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Forum Rules

We at want to make the community here as warm and welcoming for our users as possible, this wouldn't be achievable without some ground rules for everyone to follow. Don't let these rules intimidate you, they are common forum rules and are very easy to follow. Remember, by following our rules you are helping to keep the leading English-based Blade & Soul fansite in the world, as well as a fantastic gaming and social community!

The following rules are strictly enforced! Breaking these simple rules will result in an immediate course of action (see below for disciplinary actions). Please do not try to cleverly circumvent the rules listed here. We reserve the right to remove or modify any content that we consider harmful to the community, even if the incident isn't covered by the below rules.

Important: If you see anyone breaking our rules anywhere on our site please report it to us right away! We can always use your help! Confused on how our reporting system works? Visit our reporting guideline center (coming soon)!

Rules Concerning Closed Beta
  • Asking for a KSSN (Korean Social Security Number) or CBT (Closed Beta Test) account on our forums is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary actions (see below). If you receive any private messages asking for a KSSN or requesting a CBT account please report it to any online Administrator or Moderator.
  • Do not harass anyone you think may be in the Korean beta for videos, screenshots, live streams and the like. Constant harassment will result in disciplinary actions (see below). Blade & Soul Dojo will be providing you with full coverage of the CBT. You'll know and see everything as if you were in the CBT yourself!

General Posting Guidelines
  • Search our forums before you make a post, it isn't hard. It saves everyone a double read/post.
  • No political discussions. This includes posting images concerning politics.
  • We don't want to see posts that contain nothing but "TLDR", "Me too", "I agree", or the like. Do not use the Quote feature without contributing anything new to a thread. Your post count means absolutely nothing here at B&S Dojo and will reward nothing. Try not to spam our forum just to increase your post count epeen.
  • Do not continually post the same topic/post, or post the same question across several boards.
  • Try not to completely turn a thread away from its topic. Always make relevant posts! If you feel the need to include something off-topic simply write "/offtopic" in front of it.

Flames and Harassment
  • Do not, under any circumstances, be rude to others on our site. This includes the forums, private messages, blogs, gallery, profiles, status updates, and our IRC channel. Do not call anyone a retard, moron, asshole, bitch, stupid ass, or anything that comes remotely close to an insult.
  • Elitism is frowned upon here and egotistical behavior is never welcomed. We do have a sense of humor though, and obvious jokes are indeed okay.
  • Do not impersonate another site member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking/harassing other users. Also, accessing or using someone else's account or attempting to access another poster's account is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not abuse the reputation system by giving negative reputation out of pure spite/hate or keep reputation stalking someone. This goes for creating secondary accounts to give out reputation on as well.
  • Do not treat those with lower post counts poorly. Higher post counts do not make you superior to anyone else, it does not give you the right to bash new comers.
  • As a general rule, treat each other like family, like mature human beings! Yes, it's that simple! I don't care what age you are, act like adults please.

Offensive Material
  • No naughty images, videos, links, and the like. Anything obscene or indecent that can disgust our viewers is strictly prohibited for obvious reasons. There are plenty of odd sites on the internet to post such material, don't bring it here.

Illegal Content
  • Do not post any illegal content that are used to either crack software/programs/games or perform any malicious activity. This includes video game private servers, game hacking tools, botting programs, or any other related topics.
  • Discussions of illegal activity will not be tolerated on our site. Any instruction on how to carry out illegal activity or admission of illegal activity will be dealt with harshly. This includes but is not limited to discussions about how to obtain drugs illegally, how to steal, fraud, how to kill someone, rape (including statutory rape), abuse of humans or animals, and auto theft. To sum up, if it's against the law, don't post it.

No Advertising
  • Pretty straight forward rule here. This includes continuously mentioning said advertisement in threads, abusing the private messaging system with mass mailings, and any other form.
  • Do not advertise for paid graphics of any kind (avatars, signatures, banners, etc.) or paid game guides on our site.

Blade & Soul Dojo uses a warn system for those silly users who do not post within the terms of our rules. Warns are simply points on someone's record. Depending on how many points the user has, an action will be applied to the users account. Actions are as follows:

  • First Warn: Warning Given
  • Second Warn: 1-Day Ban
  • Third Warn: 3-Day Ban
  • Fourth Warn: 1-Week Ban
  • Fifth Warn: Permanent Ban

Keep in mind, warn points are permanent! An administrator or moderator may apply a counter-warn to reduce the warn level of a user if we feel the user behavior has greatly improved since the warn point was given.

Users will receive an immediate permanent account/IP ban for the following actions.
  • Commercial Advertisements.
  • Ban Evasion
  • Key logger/Virus/Trojan links.