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电信一区, 电信二区 and 网通一区closing down for newcomers
These servers have been open since the CBT and as such, are the most crowded servers.
Queues have been huge, problems have been rising and so, Tencent decided that they should temporary close the sign up of new players into those regions.

This measure was be implemented today at 19PM GMT+8.

The current Dojo official regions will remain the same, regardless.

There are some recommendation for new regions where newcomers should temporary reside.
For the Telecom region, the Dojo decided that newcomers should join the 电信九区 region and the 乾坤一掷 server.
For the Netcom region, there is yet to be word of the decided server. Here's some official suggestions:

网通二区 region: 力拔山河
网通三区 region :药草坊, 素雅主义, 江南丽人 or 傲视天下

If a final word is given on the official temporary server for the Netcom region, please, send me a PM so I can edit this news.

If you're a newcomer, please refer to this topic if you have any doubts about the game: China's Server Faq And " I Need Help " Thread.

China's Emergency Maint At 3Am On December 1St - 网通一区 and 网通二区 only
It seems people have been having problems in the 网通 regions, like lag and delays.
And for that, there is gonna be a maintenance on two of the 网通 regions, 网通一区 and 网通二区.
There's not going to be maintenance in the other regions!

Maintenance Time: December 1st, from 3AM to 8AM GMT+8. (Click this to convert time to your time zone)
Maintenance Range: 网通一区 and 网通二区

Share the news, as I'm sure many people are going to miss this information.


PS: That's one big title...
The first day has come and gone. The 100 servers that were ready for the OBT got full in 40 minutes and the 7 servers added afterwards got full in less than hour.
It has been a busy day and now it's time to calm down. Get ready for maintenance.

Maintenance Time: November 29th, from 3AM to 8AM GMT+8. (Click this to convert time to your time zone)
Maintenance Range: All regions.

Share the news, as I'm sure many people are going to miss this information.

China's B&S OBT FAQ
And with OBT just around the corner, I'm pretty sure you have some questions on how it's all going to work.
Hope this can answer most of your questions.

1. Does the OBT need an activation code?
No, no need for an activation code. You can login directly to your preferred region and server using your QQ login.

2. When does the OBT starts?
It's expected to start at 2PM GMT+8 on November 28th. Check this link to see the equivalent time in your timezone.

3. Where can I download the OBT client?
The client can be found here, in the download page (choose the options with a thumbs up if you're in doubt). If you got any problems, check the Installation Guide (currently only in Chinese, Google translate link provided). Client version is: v1.72.4010.4.

4. I am a CBT player, do I need to redownload?
There's no need. Around 12AM GMT+8 on November 28th you'll be able to download and update your game using the launcher. In case you encounter some problems, a manual patch will be provided that will be found in the Download page.

5. Will CBT players suffer a character wipe? Is there going to be a wipe after OBT?
No wipe is going to occur to the CBT players, and the OBT characters will carry over to the retail version. There will be no wipe.

6. Is there a new area and new level cap?
Yes, level cap is going to be raised to 45 and a new area will open for the 36 - 45 leveling range.

7. What are the regions available? And the servers?
All the regions opened so far, and their servers, will be available when the OBT starts.
That includes 电信一区, 电信二区, 网通一区, 电信三区, 电信五区, 电信六区 and 网通二区.
The Dojo servers will be located on the region 电信二区, server 斩天诀, and on the region 网通一区, server 咆哮寺院.
If necessary, more servers will be opened at a future date.

Posted Image
Regions and Servers. Red circles indicates Dojo servers.

8. Which region should I choose?
Choosing a region with a lot of english players is a good choice, but not always. Check the ping for each region and make your choice.

Posted Image

9. Is testing still occurring?
Of course, before the official release, there's still a lot of thing to test. Features, game content, localization and several bugs still need some work on them.
Having in mind the scale of this phase, the main focus is the server capacity and pressure.

10. Is there any known issues?
There's currently some know issues with the achievement system not registering all the achievement, but we're trying to fix that as soon as possible.
The game currently doesn't work with Windows 8.1. Use Windows 8, or previous, if possible.

- - - - -
There's still some questions to be translated. If they are, they'll be added to the topic and I'll post a notice about it. If you still have questions regarding OBT opening, be sure to post them in this topic!

Translated by Google with help from QQ Chat participants | Source
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