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  • White Blue Mountain Range Update Coming To Korean Servers Late June
    See what is in store in the new zone
  • Ncsoft Korea's Recent 2.0 Patch Roundup
    Here are the new changes in the 2.0 patch!
Blade & Soul Content Patch Preview
Port Blood Shark, PVP & White Blue Mountains

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From left to right, Producer Hwang Sung-Jin and Lead Designer Lee Bum-Jun

Port Blood Shark & Hae Moo-Jin.
In an interview with Hwang Sung-Jin and Lee Bum-Jun it has been revealed that the next dungeon will be called "Port Blood Shark" and the final boss will be named Hae Moo-Jin. Remember the little girl with the gatling gun? Yes? Well, Hae Moo-Jin is her grandfather and you can expect him to be even harder than her, of course with the higher difficulty the rewards will be greater.

The dungeon will take about 2 hours to complete and there will be about four mini bosses as well as ten named monsters before you can reach the final boss; Hae Moo-Jin.

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Hae Moo-Jin AKA Dong Chun Gak will be the main villain in the next dungeon.

PVP and the new class.
After the "Port Blood Shark" update there will be a PVP content update as well with the long awaited new class. The next storyline quest "White Blue Mountains" will be added last, as there are concerns about having more content for the players before they advance the story.

Statistics from NCSoft says only 44% of the players have experienced the end game dungeons (there are currently only 4) and only 18% of them have cleared the current hardest boss: Po Hwa-Ran(The girl with the gatling gun). The recent 6 man dungeon patch was for the remaining 60% of the players who have never experienced the content before.

Sometime in september is the planned PVP patch as well as the new class, they will also make changes to the PVP rewards and balance of the factions.

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The current PVP was only a beta for the upcoming PVP content patch, is the words of the devs.

"Our goal is for the players to hit max level and get good at their characters then progressively get better at the game. The upcoming patch will be to encourage those who stop mid leveling and not hit that max level."

They also said that 80% of the players never experienced Po Hwa-Ran and they will also be fixing balances in PVP.

They didn't say much about the upcoming patch but they said this. "The next class is not 'Gunner' believe it or not, we think this new class will give a different feel to many of the MMORPG classes out there."

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Sorry kids, the next new class is not a Gunner.

Preparing Blade & Soul for a variety of players.
The next story content patch which will raise the level cap will arrive around October. Also there will be many convenience systems getting implemented for the players to enjoy. They said they are preparing systems like closets to store your outfits as well as balance between classes and advanced auction house search functions.

Along with the above they will also be adding solo dungeons, as the current solo dungeon is quite popular among players, so they will be adding more for their player base to enjoy. Players completed the solo dungeon about 10 times more frequently than the 6 man dungeons and they are taking notes to react on future updates.

Lastly they added that they are planning to add small content patches more frequently instead of one massive one less frequently. This should provide additional content for players on a more regular basis and keep the game feeling fresh and entertaining.

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The poster says "6 player easy party!"

Source: ThisIsGame. Translated by: Yuan.
August 16th Patch Notes
Below you'll find the translated notes for the August 16th patch that was deployed on the Korean servers. We'll be updating this post with the August 1st and 8th notes shortly.

August 16th Patch Notes
Source | Translated by Yuan.

  • You will now gain 50% of the damage your deal as life instead of 20% when you learn the “Smackdown” Tier 5 talent.
  • Tier 2 & 3 of “Aerial Smackdown” skill will now cause the main target to take more damage but the AOE damage will be less.
  • Tier 2 of the “Destroy” skill will now execute the skill even faster, also if you put two points into it you will now be able to chain the skill right after another.
  • Tier 2 of the “Iron Wall” skill will now properly deal damage to those hit by it.
  • Tier 3 of the “Dismantle” ability will now grant more damage.
  • Tier 4 of the skill “Headbutt” ability will now deal 20% / 40% damage to their Chi while recovering your own by 20% / 40% instead of damaging their Chi by 40% / 80%
  • Tier 4 of the skill “Flame Wheel” will no longer grant you Chi if you happen to miss with the skill.
  • Tier 5 of the skill “Amputate” will now leech 100% of the damage instead of 50%.
  • Tier 6 of the skill “Charge” will now regen 30 Chi and will cost no Chi to use.
  • Tier 6 of the skill “Flame Wheel” will now grant 50% Chi regen if you deflect an attack.
  • Tier 6 of the skill “Smackdown” ‘s tooltip was fixed to properly describe what it did.

Force Master
  • “Ice Flurry” will now activate if you crit any of ice type spells.

Blade Master
  • Tier 4 of the skill “Spinning Slash” will now generate more Threat.
  • You will no longer be able to use the skill “Wind Sword” and “Kick” skill while your target is in the air.
  • “Sword Charge” tooltip will now properly display that it is usable during Qing Gong.
  • Fixed the bug with the skill “Ambush” and “Evasion” interfering with entering the “Quick Draw” stance.
  • Fixed a bug with “Wind Sword” interfering with the player also using the skill “Parry” skill.
  • You will now properly charge forward if you use the skill “Charge” “Ambush” “Five Way Strike” and “God Dance” after using the skill “Evasion”
  • Fixed a UI bug that displayed wrong whenever the player had full Chi.

Kung-Fu Master
  • You will now be able to use “Flying Kick” during Qing Gong.

Water Moon Prairie
  • Fixed a male NPC in the area that had a female voice.

High Tier Dungeon
  • You will now get a different type of ring when you kill the boss monster “Frog Lord Doowuk”.
  • New Ring; Attack Power: 4, Critical chance: 80 was added called “Ghostly Skeletal Ring”
  • Deleted the "Ghostly Protection Ring" and "Ghostly Flower Ring".
  • You will now get a different type of earring when you kill the boss monster “Frog Lord Doowuk”
  • New Earring; Attack Power: 4, Penetration: 80 was added called “Ghostly Skeletal Earring”
  • Deleted the "Ghostly Protection Earring" and "Ghostly Flower Earring".

Top Tier Dungeon
  • Fixed a certain quest monster now appearing in the dungeon “Howling Temple”

Heroic Dungeon
  • Fixed a monster disappearing after the combat reset in the dungeon “Chong-Gak Crew’s South Sea Navy Headquarters”
  • Buffed the stats of a green gem acquired at the “Sea Serpent Cave”.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t activate the Steam Engine controls more than once while going through the “Po Hwa Ran” encounter.

  • Fixed an audio sync problem with quests as well as quest text typos.

Dragon Forest
  • You will now get “Revive at South Sea Navy Graveyard Charm” when you complete the quest “Chapter 25: Ready for the final battle.”

Grand Desert
  • You will now get “Revive at Tomb of Sacrifice graveyard charm” when you complete the quest “Where is the scout?”

Water Moon Prairie
  • You will now get “Revive at Sea Serpent Cave Graveyard Charm” when you complete the quest “Another base of the Chong-Gak Crew”
  • Fixed the typo in the quest text of the “Yuwa’s Rage” quest.

  • Added some tooltips for certain options.
  • Various changes in settings options.
  • You will now be warned if you want to destroy / dismantle / sell or buy certain items.
  • /help will now display how to properly send someone a whisper.
  • If you target a blocked player it will display at the back (Blocked)
  • When you mouse over an item the tooltip will now display how many items are stacked.
  • The time remaining of the buff / debuff will now be displayed in the middle of the icon.
  • Icon displaying if whether you can skip the cutscene or not will be displayed larger.
  • Other various UI changes.

  • You will now instantly get the “Satisfied” buff when you eat food.
  • “Ressurection Charm” will now be able to resurrect those in fatigue, also the range was increased to 55m from 10m
  • Buffed the Bo-Pae with health increased stat.
  • Fixed graphical glitch with Lyn females and the “Nightmare” outfit.

  • Added new chat commands. /ginvite to invite someone to your guild. /sandbox for opening your sandbox window. /follow to subscribe to someone. /simulator for a training simulator.
  • Many chat commands will now work with English if you happened to mistype Korean while in English keyboard mode.
  • You will now be able to tab through your whisper contacts with the tab key.
  • You will now be able to resize your chat window in Chat window settings.
  • Other various chat function fixes / changes.

  • Fixed a bug where you were teleported to a wrong place when you used your “Dungeon escape charm” in certain dungeons.

  • Guild Member cap has been increased to 30 for level 1, 40 for level 2, 50 for level 3, 60 for level 4 and 60 for level 5~10.
  • You will now require less experience to level up from 43~45.
  • You will now be rewarded of the extra experience you’ve earned through 43, 44, however you will only be able to get to level 45 3%.
  • Previously you needed 181200 exp to hit 44 from 43 but now you need 90600 and from 44 to 45 you needed 199000 but now you only need 99500.
  • Default time for auctions will now be set at 6 hours instead of 24 hours.
  • Your teleport cooldown will now be 3 minutes instead of 5.

  • “2012 Korea’s Victory project” has ended.
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Curse Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Giveaway
Curse is giving away 50,000 Guild Wars 2 Beta Keys! 5,000 beta keys (per region) will be given to Curse Premium members starting Monday, July 9th. The remaining 20,000 beta keys will be available to general members on Tuesday, July 10th. Claim your key now; they won't last long!

You can register your key here.

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It's official! Team Bloodlust finally announced a date for Blade & Soul's Korean launch, June 30th! Yeah, that soon. We're now that much closer to an NA/EU launch.

It has also been revealed that this game will be P2P (Pay to Play), costing ₩23,000 for 30 days. That translates to about $20 or €16, which will be lowered to the average $15 or €13 when the NA & EU versions arrive.

Team Bloodlust will be releasing several packages for those interested in buying more time at a cheaper rate. A 90 day package that comes with two weapon gems and a 180 day package that comes with the same two weapon gems plus a unique eye patch. These packages are only available June 26th through the 29th, right before launch.

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Blade & Soul OBT Livestream
Welcome to Blade & Soul Dojo's official Blade & Soul OBT livestream! Join us every day as we play through Blade & Soul's OBT event! Our livestream schedule is currently everyday from 7:00pm to 12:00am EDT!

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Blade & Soul OBT Q&A
We've compiled the most commonly asked questions from our official OBT Q&A thread for you folks. Whether you're fortunate enough to play the OBT or not, the following questions may be useful to you. Be sure to check out our full OBT Q&A thread for loads of must know information. Feel free to ask some questions there as well, we'll get them answered as soon as possible.

Where can I download the game?
We created a dedicated thread here with multiple ways to download Blade & Soul's OBT client.

What is the schedule for Blade & Soul's OBT?
Blade & Soul's (Korean) OBT begins on June 21st at 4:00pm KST (Korean time) and ends on June 30th. Unlike previous closed beta test events, the OBT servers will be up and running indefinitely this time around, with a short 5 hour daily maintenance starting at 3:00am KST and ending at 8:00am KST (Korean time).

What is the Dojo's "official" server?
The Dojo's "official" OBT server is 이심전심.

Will the Dojo have a guild?
No, we will not be creating a guild for the Blade & Soul Korean Retail version. There are quite a few English speaking guilds that could be found if you look around.

Are there any translations for the skill trees?
Yes, for a few. We have very rough drafts of the following classes. All missing classes will be coming soon! Be patient!

Update: Skill trees have been changed for OBT. New translations coming soon.

I'm stuck on a quest and can't read Korean! Can you help?
It would obviously be incredibly difficult for us to guide you through every question but we can list a few that have caused people the most problems. A short guide can be found here.

Can you translate the games stats for us?
Yep! Here is a picture of a character sheet and the translated stats.
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