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  • Black Tower added to KR's Test Server!
    A new 24-man team dungeon is shown on the test server, plus other patch notes.
  • Official Blade & Soul Costume Contest
    Their accepting original concept designs for a Blade & Soul costume. The contest will last from now until July 5th.
Update (6/25 11:33 AM PDT): Elusive has started a FAQ thread for the Costume Contest.
Update (6/25 11:33 AM PDT): The costume contest ends on July 9th. The official news post had an error.
Update (6/24 11:20 AM PDT): The livestream has concluded. Missed the stream? Check it out here.

Blade & Soul Costume Contest
A Costume Contest is being held over on Blade & Soul's official website! The contest will last from now until July 9th. One lucky winner each from North America and Europe will have the chance to get their designs made into an in-game costume with a special tooltip named in their favor.

Have any questions or concerns about the Costume Contest? Head over here for an FAQ held by Elusive.

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Send NCSOFT your Blade & Soul Fanart!

Alongside the amazing Cosplay we've already been receiving into our Fanart/Fan-creations email, we want to get all our artists and community creators submitting their works of art!

If you have any Blade & Soul fanart, videos, sculptures, hedge carvings or any other fan-creation, and you don't mind us sharing it on our social media pages, then please send it to us!

Submit your fanart to NCSOFT via e-mail: [email protected] and we'll share it with the world!

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Official Blade & Soul Livestream
Watch Blade & Soul's second official livestream where they display and discuss their latest announcement, Blade & Soul's Business Model, as well as various other topics.

Business Model Revealed
NCSOFT released information regarding Blade & Soul's Western business model.

Business Model Revealed
When we announced Blade & Soul, we said it would be free-to-play. Now, we’re giving you the lowdown on how free-to-play we’re going to be.

Our Philosophy
We believe in letting everyone play the game as it’s intended to be played – skill-based progression throughout all the available content. No paywalls will hold you back, and no amount of money will give you an unfair competitive advantage over other players. We don’t like pay-to-win, so what we are offering are cosmetics, convenience, and consumables – not power, not gear, not permanent stat increases. We’re also going to make sure that we have a regular schedule of content updates that everyone will be able to enjoy.

NCoin & In-game Coin
Our cash shop in the game will be using NCoin – you’ll recognize it as the currency that WildStar will be using, as well as the North American-published Aion and Lineage II. You can purchase NCoin online or through retail outlets (US Only). With this NCoin, you’ll be able to purchase convenience items like food, potions, and repair tools; quality of life improvements such as character slots, inventory expansions, and Premium memberships; and cosmetic items like costumes and accessories.

We’re also introducing an in-game currency that is earned through gameplay. This in-game currency can be used to purchase many of the same items in the cash shop as what NCoin can purchase, including event-related items.

Premium Membership
An item offered in our cashshop is Premium Membership, which is active for 30 days. Having an active membership will give you all sorts of quality of life benefits to enhance your enjoyment of the game – for example, a special windwalk animation and discounts in the Auction House. The benefits of membership are specifically developed for Blade & Soul West and will keep in line with our philosophy – no power boosts here.

Our membership comes in Tiers; you start at Tier 1 and immediately unlock all sorts of neat benefits that get better as you rise in tiers. Membership tier levels increase with the amount of NCoin and in-game currency that is spent including on Premium Membership itself! Once you’ve unlocked a tier, you will never drop below it but you will need an active membership in order to experience all the benefits; as soon as your membership is inactive, you lose access to the benefits.

Founders Packs
Want guaranteed access to the Closed Beta that’s coming this fall? We’re offering 3 different Founders Packs, and all three come with a Closed Beta key that’s good for the entire CBT period. More details about the Pack contents will be coming soon as we get closer to opening up pre-order on these packs.

Have questions? Join us on our Livestream on June 24th at 10AM PDT

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New Gameplay Trailer Released
The official Blade & Soul West YouTube released a new Gameplay Trailer today.

Set out on the path to avenge your master in Blade & Soul. You must first become a great martial artist, before you can defeat Jinsoyun and restore balance to the realm.

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Official Livestream Set for June 24th at 10 AM PDT
Blade & Soul's second Official Livestream now has a date! Join the Blade & Soul West team on June 24th at 10:00 AM PDT.

Have a question you'd like them to answer during the Livestream? Stop on by Arai's thread and post it there. Keep in mind that all questions may not be answered but they will be doing their best to answer as many as they can.

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Massively Overpowered's E3 2015 Hands-On
Massively Overpowered wrote up a nice article on their hands-on experience with Blade & Soul at E3 2015.

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Update (6/21 - 3:14 PM PDT):
SherlockHulmes confirmed on Twitter that there will be an Official Livestream before the end of this month. (source)

Blade & Soul's Playable Races
NCSOFT has updated the official site with more information on the four playable Races within Blade & Soul.

Blade & Soul Races

The Gon believe that their ancestors were born from the breath of Dragons and they embrace this legend with pride.

Physical power and combative skill are treasured among the Gon. They seek to make themselves strong, capable, and able to overcome any challenge, and use their might for the good of others. This can make Gon somewhat easy to trick, as the greedy use the Gon's intimidating physique and trusting nature for personal gain. However, if you are true, friendships established with Gon are as strong as steel and you would have earned their loyalty for life.

In their day to day lives, Gon move and speak at a calm and measured pace. This deliberate pacing was started to help nullify the other Gon trait: their famously short tempers. With their massive frame and incredible strength, little can stand in the way of these mighty people once a Gon has been moved to anger.

Available Classes: Destroyer, Kung Fu Master

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The Lyn, with their large ears and dainty tails, are descendants from the Kirin, legendary animals that were both mischievous and unpredictable

The Lyn have not survived in this dangerous world by mere chance; they have innately acute senses which steer them clear from danger and allow them to see treachery and deception where others cannot. More famously, the Lyn use these highly attuned senses to converse with beings from the Spirit Realm granting them the ability to commune with Familiars and harness the power of the earth.

The Lyn are known for their somewhat unpredictable nature. During a single conversation, it is not unusual for a Lyn to convey a multitude of emotions, including hatred, fear, jealousy, love, and respect.

Available Classes: Summoner, Force Master

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The Yun are a purely female race intrinsically entwined to the natural world. The planet serves as a guide for all Yun: they are heavily attuned to the rhythms of nature and dance to its tempo.

The Funghuang, a mythical Asian bird, has passed her traits of elegance and grace to her descendants.The Yun’s innate aesthetic skills make them some of the best artisans in all the realm. Other races look to them as the pinnacle of artistic skill and creativity, as the Yun weave beauty into everything they do. The Yun have become increasingly involved in modern society as they look to restore balance to the world.

Dignity is key to the Yun, and while they are able combatants, they balance their time spent fighting by teaching and meditating with others.

Available Classes: Force Master, Blade Master

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The word "Jin" means "Unyielding Effort" in the ancient language of the eastern continent. It is this characteristic that still defines the Jin people, who make up most of the world's most celebrated people.

Jin warriors may look fairly ordinary, and are certainly smaller than their Gon counterparts, but beneath a somewhat plain exterior lays incredible strength and tenacity, typical of the heirs of the Black Tortoise. Their versatility and never-say-die attitude gives Jin warriors a reputation that few would risk testing in the battlefield.

Jin people are often friendly and considerate with a strong notion of right and wrong. Their warriors are often found traveling the continents, helping the needy by working selflessly wherever they were needed.

Available Classes: Assassin, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master

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No Blade & Soul at E3 2015
NCSOFT did not have a booth up this year for Blade & Soul at E3 2015.

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Official Livestream Still Set for Once a Month
NCSOFT promised at least one Official Livestream cast a month a couple weeks ago, it looks like that's still the plan. We've apparently got more then just the livestream in store for us too.

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Update (6/21 - 3:14 PM PDT):
SherlockHulmes confirmed on Twitter that there will be an Official Livestream before the end of this month. (source)

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Introduction to Wuxia
NCSOFT gave us a little background on the themes present in Blade & Soul.

Introduction to Wuxia
To the uninitiated, the story of “Blade and Soul” might look simply like an excuse to beat people up with Kung Fu, but it is actually a tale of loyalty, morality, revenge and redemption. Anyone familiar with eastern literature or movies would recognize it as a Wuxia (“woo-shya”) tale, a modern storytelling genre with roots deep in Chinese culture but a reach that extends to westerns and modern day action movies. Trying to play “Blade and Soul” without understanding Wuxia is a little like trying to play an FPS without understanding military culture; it’s possible, but you are probably missing a lot. So with that in mind, here’s a quick primer on what it means to exist in a Wuxia world.

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Jianghu & Wulin
Wuxia takes place in the Jianghu (“Jee-AHNG hoo”), which translates literally to “rivers and lakes”. Jianghu is not a specific location, but really a way of describing the state of the world. It is a place of complications and chaos, a place where society is falling apart under the pressures of corruption and war, a place beset by the worst qualities of man and yet a place where the best qualities of man may still prevail. Government authorities are too corrupt to trust, so codes of honor must be adhered to instead of the law.

In the Jianghu exists the Wulin (“woo-lin”), or the society of martial artists. This is no organized group, but a community that anyone who has dedicated themselves to a martial discipline belongs to. The Wulin consists of many factions, sects, and brotherhoods under many masters, and each may be aligned, neutral to, or openly hostile to another.

Neigong, Qinggong, & the Secret Scriptures
The wushu, or martial arts, practiced by the Wulin are as varied as their clans. Skills are passed from master to student as they prove themselves worthy. Schools can specialize in hand to hand, swords, staves and other weaponry, and even more supernatural skills. Neigong (“nay-gong”), or “internal skill”, is the ability to focus qi (“chee”) or energy to heighten speed, strength, and stamina and even grant healing powers. Another mainstay of Wuxia is Qinggong (“ching-gong”), or “lightness skill”, which nearly circumvents gravity, allowing martial artists to propel themselves high into the air, to run up walls, or to even run across water.

The greatest martial arts techniques are usually recorded in an ancient text – a Secret Scripture or Tome – that imbues the owner with superhuman combat abilities. The secrets contained in this Tome are guarded fiercely and can be quite dangerous. They may cause harm to the practitioner if they are used wrongly… and they can be even more dangerous for the world if used correctly.

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Both heroes and villains come from the Wulin, and what separates them is Xia (“shee-AH”), a code of honor that borrows heavily from Confucian morality. Xia means both “honorable” and “swordsman”; it requires its followers to be loyal, righteous and to help the poor or oppressed by righting wrongs committed against them. Wuxia heroes must follow their Xia and remain loyal to their clan, their family, and their true love. Often, heroes in these tales are young and inexperienced, and the story unfolds as they mature, master their arts, and grow as people.

External conflict in Wuxia always occurs between a person following the Xia and one who has fallen from it and is hurting the world; but just as important is the internal conflict every character in the Wulin faces when trying to balance their loyalties. Often, the way one goes about addressing conflicting loyalties will be the only thing defining them as hero or villain. When asked to kill his cousin, a member of another school, to settle an old vendetta, a villain may not hesitate to betray his family or lie to his master and say he has done so. A hero will seek the path of righteousness, perhaps reasoning with his master after discovering the vendetta is based on an old and petty slight. And since Wuxia focuses on the development of oneself into a better person, a villain may even learn to seek redemption if they choose the true path.

However, not everyone is redeemable, and a hero must right the wrongs even if it means killing those who committed them. This is ultimately the heart of Wuxia, one person standing against all to make the world a better place, no matter the odds.
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