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    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="7"]Blackram Supply Chain[/size][/color]

    [size="6"][color="#FFFFFF"]Infiltrate the Blackram’s home base and break their grip on the Eastern Continent.[/color][/size]

    The Blackram Marauders have been a curse upon the Earthen Realm for generations, using their mastery of the sea to freely terrorize both the Stratus and Talus empires alike. While the Southern Continent is the territory of the charismatic Captain Gwon, the waters of the Eastern Continent serve as the home base to the East Fleet led by its bombastic Admiral, Hae Mujin. But the Admiral is a man who wanders the seas for his own reasons, often leaving behind the fleet in the capable hands of the single most terrifying pirate the world has known.

    Despite her youth and arguably childish nature, Vice Admiral Poharan is infamous across the Earthen Realm as the de facto leader of the Blackram. A bevy of powerful, loyal warriors serve as her generals and caretakers alike. Her idea of cuddly pets is the pair of massive, blood-thirsty Saberfangs—Lily and Rose—who accompany her wherever she goes. To top it all off, the pint-sized Marauder totes around a devastating minigun and powerful explosives to wreak havoc on any who dare challenge her.

    As Admiral Hae Mujin’s granddaughter and the overseer of the Blackram Supply Chain, Poharan stands as the biggest (yet littlest) threat the region has ever faced. It’s up to the brave warriors of the land to infiltrate the Blackram’s home base and break their grip on the Eastern Continent. But many have tried and, so far, all have fallen before Poharan’s gleeful assault.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]Blackram/E. Fleet Supply Chain Bosses[/size][/color]

    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Gatekeeper Slashimi[/size][/color]


    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Chef Tae Jangum[/size][/color]


    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Barracks Officer Mak Sobo[/size][/color]


    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Vice Admiral Poharan[/size][/color]


    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]Blackram Supply Chain 6-Player (Normal Difficulty)[/size][/color]

    6-player dungeons are the standard dungeons that the vast majority of players will experience through their adventures to reach max level. They offer group content that requires a modest amount of coordination and group composition, and are most commonly entered through use of the automated Cross Server Dungeon finder.

    In the 6-player version you’ll see reduced damage from enemies, damage indicators (also referred to as telegraphs) from enemies indicating where they’ll attack, suggestions on how to avoid damage, and you’ll have a timer that will show when to best execute a successful dodge out of an attack. You can also use Dragonbloodwhich is obtained from shrines in the dungeon that will return you to full health if you were to take enough damage to kill you.

    While the overall difficulty is well balanced for a full group of six players, it is possible to try to tackle it with fewer than that, and for an equally greater challenge. Rewards you can gain from the 6-player dungeons include [url="http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/soul-shield/"]Soul Shields[/url] and accessories, a chance at chests that contain weapons, and various crafting materials.


    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]Blackram Supply Chain 4-Player (Hard Difficulty)[/size][/color]

    The 4-player version of a dungeon is the max-level version, and offers greatly increased difficulty. Not only are enemies doing more damage, but you won’t see any attack telegraphs (you’ll need to memorize their animations), and you won’t receive any ability suggestions or dodge timers. Bosses may also have additional abilities or different attack patterns, as well as increased health and reduced enrage timers (the amount of time before their damage is increased to instantly lethal levels). You also won’t have the standard Dragonblood to use to resurrect, although your other party members can still always resurrect you directly (if they’re still alive). Of course for the greatly increased challenge come increased rewards—including the boss’ own weapon as a drop, and exclusive outfits and accessories.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]E. Fleet Supply Chain 24-Player (Easiest Difficulty)[/size][/color]

    The 24-player version of Blackram Supply Chain is called the E. Fleet Supply Chain, and must be entered directly from the instance portal. 24-player versions of dungeons allow multiple groups of players to enter at the same time to conquer constantly respawning enemies and bosses. You can’t use the Cross Server Dungeon finder to join a 24-player dungeon, and instead will want to look for others using the Party Finder, or for people gathering at the entrance to the instance. It all comes down to efficiency of the groups working together to defeat enemies, so joining an efficient group can be extremely lucrative. When an instance fills up with 24 players, a new instance is created and any new players entering will be placed into that one, and then the next when that one’s full, etc.

    Enemies have generally increased health, and reduced damage, allowing anyone who enters the ability to contribute. It’s entirely possible to enter alone and work with the other players already in the instance, but it’s generally recommended to enter with a few other players, or post a notice for a group in the Party Finder. There are daily quests will regularly send players into the standard 6-player dungeon, but a large number of daily quests exist for the 24-player version, and they can be excellent sources of experience and gold.

    [center][size="7"][color="#FFFFFF"]Launch Event Host and Caster Announcement[/color][/size]

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]The Blade & Soul launch event will be hosted by some fan-favorite casters and personalities.[/size][/color]

    The [url="http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/attend-the-launch-event/"]Blade & Soul launch event[/url] in Santa Ana starts at 6pm PST on January 18, and we have a lineup of amazing hosts, casters, and commentators to ensure everyone has a great time. If you can’t make it, you can still watch the whole thing live at http://stream.bladeandsoul.com




    TKbreezy is an electrifying caster turned variety streamer, and having cut his teeth on fighting games, he’s no stranger to the style of fast-paced combat found in Blade & Soul. Known for being one of the most charismatic hype-men in the business, he’s going to be keeping the festivities rolling alongside Margaret Krohn.

    Follow TKbreezy on [url="https://twitter.com/TKbreezy"]Twitter[/url] and [url="http://www.twitch.tv/tkbreezy/profile"]Twitch.[/url]

    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Margaret Krohn[/size][/color]


    NCSOFT’s very own Margaret “Luperza” Krohn will be joining TKbreezy on-stage to offer an insider’s perspective. Margaret has been a long time MMO player, passionate gamer and cosplayer, and avid streamer. Since she’s an employee we’ve begged her not to reveal any secrets, but she’s kind of a loose cannon, so we’ll see what happens!

    Follow Margaret on [url="https://twitter.com/MargaretKrohn"]Twitter[/url]and [url="http://www.twitch.tv/margaretkrohn/profile"]Twitch[/url].




    A YouTuber and Twitch livestreamer, Bajheera is primarily known for his PvP prowess in MMORPGs—and Blade & Soul is no different. When he's not tearing up the virtual battlefield, he's kicking butt in the gym as a competitive bodybuilder. His love for 'Games & Gains' has shaped his own philosophy and inspired his community to pursue a balanced and healthy lifestyle. HIT ‘EM WITH THE FLEX!

    Follow Bajheera on [url="https://www.youtube.com/user/BajheeraWoW"]YouTube[/url], [url="https://twitter.com/BajheeraWoW"]Twitter[/url], and [url="http://www.twitch.tv/bajheera"]Twitch[/url].



    Long time Blade & Soul streamer and fan-favorite, AALaguna will be joining us in Santa Ana to offer indepth gameplay analysis. He can rarely be found without his husky Quinn, and when he’s not gaming or streaming he’s usually attending deep house and techno events with friends.

    Follow AALaguna on [url="https://twitter.com/TwitchAALaguna"]Twitter[/url] and [url="http://www.twitch.tv/aalaguna/profile"]Twitch[/url].



    Flow (or Flowroro) is an MMO streamer with a passion for competitive PvP. When he’s not streaming hardcore beatdowns in the Arena, he’s leading a community and guild called Blacklist that’s focusing on Blade & Soul. Video games are a huge part of his life, and is always looking to share his love of gaming with his followers.

    Follow Flow on [url="http://twitter.com/Flowroro"]Twitter[/url] and [url="http://www.twitch.tv/flowroro/profile"]Twitch[/url].



    Accomplished cosplayer and artist, Azu was first introduced to Blade & Soul when Hyung-Tae Kim—one of her favorite artists, and original Blade & Soul Art Director—released some concept art for the game. Azu will be joining us in her Namsoyoo cosplay, and will be available for autographs and pictures.

    Follow Azu on [url="http://azu-.tumblr.com/"]Tumblr[/url], [url="http://azu-chan.deviantart.com/"]Deviantart[/url], and [url="http://www.twitch.tv/azuzuu"]Twitch[/url].




    Crafting a contemporary musical experience drawn from his love of video games, international touring DJ/Producer Grimecraft brings a bright glossy mix of candied electronic voices and samples set to a tune of nerd nostalgia. He’ll be providing music interludes throughout the event, and then performing a full set at the end of the evening.

    Follow Grimecraft on [url="http://www.soundcloud.com/grimecraft"]SoundCloud[/url], [url="http://www.twitch.tv/grimecraft"]Twitch[/url], and [url="http://www.twitter.com/grimecraft"]Twitter[/url].


    [size="5"][color="#C0C0C0"]Jaesung Lee[/color][/size]


    Pro Player and Blade & Soul World Champion Jaesung Lee will be in the gunslinger area, offering 1v1 Arena matches to any who dare challenge him. Win and you could come away with a rare keepsake (while supplies last).

    Follow Jaesung on [url="https://twitter.com/JaesungDW"]Twitter[/url], [url="https://www.youtube.com/c/JaesungDW88"]YouTube[/url], and [url="http://www.twitch.tv/lsjjws3"]Twitch[/url].

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]VIP Guests[/size][/color]

    While we have an incredible lineup of hosts, casters, and talent running the show and stream (as well as developers on-hand staffing the event), we also have a few guests that will be stopping by to check out the event, mingle, and celebrate the launch of Blade & Soul.

    Some of the VIP guests include members of the Blade & Soul development team, Jesse Cox, Michele Morrow, Lula and Towelliee, Sattelizer, WarcraftJen, Erika Ishii, Melonie Mac, Awesome Joey, MrHappy, and Rachel Lara, to name a few, as well as some of our partners from CyberPower, Curse, MSI, and Razer.

    [center][color="#FFFFFF"][size="7"]Founder’s Pack Last Chance[/size][/color]

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]You only have a few days left to get exclusive rewards before they’re gone forever.[/size][/color]

    It’s your last few days to secure a Founder’s Pack and their exclusive bonuses and rewards before Blade & Soul launches at 12:01am EST, January 19.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="5"]Founder’s Packs[/size][/color]

    The Disciple pack offers great value with Head Start access on January 15, as well as unique benefits like character titles, a booster pack of consumables, extra character slots, and $30 USD of NCoin included.

    The Master Founder’s Pack is, of course, the premium choice for the discerning gamer. It includes everything from the Disciple pack, but kicks everything up a few notches, and adds exclusive-never-to-be-seen-again items on top. You’ll have Head Start on January 15 of course, but also get additional titles, a bigger booster pack of consumables, more character slots, Character Alteration vouchers, 90-days of Premium Membership (with enough Premium Points to propel you straight to Level 4), as well as $90 USD of NCoin included.

    In addition to the basic benefits and bonuses, the Master pack also includes costumes and weapon skins that are exclusive to the Master Founder’s Pack, and will never be obtainable again.


    Even if you choose to just go with the Initiate pack, you’ll still get a few cool bonuses, and access to the game early with Head Start access on January 15.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="5"]Premium Membership[/size][/color]

    Both the Disciple and Master Founder’s Packs come with 30- and 90-days (respectively) of Premium Membership, which provide a host of ever-increasing benefits as you level up with Premium Points. Whether you’re looking for priority login to get past launch-day queues, increased gold or XP gains, or convenience improvements like remote storage or a Wardrobe deposit, maintaining a Premium Membership and leveling up through the Hongmoon Store provide a ton of benefits. Find out more in our [url="http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/premium-membership/"]Premium Membership article.[/url]


    If you’ve already bought a Founder’s Pack but want to upgrade, it’s easy to just pay the difference and get all the additional rewards and bonuses of the higher tiers. Find out more at [url="http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/founders-pack-upgrades/"]Founder’s Pack Upgrades.[/url]

    [center][color="#FFFFFF"][size="7"]Gathering and Crafting[/size]

    [size="6"]Learn more about the gathering and crafting guilds you can join.[/size]
    It takes more than warriors to make the world work. The Earthen Realm is filled with countless merchants, master crafters, and skilled artisans honing their work to perfection. Many have rallied together to form enormous guilds which reach every corner of the Realm, selling their wares and offering their services to the world... for the right price.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="5"]Contracts and Reputation[/size]
    In a modern era of convenience, a warrior is no longer responsible for crafting their own equipment—it’s a practice better left to the professionals! Those looking to make use of the guilds simply need to speak with a Guild Representative, found commonly in major towns, to request a contract with the guild. It’s possible to establish contracts with a [b][u]maximum of two Gathering Guilds and two Crafting Guilds at a time.[/u][/b] Specific Crafting Guilds use materials collected by specific Gathering Guilds, so it’s important that one does the necessary research to know which connections they want to make. While one can freely end contracts and start new ones at any time, one will lose their established reputation with the guild and need to start from scratch if they want to rejoin later!

    Once a contract is established, a warrior can order various goods and services from a guild. After placing an order and paying a nominal fee, one must simply wait a while before the order is fulfilled for them. It’s best to place an order before adventuring, allowing the guilds to work in the meantime. All those wonderful items will be waiting when you return after a long day of righting wrongs and fighting monsters



    In order to make the finest goods, first one must gather the finest materials. Widely dubbed as Gathering Guilds, there are a handful of groups who travel far and wide digging up only the best components upon request. They are the lifeblood of the industry; without them, the Crafting Guilds would be lost. As one works with the Gathering Guilds, they will gain a reputation as being a reliable customer and thus gain access to rare materials over time.

    The Gathering Guilds each specialize in sampling specific facets of nature. “The Stonecutters” gather earth and stone, while “The Prospector’s Union” specializes in rare ores and raw gems. “The Tree Fellers” and “Herbside Service” are in touch with the forest, gathering fine wood and healthy medicinal plants respectively. Since everyone needs to eat, it’s up to the “Green Thumbs” guild to farm crops, “The Trapper’s Alliance” to hunt choice prey, and the “Fish Network” to haul up the bounties of the sea.



    The resources of nature may be great, but it takes a skilled artisan to really make use of those materials. Enter the Crafting Guilds, a number of influential guilds who ultimately supply the Realm and control the economy. Unsurprisingly, many of them can be found in dangerous regions, often helping out alongside warriors in any way they can. Reputation matters here as well: the more work one does with the Crafting Guilds, the higher quality goods they can produce.

    “The Radiant Ring” and “The Forgekeepers” craft stunning works of art that are both beautiful and functional, empowering warriors with fabulous accessories and mighty weapons. While those two protect the body, the “Earthseers” and the “Soul Wardens” guard the spirit – their specialty being charms, talismans, and Soul Shields. When it comes to potent potables, look no further than the “Silver Cauldron” for health-bolstering tonics and potions, while the “Acquired Taste” guild will fill any warrior’s belly with fine cuisine. “The Merry Potters” may seem like the odd-man out with their focus on crafting fine ceramics, but the goods they make are used by all the other guilds, making a strong relationship with them a very wise decision for those looking to play the market.


    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="5"]Clan Crafting[/size][/color]

    Just as the various Gathering and Crafting Guilds are stronger when working together, so too are the warriors who form tight-knit Clans. Warriors who have high reputation with Gathering and Crafting Guilds are able to use their connections for the greater good of their Clan, accessing rare orders and recipes available only to sizable Clans. These orders are no small feat and require a combined effort: one warrior cannot do it alone! But investing time, energy, and resources into a stable Clan will pay off in the end, as Clans have access to some of the rarest and most powerful crafts around.