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    Here are some mods that I did and repacked using UPKManager :big_smile:. JinF mods GonF mods LynF mods Yun mods OBS: need to "Disable texture streaming" on bnsark don't need to disable texture extreaming anymore 60090 original upk. Don't send Pm's my inbox is broken and i can't read any pm. Donate:
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    Hey guys ! I just created some BnS mods of popular characters which I like or felt creating. Download link, how to install and how to create mods like this here - https://files.fm/u/2m35cjad Have fun ! :) In the links below you can see the videos showing the mods in action: Goku Mod Saitama Mod Vegeta Mod Pokemon Yellowish - Ash&Pikachu Mod Snorlax Mod UPDATE (19.03.2017): Gilgamesh (Fate Zero) Mod Rikimaru (Tenchu) Mod
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    I spent 12 hours of my life making, creating and deleting chars for make the best human proportion for Kun. I made a pretty girl, like model with pretty body. Not so slim, Not so tall, Its just normal, head body arms and legs are equal. Please use it and share, credits please. Download MEDIAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/aqgyyiz4k5mqc08/Pretty+Kun+by+WorldCompany+BNSdojo.rar UNDER THE PICTURES is also for download mirror. DOWNLOAD 2. Pretty Kun by WorldCompany BNSdojo.rar
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    That Gilgamesh is 10 out of 10. Do this Saber's suit please!
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    Augh.. nevermind on this.. I figured out the issue..
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    Anyone here have an active pingzapper referral link? (Those who are currently paying subscribers) I ask because I'm going to buy premium soon and adding a referral link to my account will both get us 1 free month so why not right? Thanks!
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    yes just make ur core code on the weapon you are using and on hongmoon weapon 00000's
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    it's fun :)))) but, well, i dont even think that i will ever use a male character in BnS XD
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    haha thanks. I was kinda thinking I'm going too far with it.
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    not sure if brilliant or just utterly weird.
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    Heyo, recently i've been interested in drawing characters and things related to B&S so i decided to start doing comissions. ~I accept gold from any server[EU] via crosserver bidding (my server is Greenhollow). ~If you are from server[NA] I accept money (prices in Euros) via Paypal. ~For more info post or pm me, ( we can chat on Discord as well ) ~Example profile picture : ~Check my other arts here, If you're interested pm me <3 and
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    hey, sorry for disturbing . i have the same problem . can u pls help me make a torrent? if u can i really appreciate it
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    My mods are made for my own use and for some of my friends, so there wont be a huge amount of clothes like anivay's collection. Sadly, nothing for gon and male characters. If you find something you can use, feel free to use it.
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    I used 122 trove keys today I guess i end up with a break-even or maybe even slightly profit. No eclipse, but 3x southern fcking tiger outfits. rip. I guess I try a next batch keys but I will not waste more of my gold on since there are only few things left from trove that could give me profit.
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    I've made this launcher just for my personal usage but I decided to share maybe it will be useful for someone. Feature: Multi region Auto patcher Slider mod Thanks to MiyakoProductions i'm using his sources as base. Thanks to ronny1982 and LokiReborn for dat packer/unpacker sources. Thanks to JustGuy and tinker for slider tool. (I forgot someone? =D) OBS: some things need to be updated and if you find a bug let me know. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h1aq3u6eh3k186f/BnS_Launcher.7z Yes another custom launcher!!
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    @Internist I didn't do the weapon. @aesea JinF_Hongmoon_to_Dive_Team.zip @Alteisen Yun_Twist_of_Fate_to_Red_Coat.zip Jinf_Twist_of_Fate_to_Summer_Nights.zip Jinf_Hongmoon_to_Best_Friend.zip @Mikleo LynF_Alice_Ribbon_to_Young_Julia.zip @mizuryu JinF_Pink_Velvet_to_Pajama.zip material is 00030046 and texture is 00024141
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    Dear Mr Ashllay, In this forum somebody also guide about some tools that can view ID from Item but I don't know which is that tool, here is the link of this forum about this: Could you plz sugggest some of them thanks so much ! Regards,
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    advice: show pictures of your problems unless you really want to be ignored. why do you think that everyone have to understand what you r talking about ?
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    Yes, that's true, I only get increased disconnect rate at loading screens though, luckily...Otherwise 64-bit is pretty amazing on my potato. The only thing I can think of is the newest mod I installed. Though I'd been playing with that mod installed and in use for about 4 hours, before my game crashed and problems started arising. Thanks for the help, I guess I'll take a gamble and re-install all my older mods :)
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    Whenever there's an update, remove all your mods first. update the game, run it once, close the client and add mods back, all my mods are working, old and new. You can try removing your mods and do a file repair, should work.
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    Actually, i found the same problem im not sure why. however it seems it does not affect textures modded, only costumes replaced so far.(havent tested enough to be 100% sure) http://imgur.com/a/rEbAv pls let me know if anyone else having same issue or find a solution.
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    If anyone has updated to the latest costumes and willing to share, please post link here or in a new thread, like Ashllay did.
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    payment for a recolor-only version is way too, erm, funny :))
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    @fawazalb At this point I would guess that Curse has no desire to help Blade & Soul Dojo at all. I cannot fix it, they have to, and they won't.
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    What I did: 1. Downloaded VisualPack.2016.10.26.zip and extract 2. Downloaded VisualPack.2016.10.26_to_2016.11.08.zip 3. Extracted both files, copied and replaced VisualPack.2016.10.26_to_2016.11.08 to VisualPack.2016.10.26 4. Navigated the Visual Pack in the Izanami to Replace.bat with the updated folder 5. Applied patch This Happened: Same thing with sound patch of japanese Please help