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Rising Waters Arrives February 10

New end game content update to be released in two weeks.

You’ve mastered your skills, fought through terrifying encounters, and conquered Poharan herself. There’s no rest for a warrior on the pathway of vengeance, and your adventure continues in just two weeks—on February 10—with the release of Rising Waters, an update including three challenging new pieces of max-level PvE content, and new ways to increase your martial prowess.

Bloodshade/Nightshade Harbor

Available as a 6- or 4-player Heroic (purple) dungeon, Bloodshade Harbor (and its 24-player version, Nightshade Harbor) offers max-level players new challenges against the Blackram pirates, and Poharan’s boss, Admiral Hae Mujin himself.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Mushin’s Tower – Floors 1–7

Ascend each level of Mushin’s Tower—a single player Heroic dungeon—for increasingly greater challenges, and even greater rewards. Additional floors and content will be added to Mushin’s Tower in future updates.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Hongmoon Level 5

Hongmoon Levels allow you to continue to gain experience beyond level 45, and unlock additional skill points to increase your character’s strength in combat. This update will unlock five Hongmoon Levels to be gained after completion of a new quest.

PvP Preseason

The update will also mark the start of the PvP preseason, with a new in-game UI to see how your skills stack up. You’ll also be able to earn and spend Zen Beans—the Blade & Soul PvP currency—from competing against others. As we move from the preseason to Season 1 in a future update, we’ll have more information on the high-level rewards you’ll be able to earn from dominating your opponents.

Stay tuned as we’ll have more information on the upcoming Rising Waters content over the next couple weeks.

Yes yes... i know some sanics already brought the news to general chat :P.

We’re continuing to see an amazing response to Blade & Soul, and we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has already taken the time to download and play.

When we launched the game just three days ago, we had 22 servers across North America and Europe. With an overwhelming initial demand, we immediately set to work on making changes to reduce queue times, increase server capacity, and begin preparing the reserve hardware we had to launch new servers. Yesterday we were able to launch 6 new servers across North American and Europe, and a huge number of players took to the new servers to make them their new homes.

While we’ve seen player population spread out among the new servers, and notable reductions in queue times since then, the new servers are already full (or close to it), and queues are already appearing on them. As we head into this first weekend after release, we expect to see queues grow, and demand on the game to continue. We’re in the final stages of readying our final reserve hardware and will be ready to deploy four new servers in response to demand.

The below servers will raise our server count to 32 across North America and Europe.

North America:

Twin Wagons
Spirit’s Rest

While these four new servers mark the last of our reserve hardware, we already have new hardware incoming even though delivery and configuration process is still expected to take time.

We want to again thank everyone for their passion for Blade & Soul. We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure a fun and stable gaming experience.

Team Blade & Soul

This week's top threads
This is a collection of popular and useful topics created by Dojo community members.
Big thanks to Curse for the data collection and Urban for the formatting of this post
These topics have received the most attention post-launch.
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Psycat's Guide On Choosing Your Sub Professions
Early Content and End Game
Topic creator: Psycat


Sub Professions in BNS has a large variety; a total of 7 crafting guilds and 7 gathering guilds. You can choose your professions once you get to Jadestone Village (around lvl 15). You can only join up to 2 craft and 2 gather guilds.. This guide will mainly focus on the options to choose your crafting guilds for early contents or end game...

NA and EU server population percentage
50% NA players in mushin?!?
Topic creator: Yao


Visiting reddit and found a few guys that were hacking around with the Offline character info with their scripts. Basically they were able to get info on server populations and such...

[Guide] How to Play with a Gamepad
Topic creator: web2nr


Hi, first post. Since I didn't find much information on gamepad use with BnS, I made a short guide.

1. Download antimicro. It doesn’t need to be installed, just extract it and run it as Administrator. It needs to run as Administrator to work with Blade and Soul...

Character creation presets
This is to share your presets. Not to only show off Characters.
Topic creator: elfa


Post your character presets here that you want to share or discuss.
To make myself more clear, the intent is to share your character presets but I don't mind discussing or asking for advice regarding character creations...

Guide: Errors, installing, game-crash, delay
Topic creator: Ren36


Greetings to the Dojo Community.

Please take your time and try at least the solutions under "Requirements" & "General Steps" and use the search function of your browser for a better overview (Ctrl+F)...
With such a successful reception of the Blade & Soul launch, our servers have begun overflowing with players who are excited to jump into The Earthen Realm. Our servers are reaching their maximum capacity and many players are waiting in queues at this time.

We understand that waiting in a queue is not the most exciting experience and so we have taken—and are continuing to take—measures to help reduce queue times. We have significantly raised the maximum capacity of our servers, while ensuring they remain stable, and we've restricted character creation on servers as needed—which has helped balance population across all servers. We also offered a limited-time item transfer service to get people off of high population servers that ended earlier today.

On top of those, we also deployed a hotfix earlier today that will include the much-requested auto-kick feature for players who have been inactive, as well as addressing the queue time text that was not displaying correctly. You can view the hotfix notes here: https://forums.blade...hotfix-1202016/

Finally, we’ve been working to open new servers as quickly as possible, and the servers are expected to be available in the next 48 hours. For those of you who have yet to start playing, or those of you who wouldn't mind starting over, it can be expected that wait times on them may be a bit shorter. We'll have more details on server names and the downtime schedule as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that these queues exist because of an overwhelmingly positive demand to play Blade & Soul, and we ask for your patience as we're working around the clock to improve everyone’s game experience. Thanks again for your patience.

A hotfix has been deployed to address the below issues:

  • An AFK auto-kick feature has been implemented
  • The queue time text has been changed
    • Previously, the non-premium membership queue time would only display wait time for non-premium members and would not include the wait time from the premium membership queue
    • Now, the non-premium membership queue time will display the total wait time including both premium and non-premium members

  • Fixed an issue where cutscenes would crash the client or black screen when pressing the ESC button too quickly
  • Fixed an issue where the confirmation message for upgrading a weapon could not be typed in French due to the word length

Blackram Supply Chain

Infiltrate the Blackram’s home base and break their grip on the Eastern Continent.

The Blackram Marauders have been a curse upon the Earthen Realm for generations, using their mastery of the sea to freely terrorize both the Stratus and Talus empires alike. While the Southern Continent is the territory of the charismatic Captain Gwon, the waters of the Eastern Continent serve as the home base to the East Fleet led by its bombastic Admiral, Hae Mujin. But the Admiral is a man who wanders the seas for his own reasons, often leaving behind the fleet in the capable hands of the single most terrifying pirate the world has known.

Despite her youth and arguably childish nature, Vice Admiral Poharan is infamous across the Earthen Realm as the de facto leader of the Blackram. A bevy of powerful, loyal warriors serve as her generals and caretakers alike. Her idea of cuddly pets is the pair of massive, blood-thirsty Saberfangs—Lily and Rose—who accompany her wherever she goes. To top it all off, the pint-sized Marauder totes around a devastating minigun and powerful explosives to wreak havoc on any who dare challenge her.

As Admiral Hae Mujin’s granddaughter and the overseer of the Blackram Supply Chain, Poharan stands as the biggest (yet littlest) threat the region has ever faced. It’s up to the brave warriors of the land to infiltrate the Blackram’s home base and break their grip on the Eastern Continent. But many have tried and, so far, all have fallen before Poharan’s gleeful assault.

Blackram/E. Fleet Supply Chain Bosses

Gatekeeper Slashimi

Posted Image

Chef Tae Jangum

Posted Image

Barracks Officer Mak Sobo

Posted Image

Vice Admiral Poharan

Posted Image

Blackram Supply Chain 6-Player (Normal Difficulty)

6-player dungeons are the standard dungeons that the vast majority of players will experience through their adventures to reach max level. They offer group content that requires a modest amount of coordination and group composition, and are most commonly entered through use of the automated Cross Server Dungeon finder.

In the 6-player version you’ll see reduced damage from enemies, damage indicators (also referred to as telegraphs) from enemies indicating where they’ll attack, suggestions on how to avoid damage, and you’ll have a timer that will show when to best execute a successful dodge out of an attack. You can also use Dragonbloodwhich is obtained from shrines in the dungeon that will return you to full health if you were to take enough damage to kill you.

While the overall difficulty is well balanced for a full group of six players, it is possible to try to tackle it with fewer than that, and for an equally greater challenge. Rewards you can gain from the 6-player dungeons include Soul Shields and accessories, a chance at chests that contain weapons, and various crafting materials.

Posted Image

Blackram Supply Chain 4-Player (Hard Difficulty)

The 4-player version of a dungeon is the max-level version, and offers greatly increased difficulty. Not only are enemies doing more damage, but you won’t see any attack telegraphs (you’ll need to memorize their animations), and you won’t receive any ability suggestions or dodge timers. Bosses may also have additional abilities or different attack patterns, as well as increased health and reduced enrage timers (the amount of time before their damage is increased to instantly lethal levels). You also won’t have the standard Dragonblood to use to resurrect, although your other party members can still always resurrect you directly (if they’re still alive). Of course for the greatly increased challenge come increased rewards—including the boss’ own weapon as a drop, and exclusive outfits and accessories.

E. Fleet Supply Chain 24-Player (Easiest Difficulty)

The 24-player version of Blackram Supply Chain is called the E. Fleet Supply Chain, and must be entered directly from the instance portal. 24-player versions of dungeons allow multiple groups of players to enter at the same time to conquer constantly respawning enemies and bosses. You can’t use the Cross Server Dungeon finder to join a 24-player dungeon, and instead will want to look for others using the Party Finder, or for people gathering at the entrance to the instance. It all comes down to efficiency of the groups working together to defeat enemies, so joining an efficient group can be extremely lucrative. When an instance fills up with 24 players, a new instance is created and any new players entering will be placed into that one, and then the next when that one’s full, etc.

Enemies have generally increased health, and reduced damage, allowing anyone who enters the ability to contribute. It’s entirely possible to enter alone and work with the other players already in the instance, but it’s generally recommended to enter with a few other players, or post a notice for a group in the Party Finder. There are daily quests will regularly send players into the standard 6-player dungeon, but a large number of daily quests exist for the 24-player version, and they can be excellent sources of experience and gold.

Launch Event Host and Caster Announcement

The Blade & Soul launch event will be hosted by some fan-favorite casters and personalities.

The Blade & Soul launch event in Santa Ana starts at 6pm PST on January 18, and we have a lineup of amazing hosts, casters, and commentators to ensure everyone has a great time. If you can’t make it, you can still watch the whole thing live at



Posted Image

TKbreezy is an electrifying caster turned variety streamer, and having cut his teeth on fighting games, he’s no stranger to the style of fast-paced combat found in Blade & Soul. Known for being one of the most charismatic hype-men in the business, he’s going to be keeping the festivities rolling alongside Margaret Krohn.

Follow TKbreezy on Twitter and Twitch.

Margaret Krohn

Posted Image

NCSOFT’s very own Margaret “Luperza” Krohn will be joining TKbreezy on-stage to offer an insider’s perspective. Margaret has been a long time MMO player, passionate gamer and cosplayer, and avid streamer. Since she’s an employee we’ve begged her not to reveal any secrets, but she’s kind of a loose cannon, so we’ll see what happens!

Follow Margaret on Twitterand Twitch.



Posted Image

A YouTuber and Twitch livestreamer, Bajheera is primarily known for his PvP prowess in MMORPGs—and Blade & Soul is no different. When he's not tearing up the virtual battlefield, he's kicking butt in the gym as a competitive bodybuilder. His love for 'Games & Gains' has shaped his own philosophy and inspired his community to pursue a balanced and healthy lifestyle. HIT ‘EM WITH THE FLEX!

Follow Bajheera on YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.


Posted Image

Long time Blade & Soul streamer and fan-favorite, AALaguna will be joining us in Santa Ana to offer indepth gameplay analysis. He can rarely be found without his husky Quinn, and when he’s not gaming or streaming he’s usually attending deep house and techno events with friends.

Follow AALaguna on Twitter and Twitch.


Posted Image

Flow (or Flowroro) is an MMO streamer with a passion for competitive PvP. When he’s not streaming hardcore beatdowns in the Arena, he’s leading a community and guild called Blacklist that’s focusing on Blade & Soul. Video games are a huge part of his life, and is always looking to share his love of gaming with his followers.

Follow Flow on Twitter and Twitch.



Accomplished cosplayer and artist, Azu was first introduced to Blade & Soul when Hyung-Tae Kim—one of her favorite artists, and original Blade & Soul Art Director—released some concept art for the game. Azu will be joining us in her Namsoyoo cosplay, and will be available for autographs and pictures.

Follow Azu on Tumblr, Deviantart, and Twitch.



Posted Image

Crafting a contemporary musical experience drawn from his love of video games, international touring DJ/Producer Grimecraft brings a bright glossy mix of candied electronic voices and samples set to a tune of nerd nostalgia. He’ll be providing music interludes throughout the event, and then performing a full set at the end of the evening.

Follow Grimecraft on SoundCloud, Twitch, and Twitter.


Jaesung Lee

Posted Image

Pro Player and Blade & Soul World Champion Jaesung Lee will be in the gunslinger area, offering 1v1 Arena matches to any who dare challenge him. Win and you could come away with a rare keepsake (while supplies last).

Follow Jaesung on Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.

VIP Guests

While we have an incredible lineup of hosts, casters, and talent running the show and stream (as well as developers on-hand staffing the event), we also have a few guests that will be stopping by to check out the event, mingle, and celebrate the launch of Blade & Soul.

Some of the VIP guests include members of the Blade & Soul development team, Jesse Cox, Michele Morrow, Lula and Towelliee, Sattelizer, WarcraftJen, Erika Ishii, Melonie Mac, Awesome Joey, MrHappy, and Rachel Lara, to name a few, as well as some of our partners from CyberPower, Curse, MSI, and Razer.

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