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  • White Blue Mountain Range Update Coming To Korean Servers Late June
    See what is in store in the new zone
  • Ncsoft Korea's Recent 2.0 Patch Roundup
    Here are the new changes in the 2.0 patch!

Weekly maintainence guys, I suppose I'll start doing this if Sekuiya happens to misses it~

Just some security patches being done, nothing new as far as I can tell. Some more known issues are being fixed, as always.

Maintenance Time: March 6th, from 8AM to 12PM GMT+8. (Click this to convert time to your time zone)
Maintenance Range: All regions.

Share the news, as I'm sure many people are going to miss this information.

NOTICE: We're not accepting more applications as of now. Thanks for all that sent their application. They're now being reviewed and we'll get back to you as soon as we reach a decision.

Since the China Open beta started, traffic has been steadily increasing. Lots of new members and long-time lurkers have joined the fray and the dojo is quickly filling with life once again. With that comes the problem, that the current team of moderators can no longer keep a close eye on all that is happening. So one or two you will be picked to come reinforce our team of mods.

In this case, we are looking specifically for mods to help us manage the CN-section of the forums, as that is where the most activity is taking place.

Read the information below and send in your application via PM to: Lithia.

What does a moderator do?
Moderators are basically the police of our community. They are entrusted with taking care of our forums and users, warding off any bad behavior and the users behind them. They are here to help ensure the well being of the Blade & Soul Dojo community.

As a moderator of the Blade & Soul Dojo community you'll be expected to:

  • Be active at least 3-4 days a week within the community.
  • Move misplaced threads to their appropriate section.
  • Close or delete threads that are duplicated or have a similar subject as a previous thread.
  • Delete threads that contain material that will disturb or harm our users.
  • Hand out warn points to those who do not post within the terms of our rules.
  • Be on your best behavior at all times. Make this a warm and welcoming place.
  • Be helpful! Provide detailed solution if you know how to solve a members problem.
  • Never become personal or take insults personal. Stay calm and try to get the situation under control.

What are the requirements?
With an eye on all the newcomers in particular, we cannot have just anyone become a moderator. We ask that all potential applicants meet these requirements before submitting their application.

  • A clear understanding of the English language. Good English skills.
  • You must have an active record on our boards prior to your application.
  • No warn points or textual warnings on your record. Be clean.
  • Organization skills.
  • Some previous moderator experience is a huge plus, but isn't required.
  • Knowledge of the Chinese language (written) is a huge plus, but isn't required.

How do I apply?
If you feel moderating is the thing for you and you meet the requirements posted above then it's time to apply! Simply private message the following information to Lithia
and title the message "[Your User Name]'s Dojo Moderator Application".

Please include the following in your private message:

  • Name: Your real name.
  • Age: Your age
  • Location: Where you live and your time zone.
  • Online Hours: Approximately how many hours you spend on our forums each day.
  • Experience: Do you have any experience with moderating on other forums in the past? Get into details if so. Remember, this isn't required but will have influence on our acceptance process.
  • Additional Comments: Is there anything else you'd like us to know? Leave it here.
  • Contact Information: Leave your Skype/QQ usernames here.

We're only interested in recruiting 1-2 moderators at this time, as focus lies on the CN-section in particular. The acceptance process may take some time, so be patient! We will get back to everyone who has applied. If you weren't accepted after the recruitment process here is completed, fear not! There is a chance that we will need even more moderators in the future, so stick around.

Thank you for your time and good luck!

- The Moderator-team

It seems that a bug has been plaguing the validation emails. We're currently working on a fix for it.

In the meantime, please follow this link and do the second method explained in your verification email.

Sorry for the trouble, and thank you for understanding.
Weekly maintenance incoming.
Inspection on the servers, maintenance work and fix some known issues are all being taken care of.

Maintenance Time: December 12nd, from 3AM to 10AM GMT+8. (Click this to convert time to your time zone)
Maintenance Range: All regions.

Share the news, as I'm sure many people are going to miss this information.

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