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[CN] Pre-Character Creation Event FAQ
I know you're all excited to create your first character. It's been so long and you're finally this close!
But first, let's see how all this is going to work out. We don't want to make any mistakes, do we?

Q: What is this event all about?
A: This event serves for you to choose your server, race, class, appearance and all that before the official opening of the server on the 28th of November.

Q: I want to participate in this event, what do I have to do?
A: For that, you have to download and install the Open Beta Client. Then, from 23rd November 12PM GMT+8 to 24th November 10PM GMT+8 you'll be able to create your character. Be careful that each server has a maximum quota and when that quota is reached servers will start to close down. That might make the event end before planned.

Q: Can we create more than one character?
A: Each account is limited to create only one character. If you are not satisfied with your creation you can delete it and then re-create it.

Q: Where can I find the client?
A: The client can be found here, in the download page (choose the options with a thumbs up if you're in doubt). If you got any problems, check the Installation Guide (currently only in Chinese, Google translate link provided). Client version is: v1.72.4010.4.

Q: What servers are open to this event, which aren't?
A: During the event you'll be able to create characters in these servers: 电信三区, 电信五区 and 网通二区. The servers 电信一区, 电信二区 and 网通一区 will not be open during this event, hence you cannot create characters in these.

Q: Is there something special I need to do to participate in this event?
A: No, as long as you have the Open Beta Client and a QQ account you're ready to go.

Q: Can I change servers during the event?
A: No, after you select a server you're bound to that server. You can however create and recreate your character there.
ATTENTION: It can not be confirmed if this will bound your account to that server even after the OBT starts. So if you want to go to one of the inaccessible servers (电信一区, 电信二区 or 网通一区), we suggest you wait till the 28th to use your main account on the desired server.

Q: Why did some servers suddenly disappeared? Will they re-open?
A: When the number of character created on that server reached it's max quota, that server will closed and be hidden. On the 28th, these servers are going to be open again and if you so desire you can create your character there then, even if you didn't during this event.

Q: is it possible to purchase in game points (for VIP and cash mall items)?
A: Yes, but you need to wait till the 28th, when servers open, to you can claim your points.

Information for CBT players:
During this event, your gameplay will not be affected.
However, if you try to join one of the new servers your client will update to the OBT client and be unable to reenter on the first three servers.
If you do not wish to participate in this event, do not enter on the 3 new servers, 电信三区, 电信五区 and 网通二区.

If you accidentally upgrade to the OBT client version, download the rollback patch and it will return you to the correct CBT client version.

Translated by Google, complexy and karonic | Source
The amount of Chinese content is increasing and currently the Dojo doesn't have anyone to help them in that department. Open Beta Test is just around the corner and with that more people are coming in with a dire need for knowledge. Knowledge which they will not be able to understand due to the language barrier. And that's where you'll come in! If you're interested in joining our translation team, read the information below and send in your application via private message to Sekuiya.

What does a translator do?
The clue is in the name, you're going to translate content from your main language, or a language you're fluent on, to english.

As a translator of the Blade & Soul Dojo community you'll be expected to

  • Be active daily within the community.
  • Translate news from the official site.
  • Translate other articles that may be of interest.
  • Help create guides about features of the game.
  • Be on your best behavior at all times. Make this a warm and welcoming place.
  • Be helpful! Provide detailed solution if you know how to solve a members problem.

What are the requirements?
You'll have to meet the following requirements in order to volunteer for Blade & Soul Dojo's translation team. We ask that all potential applicants meet these requirements before submitting their application.

  • A clear understanding of the English and Chinese languages.
  • Some translating experience is a huge plus but isn't required.

How do I apply?
If you feel the need to help this community and have the desired skills then it's time to apply! Simply private message the following information to Sekuiya and title the message "[Your User Name]'s Dojo Translator Application".

Include the following in your private message:

  • Name: Your real name.
  • Age: Your age (obviously)!
  • Location: Where you live and your time zone.
  • Online Time: Approximately how much time do you spend on our forums each day.
  • Experience: Do you have any experience with translating articles in the past? Get into details if so. Remember, this isn't required but will have a huge influence on our acceptance process.
  • Additional Comments: Is there anything else you'd like us to know? Leave it here.
  • Contact Information: Leave your Skype/QQ usernames here.

The acceptance process may take some time so be patient! We will get back to everyone who has applied.

Thank you for your time and good luck!
China's OBT starts on 11/28

Posted Image

It's here, what all of you have been waiting for. It's official.
China's Open Beta Test is scheduled to start on November 28th!

The OBT client is up and can be found here. If you don't know what to choose, choose the option with a thumb up.

OBT participants will be able to download the client and on the 23rd and on the 24th of November, they'll be able to login to their account and make their first character. They will not be able to go ingame, you'll be restricted to character creation menu. You can only make one character per account. Creation of new characters are only allowed until server's population is at maximum capacity, though what does this maximum capacity refers to is rather unclear.
You can only create characters on the 3 new servers that are going to open for the OBT during this event. Creation in the others will open on the 28th.

If you're one of the first one million to download the OBT client, you will be able to win one of these achievement.

Posted Image

Important notions:
  • OBT client will not grant you access to the CBT.
  • CBT participants will be able to download the OBT client on the 28th. If you mistakenly upgrade before that, there will be a rollback patch in the download page.
  • If you're a CBT participant and you select one of the OBT servers your client will automatically update to the OBT client. If you login using this client you will no longer have access to the CBT.

Translated by complexy | Source
Chance to win a CN 3rd CBT Activation Key
It seems Tencent has given us yet another chance at winning a CBT Key. Like most of this things, it relies on luck.
For those that understand Chinese you can go to this link and follow the steps there. For those who don't, well, we got you covered. But before that, here's the rules of the event:

Rules of the Event:
1. You have to use that program to participate in the event.
2. This event last from 11/15 10AM CST till 11/25 12AM CST.
3. During the event, you can use your 3 draws at any time of the day.
4. Each QQ account is limited to 3 draws per day for a chance at a CBT code.
5. There is a total of 500 CBT codes, meaning 50 CBT codes per day, each QQ account can only win 1 CBT code.

Step 1.
Go to this link and press the big green button to download a program. Install it.

Posted Image

Step 2.
Open the program you just installed and go to the 2nd tab up there. Next, click the big red button on the banner.

Posted Image

Step 3.
Once in that page, click the big green button and you'll waste one draw. You have 3 chances per day.
If you're not logged in, it will prompt you to login with your QQ information.

Posted Image

Step 4.1.
If you do not win, you'll see a window with how many remaining tries you have.
If after 3 tries you haven't won, a windows showing you don't have any more tries for the day will show.

Posted Image

Step 4.2.
If you indeed are a lucky winner, you'll see a window with your CBT code. Copy it and head up to the activation page. Congratulations.

Posted Image

Good luck everyone, may the fortune of Blade & Soul fall upon you.

Thanks to Kryscent for translating this guide for us.

Other key events:
- [Guide] Tcg Gaming Daily Lottery For Cn Beta Key | until 11/30
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