I always appreciate when weapons actually have different skins. The tutorials are given to you as you play through the game and are simple to follow, like when I finally was taught about evading. Free to Play; Some games can be a bit limiting to the F2P audience... such as SWTOR. Thus far I haven't felt limited by the F2P model. I was happy to see that I could create any class using all of the available races. I checked out the cash shop and noticed that as a premium member you get a discount which is a great idea. I didn't look in great detail but from what I saw it didn't appear there were any P2W type items. Looked more Pay to Progress to me which I've never had a problem with. Some people have time to play a game, some people have money and can't spend the time. Shouldn't be a big deal but I'm sure the community can correct me here if I'm wrong. Community; Hey, speaking of community... so if you're reading this then you know the community is actually pretty active. The few questions I typed into chat were actually answered in a friendly manner. I remember when I went back to GW2 recently with my 4 max level characters and I asked, "I haven't played in about a year, what should be my focus to progress?" The answers I got were, "Uninstall" and "Give me 10 gold". So yeah... this community was much more helpful. I also noticed that there are guilds STILL recruiting players as of this month. So that gives me hope that when I hit max level maybe I'll have a group to do some end game content with, that's always a huge plus for me. MMOs are meant to be played with other people. While the story is delivered well and you can play through it as a solo player, eventually you'll want to do the big fun stuff at the end. That requires a party... and a good party (or guild) will keep you playing a game longer than anything in the actual game itself. Gripes; A dumpling would cost me my entire life savings in this game. A SINGLE Dumpling. Either those things are overpriced or it just takes a long time to make money in this game. That feels really broken to me right now. Maybe it gets better? There are some things that are not very well explained but the community is cool enough that they'll help you out or you'll figure it out if you keep clicking around. It's an MMO, if you've played one before then you'll get the hang of it. Finally the cash shop items are too expensive. I've never understood this. An outfit will run you anywhere from $10-$20 U.S. I have played League of Legends since before people knew what the hell that game was. I've probably spent nearly $1000 on that game in the last 5 or 6 years... you know why? Because at $2-$5 a pop, it's not that bad. I love spending money in games to support the devs and publishers. However $20 for a single outfit is a bit hard to chew for many of us. Just sayin'. Final Thoughts; This is a good game. I would put this over Tera, Neverwinter, SWTOR, a multitude of other F2P MMOs, AND Black Desert Online. Yep, I said that. I plan to max a character and see what end game is like. Hopefully I can make more in game money or those dumplings come down in price. So if you see a blade dancer named Finn Faolan running around on the Poharan server give me a wave.
  4. Ya, I currently have a laptop as well and while it does fine at medium settings I decided it's time I just build a beastly desktop. My laptop only has the 555M so it's a bit dated now. I was going to go with the GTX 690 but figured I can add another 680 to this set up in 6 months if I really feel the need for it and save $500 upfront. Funny that this all started because I won a Thermaltake Power Supply in my last League of Legends tournament. I've got everything but those final 3 expensive parts. Then I'll be adding a couple more fans and some lighting.
  5. Yes, however if people want to be social then let them. If they would rather play through the game without the need then why is that bad? The guild we're in is a pretty social place. Anytime I'm on I can just ask, "What are we doing tonight?" and inevitably it gets a dungeon run going or we go through an area to get 100% completion on it. I agree with the amazing art in this game. They stated that they wanted it to be like a painting and they've achieved that for sure. It's actually made it hard for me to look at Blade and Soul videos because I've really enjoyed the slightly more realistic almost gritty feel of GW2. Gratz on your laptop Garzel. I'm actually building a new desktop that should be done by the end of January. I'm pretty stoked about it. I haven't built a desktop in about 9 years. i7 3770K, ROG Maximus Formula Mobo and GTX 680 GPU all inside the CM Storm Stryker case. Should be pretty when I get it all done and it should run any MMO at max settings at 50 FPS.
  6. I would like to see the sPvP allow leveling as well. This is honestly the first game that I haven't just dived straight into the PvP due to the questing getting boring for me so I can't really speak on the end too much. I really enjoyed the aspect of creating Twinks in WoW for BGs and such. Gave the game another aspect of fun, and then Blizzard embraced it and let you freeze your XP gain and then just gear out a level 19 toon. I did enjoy that quite a bit. This would be awesome in GW2 and would possibly help generate more gold for crafting as I'm sure people would be buying up those rare crafted armor sets like the Gladiator set and weapons/accessories. Ideally B&S will incorporate all of these things we love.
  7. Yep, I'm not arguing against any of that, everyone will find things they enjoy about certain games. An LFG system is in the works for GW2 so that will solve that. SWTOR is a great example of a game that flat failed because it didn't have an LFG tool or cross server dungeons. Doesn't change the fact that with an LFG system a DPS class in WoW still will wait 30 minutes though. I'm not trying to say that WoW isn't a good game because it obviously is. It's been going strong for 8 years. I think that speaks volumes for any game. However I enjoyed WoW more during Burning Crusade than I do now. Things have been dumbed down TOO much and it's robbed the game of a lot of the strategy that used to exist. I absolutely agree that WoW has done things that I think should be standards in any game, though Heirloom gear isn't as important to me. GW has incorporated/done some things as well that I hope will become staples in MMOs to come. The more active combat with the incorporation of actually dodging attacks, the deletion of the Holy Trinity, gaining XP while crafting, and always moving forward during leveling are a few things that come to mind.
  8. WoW has been out for 8 years. It didn't release with those features so give some of the new MMOs a chance. Especially something like the Heirloom items. GW2 does offer cross server dungeons as well, they just lack the LFG tool (which I agree seems like a must have now). I would say that I still have never waited more than 5 minutes to get a dungeon party together thanks to not needing the "holy trinity" where as a Rogue or Hunter in WoW still can have a 30 minute wait with the LFG system. I guess for me GW2 has been a far less "grindy" experience in leveling. I also love that when you're crafting you're gaining XP. GW2 offers more reward for leveling alts with the story lines where as WoW is just a sprint to max out a character. Funny because when I really think about it the changes that were made to WoW are what prompted me to want to play a different MMO instead. The faster leveling they've incorporated into WoW doesn't make it any less of a grind. I actually fell asleep running dungeons in WoW. You can just target the tank and hit 2 buttons to heal him. Pretty boring stuff. Granted I'm not saying that GW2 and other MMOs aren't without their flaws but for me GW2 has been a much better experience than WoW. To each their own I guess. EDIT* This seems really argumentative, I'm trying to just point out where GW2 has been a success in my eyes. So to be clear, I'm not trying to say "you're wrong, I'm right!" :joss_stick:
  9. I've been enjoying the Winters Day "dungeon". I've heard about the jump puzzle but haven't tried it yet. Love your look too Garzel. I'd say that was Gold and Karma well spent. I still haven't really found anything to spend my Karma on. There's so much to this game that I still haven't discovered.
  10. Sounds like you can't lose on this deal :smooth: Which server will you be jumping into? I already passed out my 3 demo invites as well. Shinaji, I love the sound of an Asura Guardian... I might have to do that too. I'm also not a big fan of the Charr, I don't really like the way the armor looks on them but I love my Norn Warrior.
  11. Figures, I finally put together my Epic armor and now they have Ascended... So you're a big fan of the Humans I see. I actually plan to use each race, I've even created all of the characters already. Though they may be subject to change. I have a Sylvari Thief, Asura Ele, Human (female) Guardian, Charr Ranger. I've leveled them a bit just to see how they play. I'm thinking I may switch the Ranger to my Human and make the Charr my Guardian. I don't like the way a lot of the armors look on Charr. I changed my build last night on my warrior and my survivability is quite amazing now. I was in a situation that I would have never lived through before. Was doing one of the Skill Challenges in Orr and there was a 2 Risen Vets as well. I thought for sure I was toast but as I continued I ended up beating the 3 then a couple of regular mobs spawned again and I was able to take them as well. It was very satisfying to know that coupled with my build, my evade and well timed shouts and etc. really made a difference. I still crit pretty often too so I haven't noticed a drop in damage output. I switched to a 20-0-0-30-20 build. So my shouts heal and I have Sweet Revenge from the discipline tree in case I should fall. I also use Wolf Form for Norn's because the number 2 ability has a ton of life steal so when I'm below 10K HP I jump into that and get back up to max. I'm curious about trying some cleric armor and seeing if that would hurt my damage output too much. Another build I was going to try was 20-0-20-30-0 which would give more HP regen based on adrenaline, but I wanted Sweet Revenge since it seemed more viable for solo'ing.
  12. Jade Quarry is currently ranked as the number 4 server in WvWvW in North America according to Arena Net. So It's a pretty active server. Last night I finished my Draconic Armor set. I transmuted the Helm, Shoulders and Gauntlets though. I'm also going to craft a lower level Barbaric set and transmute it with my AC Dungeon set that I'm currently working towards. If you jumped into Jade Quarry you'd be welcome to join my tiny guild, Sleepless Swords. I'm pretty active. Typically I play a minimum of 2 hours each evening and usually it's closer to 4 hours. Once the kids are in bed, Dad games it up :embarrassed: Glad you're enjoying your warrior. Which race's story line is that in? I've really enjoyed the story line for my Norn Warrior. My Warrior is my main, I went with a 0-30-20-0-20 build and I use a Great Sword and a Rifle right now. I find it necessary to evade out and do ranged damage in dungeons and it allows my health to regen. This build gives me pretty good health regen and 50% crit chance. I typically use shouts and signets. I haven't used banners yet. I was thinking of adjusting my build so that my Shouts heal but really don't want to sacrifice my crit chance. I'll have to experiment with it a bit more but the additional survivability would be great as I tend to draw a lot of aggro.
  13. Alright, I'll throw you a friend invite tonight and if you'd like I could toss you a guild invite as well? It's a VERY low key guild, no pressure, just have fun and play the game and be social as we try to grow a bit. I've only done 1 dungeon as well so you'll be in good company. I may not play much this evening as I'm supposed to practice League of Legends with my team for a local tourney next weekend. Other than that I pretty much just play GW2 and LoL. Which server are you on? I'm not familiar with "B2P" but I think the fact that there isn't a monthly sub has allowed me to enjoy the game a lot more. Instead of just rushing around and getting stuck in a "grind" I don't mind taking my time and really enjoying the environment. It's funny because as I was playing Tera I was also playing the GW2 beta and the art direction made me feel like I wasn't going to enjoy GW2. Now it's one of my favorite games with the slightly more "gritty/rough" art style while still keeping the world as a very breath taking place. I have really fallen in love with the style and now I'm trying to talk my wife into letting me build a new PC just so I can play it with the graphics maxed :embarrassed:
  14. What's up BnS Forum goers? Don't know why I haven't visited the forums in so long but I hit level 80 on my Warrior last week and remembered that I should see if anyone here is on my server and wanting to do some dungeons or PvP. I'm on the Jade Quarry server, if you are as well let me know and I will add you to my friends list or toss you an invite to my 2 man guild if you haven't found a guild yet. I've maxed out Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing so I'd be happy to help out anyone here with some rare armors or weapons :big_smile: Now I am just looking to finish up my personal story and then enjoy the rest of what this great game has to offer. (Mostly I want to start collecting armors and weapons...) I've played a lot of MMO's and thus far this one has kept my interest the most. Not once did I start to feel burnt out during leveling... it was a very refreshing experience.
  15. I purchased my copy of GW2 back in April. With it being F2P I figured there was no reason I couldn't play both games. They are also very different games so it won't feel like you're just grinding away doing the same thing. I still find Tera to be more fun than GW2 for general game play and graphic presentation. But if you're wanting a PvP experience then GW2 can scratch that itch.