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    [West] Dark Origins - August 16, 2017

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    Explore new dungeons and challenging new raids as you seek to reveal the past of a powerful enemy and try to awaken your afflicted apprentice.



    Aransu School
    Join Soha as you infiltrate the Ebondrake Cult, and be led down the path of history to discover the origins of the warlock once known as Sanzu.


    Ebondrake Lair
    Seek out the identity of the Dark Vicar in the heart of the Ebondrake's hallowed halls—a new dungeon with Normal and Hard difficulties.


    Scion's Keep
    Deep within his cavernous fortress the militia’s totalitarian ruler—the Iron Conqueror—has built an army of the most advanced war machines in the realm. Elite soldiers in augmented suits form rank alongside the newest generation of automatons as they make final preparations for a full-scale invasion of Gunwon City.


    Temple of Eluvium
    Zulia has sought refuge in the ancient Temple of Eluvium, a site once used by the Aransu clan to study the Spirit Realm. As she flees deeper she conjures powerful thralls to defend her, and resurrects the tortured spirit of Asura who is now split into twin entities: one forged from fire, the other from ice.


    New Legendary Equipment
    Introducing the new Legendary Mystic Badges and a new of generation of elemental necklaces.



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