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  • Blade & Soul is coming to the West!
    Blade & Soul will be coming to North America & Europe free-to-play in English, French, and German!
  • Official Blade & Soul Costume Contest
    Their accepting original concept designs for a Blade & Soul costume. The contest will last from now until July 5th.
December 5th Patch Notes
Below you'll find the translated patch notes for the 12/5 update. This update contained part of the content promised in the Legendary patch preview including the Port Blood Shark (Night) instance and the unlocking of the 5th floor at the Tower of Mushin.

The 12/12 patch notes will be up soon.

As always, the Dojo is looking for some dedicated translators! So if you know Korean, have good English writing skills and interested in joining our team then feel free to toss Revast a private message!

December 5th Patch Notes
Source | Translated by Yuan

Combat & Skills
  • Skill cooldown reduced for Mist Slash and Tear Slash.
  • The skill “Deep Thrust” and Tier 3 of the skill “Deep Thrust” in the training menu will now knock back 9m.
  • Changed the debuff icon for when you are poisoned.
  • Enemies will no longer resist attacks if they are inside a Tier 2 Smoke Bomb skill.
  • Fixed a bug with Tier 5 ~ 6’s Thunder Kick.

Lyn Blade Master
  • You can now use the skill “Charge” while using the Qing Gong, Qing Gong Jump and Glide.
  • Your “Chi Choke” can no longer be canceled by an ally performing Submission or Dominate.
  • Fixed a bug with the skill “Windmill”
  • Fixed a bug with Tier 5 Chi Choke talent.

  • The skills “Cat’s Ferocity” & “Cat Tricks” both received new skill icons.

  • Some unpopular areas in the beginning zones had their Dragon Pillars removed.

Port Blood Shark (Night)
  • You need to complete an entry quest before entering this instance.
  • You will need the item “Naryu Region’s Gold Coin” to enter for the first time and “Naryu Region’s Silver Coin” to re-enter from then on.
  • Daily quests have been added for the instance.
  • The Port Blood Shark (Night) instance can have up to 24 people taking down the named monsters and can be entered with either a party or by yourself.

  • Regular monsters in the Port Blood Shark (Night) instance will have a small chance to drop a Port Blood Shark Key and Luxurious Port Blood Shark Key.
  • Killing the “Toxic Man-eating serpent”, “Juk Ryong-Gwee” and “Hong-Rang” bosses in the Port Blood Shark (Night) instance will reward you with a “Supply Chest” which can be opened with a Port Blood Shark Key.
  • Killing “The Mysterious Man” in the Port Blood Shark (Night) instance will reward you with a “Rusty Mysterious Supply Chest” and/or a “Mysterious Supply Chest” which can be opened with a Luxurious Port Blood Shark Key.

Grave of Sacrifice
  • You can now block the Infernal Lord’s flame attack with the Destroyer’s Iron Wall skill.
  • The Infernal Lord’s Back pedal kick was taken out of its skill routine.

Port Blood Shark
  • Chung-Rang and Hong-Rang now drop new head pieces, Hong-Rang’s Bandana and Chung-Rang’s Blindfold as well as Chung-Sil exchanger and Hong-Sil exchanger.
  • Hae Moo-Jin will now drop Pirate King exchanger as well as Pirate’s Pride exchanger.
  • Also a slight nerf in the Juk Ryong-Gwee fight.

Solo Dungeon, the Tower of Mushin
  • A new system added where you can start from the 5th floor.
  • To start from the 5th floor of the tower you need to do a quest which enables that feature.
  • The cost to start at the 5th floor is 5 gold once you complete the quest.
  • Room of Chung-Woon and Room of Juk-Woon have been changed to an instance.
  • Room of Chung-Woon will now hold Hong-Sil instead of Chung-Sil.
  • You can now complete the quest “Training Start” and “Road to Training” from anywhere instead of heading back to the NPC to return the quest.

  • Added some new voice overs for NPCs.

  • Some items now provide higher grade weapons instead of normal grade.
  • Added an escort sign to the target you are escorting via a quest.
  • Fixed some typos in the quest text as well as voice sync problems with NPCs.
  • Fixed the cinematic where Jung Ha-Do first makes his appearance.
  • Other minor changes to various quests as well as fixes.
  • Added daily quests as well as quests that can be completed without the need to go back to the original quest giving NPC to complete.

  • Fixed various UI bugs.
  • Your summoned cat will now properly be matching the pet in your pet tab.
  • Your summon’s HP bar’s color will change depending on its fur color.
  • You can now fix the size of the summon’s UI.
  • Added a graphical effect to newly appearing items in your inventory since the last time you opened your inventory.
  • Added a bling effect to jewel type items in your inventory.

  • Fixed typos in some item tooltips.
  • If you dismantle an item from the Sool-Wul Praries you have a chance to get Naryu Region Coins.
  • If you dismantle an epic grade item you will have a chance to get Naryu Region’s Steel Coin / Silver Coin.
  • If you dismantle an Heroic grade item you will have a chance to get Naryu Region’s Silver Coin / Gold Coin.
  • Fixed graphic issues of Bo-Pae set effects that disappear once you teleport to a new area.
  • The items Hong-Rang’s Bandana & Chung-Rang’s Blindfold had their item ranking raised to Heroic.
  • The facial hairs of characters will no longer stick out of items like masks.

  • You will no longer die from falling, instead go down to 1 health if you have a fall that would normally kill you.
  • Chi Meditation now takes 20 seconds for you to revive.
  • You can now stop giving Chi to an ally using Chi Meditation.
Blade & Soul: State of the Game
With 2012 coming to a close, NCsoft has reminded us how hard they are working on bringing Blade & Soul to our doorsteps with an outlook on their current status and plans for the localization of Blade & Soul for the western audiences. NCsoft is addressing not only the obvious need to translate the game, but actively addressing potential issues in an effort to make the game as enjoyable as possible for all players in all regions. Take a look at the official announcement below.

NCsoft West
As we approach the start of a new year, we wanted to bring you up to speed with what's been happening with Blade & Soul®, and what happens next.

The game is already in its finished form in the original Korean-language version, but bringing Blade & Soul to the West involves more than simply translating the text and recording new dialogue. Gameplay styles differ greatly in different cultures, meaning that what players in Korea consider fun and balanced might not be as well-received in Europe and America. Addressing considerations like these takes time and NCSOFT® is committed to doing it right--without sacrificing any of the elements that make Blade & Soul as popular as it continues to be in Korea.

The development team at NCSOFT West has been working closely with Team Bloodlust to ensure that we deliver the best, most faithful version of Blade & Soul to Western gamers. We are making progress and plan to reveal more details about the game in the coming year.

In the meantime, our goal is to build excitement for Blade & Soul, by introducing Western audiences to the game's beautiful graphics, compelling story and innovative gameplay. Then, when the time is right, we will release the sorts of details you have been waiting so patiently for.

Thanks for bearing with us, and stay tuned!

With potential changes coming to the game intended to better suit the regions it's released in, we will be interested in seeing Blade & Soul's western development during this exciting time and the community's reaction. Keep a close eye on the Dojo and NCSoft's official site for new developments.
Blade & Soul Legendary Update Preview
Team Bloodlust has a Legendary update coming for us this month. New dungeons, PvP 1v1 duels and much more await us this holiday season. Word has it that Team Bloodlust may even be dropping in a new tier of item quality for us, hence the "Legendary" update name. You'll find the official update preview translated below the cut off.

Posted Image
The Legend
One who finds the secret of the legend will become truly legendary in the world of Blade & Soul. The Frozen Warehouse, Port Blood Shark and the long awaited Spiral Labyrinth! The secrets of the legendary weapon lies within these dungeons. Prepare yourselves!

The Frozen Warehouse
Port Blood Shark now takes a whole new form during the night. When the darkness covers the Port, the spirits of the members of the Choong-Gak Crew roam the port without even realizing that they are no longer of the living. The dead can no longer recognize friend from foe and will attack any living thing that they come in contact with. For that reason the Choong-Gak crew never leave their quarters during the night and thanks to the dead they don’t really need anyone on patrol. There is only one building that is lit up during this dark hour and that is the mysterious Frozen Warehouse. The warehouse emits such a cold air that not even the dead dare to roam close to it. Mysteriously, inside you will hear yelling, like someone is training martial arts along with screeching noises of machines and cogs, ticking and tocking. You will soon find out who or what is inside this Frozen Warehouse.

Posted Image
The Spiral Labyrinth
Inside the ancient ruins a mysterious labyrinth finally reveals itself. There’s a legend indicating there’s something mysterious hidden within the lowest floor of the ruins. Many enter hoping to find this mysterious treasure. The invaders are met by the Guardians of the spiral labyrinth and they will also meet many traps along the way to make the journey all the more treacherous. It is now up to you and your allies to challenge the Labyrinth to find out what is truly below its surface.

Posted Image
Night Time at Port Blood Shark
What would be different when you challenge the Port during the night? You will be met with different bosses and challenges as you try to conquer the Port once again during a time of darkness.

Tower of Mushin, the God of Kung Fu; The 8th Floor Revealed.
Finally, the 8th floor of the Tower has been added! Those of you who had reached the 8th Floor after defeating Jung Ha-Do will be met with the one and only Mushin Chun Jin-Kwon. Don’t celebrate just yet, many challenges of the Mushin awaits you in the future.

The Duel
Players can finally meet at the Hong-Moon School to duel each other to test each other’s skills. Challenge your skill and your foes to earn experiences and other various rewards. Dueling is available for all players.

Posted Image
Update (11/07/2012 - 10:16am PST)
The winners have been announced!
Check the Official Blade & Soul Facebook Page to find out what awesome costumes won.

Update (10/31/2012 - 11:59pm PDT)
The Blade & Soul Halloween Costume Contest has concluded!
Entries from this point on will not be eligible for the prizes.

Posted Image
Hey guys! We all know NCSoft's Blade & Soul is coming to the west and they want to give their fans some epic loot to get the most out of their incredible game. With Halloween coming up fast, what better way to do that than with a costume contest!?

Blade & Soul has some of the most imaginative design in gaming to date and we want to see what its fans can come up with. So, the Dojo and NCSoft's Blade & Soul West have teamed up with AMD and SteelSeries to reward our best entries with some awesome swag!

The contest will run until October 31st 2012 at 11:59 PM PDT and is only open to U.S. residents.
Contest rules & details.

How To Enter
Simply submit a picture of yourself, or someone you know, wearing a costume that you designed and constructed. You are limited to only that of your imagination and the Blade & Soul universe. Once you have your entry ready, reply to this post and upload your photo URL by using the Posted Image media tag located above the post editor. You can also directly upload your photo by attaching your file(s) to your post entry, you can find the "Click To Attach Files" button below the post editor.

Please be aware that immoral or obscene images will not be accepted. That is to say, keep it PG-13. We also reserve the right to void any entries we deem unacceptable or any entries that we believe have tampered with the security or fairness of this contest.

We will be rewarding the top three contestants with gaming gear from AMD and SteelSeries. The winners will be announced on the Official Blade & Soul Facebook page on November 7th! The winners will be selected and contacted by Curse via the email registered to their account and given details on how to claim their prize prior to November 7th.

Get the full list of contest details by clicking here, including eligibility, entry requirements, and other details.

If you have any questions or concerns please private message Revast. We would like to wish everyone the best of luck and a wickedly fun Halloween! We look forward to seeing your Blade & Soul costumes!
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