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    [West] Spring Treasure Trove, May 24–June 14

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    The Treasure Trove is here, and brings a veritable cornucopia of prizes and delights.
    The Spring Treasure Trove event is here from May 24 until June 14! During the event you can open a Treasure Trove for free once per day, which offer a variety of highly sought after items at a deep gold discount. Read on for details on how it all works, and how to purchase additional buying power.


    Each character level 36 and above will receive a free Trove unlock once per day (May 24–June 14). The free unlock doesn’t stack, so you’ll want to be sure to log in each day and use it to get another free one the next day. Opening the Trove will present you with a couple options (see below on how to unlock more options) of rare treasures you can purchase for deeply discounted gold costs.




    There are a couple ways to increase your Trove chances and odds through the Hongmoon Store: the ability to buy Treasure Trove Keys to unlock more than one Trove each day, and Treasure Trove Expansions which increase your purchase slots for the current character for the duration of the event.






    If you’re planning to buy a lot of Treasure Trove Keys, it’s a good idea to purchase the Treasure Trove Expansions early to gain the biggest benefit from them. You’ll start with two Trove slots available per character, and can unlock six additional slots.






    Treasure Trove Key x1

    49 NCoin


    Treasure Trove Key x50

    2327 NCoin


    Treasure Trove Key x100

    4410 NCoin


    Treasure Trove Expansion x1

    199 NCoin


    Treasure Trove Expansion x6

    955 NCoin



    Unlike prior Treasure Trove events we’ll be selling the bundles and slot expansions all the way up until the event ends at the June 14 maintenance. You’ll want to be sure you use them before the event closes!


    The items you’ll have available to purchase from the Trove include exclusive costumes, rare gems, materials for upgrading your gear, and more! You’ll certainly want to keep your eyes peeled for the Yamato pet, Taskmaster and Superfan costumes, Frostbeast weapon skins, and the ultra-unique new Plog Pal backpack adornment.




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