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  • Black Tower added to KR's Test Server!
    A new 24-man team dungeon is shown on the test server, plus other patch notes.
  • Official Blade & Soul Costume Contest
    Their accepting original concept designs for a Blade & Soul costume. The contest will last from now until July 5th.
The Regions of the World
NCSOFT has posted some information on the world of Blade & Soul on the official site.

Learn more about the world of Blade & Soul!
The Earthen Realm is a place of wonder, teeming with the beauty of the natural world and a wide variety of inhabitants. Mortals live side by side with beasts, spirits, and inexplicable creatures born of the mystical energies of the world. Of course, for every gorgeous sunset beyond lush forests, there are also dangerous mires where hidden threats lurk patiently for the unwary. Only the unwise would dare wander the lands content in their ignorance of the world and its potential threats.

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The Viridian Coast
The Southern Continent is home to some of the most lovely and abundant regions in the world. There is little that can compare to the serene Viridian Coast. From the sandy beaches outside of picturesque Bamboo Village, to the eerie depths of the Gloomdross Forest where phantoms play, to the towering coastal cliffs of Songshu Isle.

The Viridian Coast lives up to its name with its lush green plains, cool bamboo forests, and valleys where fragments of the earth float into the sky to dizzying heights. It is home to Jadestone Village, a bustling lakeside community where business thrives in the region, and the prestigious Hongmoon School tucked away in Heaven’s Reach beyond the shore. But for all its peaceful beauty, there’s always the looming threat of the devious Blackram Marauders waiting to strike at the unsuspecting coastal towns, or the restless spirits haunting the Gloomdross Forest.

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The Cinderlands
The Southern Continent’s mainland was once the proud heart of civilization, where the mighty Naryu Empire stood uncontested for centuries. The Naryu Empire became a battleground to hold back the invading demons from the Dark Realm, and was blighted during the Four Guardian’s fight against the great corrupted energy. Deep forests and surging rivers dried up, leaving a vast wasteland where only the strong and stubborn can possibly survive. Yet in every endless desert there always lies an oasis. Yehara’s Mirage is the hub of all activity in the region, welcoming travelers in from near and far to experience a bit of luxury amid desolation with its fine dining and strong drinks.

Away from the Scorching Sands, the bestial Jaofang Village rests safe in its valley, while not far beyond is the Blindeye Bazaar where shady dealings of a less savory crowd operate outside the law. There are even rumors of the tomb of Mushin himself buried somewhere amid the ruins of the Naryu Empire, where a treasure beyond all imagination waits to be claimed. That is, if daring adventurers could first survive the vicious Bonemask Tribe warriors, the giant scorpions, and the bands of tomb raiders along the way.

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The Moonwater Plains
After surviving the desolate heat of the Cinderlands, a bit of water is a relief! Upon the Eastern Continent, The Moonwater Plains has a surplus of mighty rivers, crashing waterfalls, and vast lakes as clear as a cloudless sky. The sprawling Lycandi Foothills are home to the native people of the region who live side-by-side with the Lyn of Brightstone Village and the farming community of Hogshead Pastures. The glorious Sapphire Basin is home to many curious species such as the frog-like Ploggles and the brutish Hoglin.

But a shadow always lurks nearby: The Haunted Necropolis, stained by corrupted energy some 30 years past, is where a demonic outbreak is endlessly held back by the brave Snapjaw Tribe. As the Eastern Continent is also territory of the Talus Empire, one must always be wary of the outbreak of violence where the Talus Army clashes with the rebellious Skyhaven Resistance.

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The Silverfrost Mountains
Further north on the Eastern Continent are the Skypetal Plains: gorgeous fields of swaying grass and fragrant wildflowers caressed by the ocean winds. It is home to Zaiwei, capital city of the Talus Dominion, standing as a beacon of wealth and power among nature’s bounty. But it is a city endlessly challenged by the thieving Lumang Syndicate, the corrupt Hao Society, and a bevy of powerful monsters who call Skypetal Plains their home.

Beyond the city awaits frozen mountains full of treacherous heights, blistering snowstorms, and ancient temples of long-slumbering gods waiting to awaken once more. But for all the mystery and intrigue the region has to offer, it is the grand capital city itself that holds the darkest secrets.

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Official Blade & Soul Twitter Q&A Highlights
The Blade & Soul West team held a Q&A over on their official twitter today. We've compiled all interesting information gathered from the event below.

Official Twitter Q&A Highlights
  • The ability to us controllers is something that they want to do, but cannot say for sure if it will be available. (source)
  • There are currently no plans for a Housing or Guild Housing system at launch. (source)
  • There are currently no plan to IP ban other regions from playing on the Western versions. (source)
  • There will be Clans and features to manage them as well as a a recruiting system. (source)
  • They plan on having a Costume Design contest for NA/EU exclusive costumes. More info to be released on other exclusive costumes. (source)
  • Livestreams are planned to be once a month until CBT, then they will ramp them up. Livestreams will focus key features. (source)
  • The will be accepting feedback on everything during the Western CBT. The focus will be on balancing, but UI, optimization, etc. will all be passed on. (source)
  • The game will be releasing with the first three story arcs. The next three will be added after release. They want to see how quickly people progress. (source)
  • Closed Beta Tests will begin this fall. Make sure you sign up to the Newsletter to keep updated on CBT news. (source)
  • The character models shown on the official website do not represent the in-game playable models. (source)
  • They are hoping to offer other audio languages to the client but can't promise anything 100%. (source)
  • The Western clients will be unique and will contain most up to date features found in the other regions. However, the story arcs will be staggered so people don't rush/get bored. (source)
  • NCSOFT West does not have any Blade & Soul "Dev" teams. They work closely with the teams out in Korea and request changes and updates. (source)
  • Both Open World PvP and Arena (1v1) will be available at launch. (source)
  • They will be taking swift actions against bots and cheating. (source)
  • The Western clients will be a unique build, not just translated but localized with lastest features best suited for the NA & EU market. (source)
  • They only plan on launching on the PC at this time. (source)
Blade & Soul is Coming to the West!
Blade & Soul will be coming to North America & Europe free-to-play in English, French, and German! Below is the official announcement.

We are very excited to confirm that Blade & Soul, the martial arts MMORPG from NCSOFT, will be coming to the West this Winter!

Blade & Soul is an action-based martial arts MMORPG set in a fantastical Ancient Eastern world, with a story of revenge and vengeance that follows traditional wuxia literature. You’ll be battling enemies with a strategic- and combo-based combat style and channeling your inner chi to perform supernatural Windwalking abilities such as gliding through the air, running across water, and sprinting up walls.

We’ll be revealing more information in the following weeks and months, but for now you can check out our first trailer below.

Tomorrow we will also be hosting a first-look Livestream over on our Twitch channel. Join us from 10AM PDT / 5PM UTC to see a pre-Alpha Blade & Soul in action and to ask any questions you have. Make sure to follow us for real-time updates on when we’re live.

You’ll also want to sign up to our Newsletter so you get immediate notification of important news, a chance to win a beta code for our CBT in fall, and exclusive sneak-peeks at what we’re bringing. Make sure to also Follow, Like and Subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where we’ll be answering questions, posting exclusive content and more.

Finally, a big thank you to all the dedicated fans who have supported Blade & Soul coming to North America and Europe. We have spent a lot of time ensuring that we bring the best version of Blade & Soul to the West and we hope you’re as excited as we are to begin our journey in this incredible world.

Keep an eye on this website, as we will be updating frequently with news, information, and ways you can be involved in Blade & Soul West.

The Blade & Soul Team
Ultimate Evil Weapons
A new weapon series named the Ultimate Evil has been released on the Korean servers with the February 27th patch.

What is the Ultimate Evil set?
The Ultimate Evil weapon set is a series of weapons that can be obtained and after completing all the story line quests at level 43. These weapons can be upgraded 3 times before reaching it's 4th and final form. Below you'll find the basic stats of the weapon and its upgraded forms.

Weapon StageWeapon DamageGem Slots & Chi Recovery
Stage 1249 Damage3 Gem Slots & 6 Chi Recovery Points
Stage 2258 Damage3 Gem Slots & 6 Chi Recovery Points
Stage 3269 Damage2 Gem Slots & 6 Chi Recovery Points
Stage 4280 Damage2 Gem Slots & 6 Chi Recovery Points

A new gem slot adding system was included in this patch. This will allow you to add up to 4 gem slots in the Ultimate Evil weapons.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

How do I obtain these new weapons?
A new quest called "The Dark Smith" will appear on your quest tracker once you have completed the main story quest chain at around level 43. After obtaining the quest you will then be required to gather certain items so that your new weapon can be forged. The NPC responsible for these quests is located at the Pig Farm, his name is Ma-Bong.

  • Stage 1 - You will need 100 Ingots of Ultimate Evil, 50 Crafting Stones of Ultimate Evil, 50 Soul Stones, and 1 Gold.
  • Stage 2 - You will need the Stage 1 Ultimate Evil Weapon, 50 Crafting Stones of Ultimate Evil, 200 Dark Stones, and 15 Gold.
  • Stage 3 - You will need the Stage 2 Ultimate Evil Weapon, 400 Fine Crafting Stones of Ultimate Evil, 400 Soul Stones, and 50 Gold.
  • Stage 4 - You will need the Stage 3 Ultimate Evil Weapon, 400 Fine Crafting Stones of Ultimate Evil, 200 Fine Dark Stones, and 200 Gold.

Posted Image
How do I acquire these materials?
  • Ingots of Ultimate Evil - Ma-Bong will trade you those for Naryu Silver, Gold Coins and Sun-Doo. These cannot be traded.
  • Crafting Stones of Ultimate Evil - These can be obtained through daily quest rewards and can also be found in chests that drop off daily quest bosses. These can be traded.
  • Dark Stones - These can be obtained as rewards from the Yo-Ma-Wang, To-Moon-Jin and Sa-Ji-Suk-Rim daily quests. These can be traded.
  • Fine Crafting Stones of Ultimate Evil - These can be obtained as rewards from the daily quests found in the Su-Wol Prairies area. These can be traded.
  • Fine Dark Stones - These can be obtained as rewards from the Lord Inferno daily quest. They can also be obtained as rewards from the Yul-Sa-Ji-Dae and Oh-Saek-Ahm-Do daily quest areas, and can also be bought with Sun-Doo. These cannot be traded.

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New Male Lyn Doboks & Hairstyle

The Grave Digger Dobok
A new male Lyn exclusive Dobok has been added with this update, Grave Digger Dobok. This Dobok can be purchased with daily quest reward tokens at Su-Wol Prairies.

Posted Image
Crimson Flowers of Evil Dobok
This Dobok was previously exclusive to female Lyn. It is now available to male Lyn with this update. This Dobok can be looted from off Po-Hwa-Ran.

Posted Image
Phoenix Dobok
The Phoenix dobok for the male Lyn has been remodeled. Many players have asked Team Bloodlust to change the Dobok for Lyn Males, and they did!

Posted Image
New Male Lyn Hairstyles
New hairsyles for the male Lyn have been added with this update.

Posted Image
Source | Translated by Yuan
Valentine's Day, Blade & Soul Style
Valentine's Day is almost here! And of course Team Bloodlust and NCSoft have some great gifts for their players in the form of tantalizing doboks from Kim Hyung-tae.

As far as we understand there will be two types of the angelic white Valentine's day doboks and one black set. We were given a preview of these outfits on the Jin, Gon, and Lyn females, and we might have more to show after maintenance on the 13th.

Happy Valentine's day from the Dojo, Team Bloodlust, and NCSoft!

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Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

A special thanks to Chan and Daman for finding this so quickly.
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