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    [size="7"][color="#FFFFFF"]Mushin’s Tower – Floors 1–7[/color][/size]

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]The first seven floors of Mushin’s Tower are arriving Feb. 10 with the Rising Waters update.[/size][/color]

    In far flung ages when the Naryu Empire stood supreme over the world, its greatest sages constructed a looming tower so tall it touched the heavens. Its sole purpose: to train Mushin, the heir to the Naryu Empire’s royal line. Only through rigorous training against as wide a variety of threats as possible could Mushin truly become a god among men, surpassing all with his astounding martial prowess. Warriors from around the world flocked to Mushin’s Tower in hopes of facing its challenges and earning to right to duel Mushin himself in glorious single combat.

    The tower was sealed away after Mushin’s demise, but with the world in peril because of Jinsoyun’s machinations, it has once more opened its grand doors. Martial artists from all walks have eagerly hurried to challenge the tower, overcome its dangers, and prove themselves equal to the legendary Mushin himself.


    [size="5"][color="#C0C0C0"]The Main Hall[/color][/size]

    Everyone starts at the bottom, but thankfully the ground floor of Mushin’s Tower is well-equipped to help prepare warriors for the arduous trek ahead of them. Mushin’s Hall contains unique merchants with rare items, training areas where warriors can hone their skills, and an arena floor for those who wish to practice with peers in friendly sparring matches. From here, the only way to go is up! Challengers must begin at the first floor and work their way skyward, though returning warriors are able to skip ahead to higher floors without having to spend time on opponents they’ve already outclassed.

    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]The Seven Deadly Levels[/size][/color]

    Each floor of Mushin’s Tower offers a unique threat to test a warrior’s abilities. One cannot survive on brute strength alone, but must understand all classes’ strengths and fight with an attention to detail in order to pull through. Special dangers await those mighty enough to make the climb, like the devious Pale Stalker Jiangshi, the Silver Deva, fellow martial artists from the realms’ most prominent clans, and even the mightiest swordsman of all: Junghado!

    Surviving Mushin’s Tower is no small feat, but it offers valuable treasures and knowledge for those bold enough to try. But one should never rest on their heels... reaching the seventh floor is surely only the beginning.

    [color="#FF8C00"]Starting on February 2 2:00 PM PST / February 2 10:00 PM UTC a new update will be released for all servers. Please restart and update the client in order for the changes to take place.

    Below are the list of changes introduced within the update:

    [*]A new Spam Block list has been added alongside the regular Block list (F4)
    [*]You can add someone to this block list by using the new “Block spammer” contextual menu
    [*]This will block them but also automatically report them as a spammer[/list]
    [*]Unlike the regular block list, this will only block their chat and no other player interactions
    [*]This new block list has 200 slots[/list]
    [*]A “Delete All’ button has been added for easy management
    [*]The list will automatically clear itself when you return to the character selection screen
    [*]A “Delete All” button has also been added to the regular block list
    [*]A new chat spam prevention system has been added
    [*]It will automatically monitor the chat, detect and block any spam
    [*]It will take a few attempts for the spam to be picked up by the filer
    [*]Please note that this is an experimental feature. We have tested this extensively to make sure it doesn’t pick up normal chat, but if you are encountering any issues, you can return to the character selection screen to clear your spam block list
    [*]Implemented a preventive fix for the Razer Chroma crash issue which should help prevent crashes and disconnections when using a Razer device
    [*]We are still working directly with Razer to find a definitive fix for this issue

    [center][color="#FFFFFF"][size="7"]Bloodshade Harbor[/size][/color]

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]Take on the Blackram leadership in this upcoming dungeon.[/size][/color]

    Admiral Hae Mujin is out for blood following the defeat of his granddaughter, Vice Admiral Poharan. Hae Mujin is the leader of the Blackram Marauders, and directs his gang from Bloodshade Harbor. Entering their base of operations is a mission to dismantle their criminal organization on their own turf, and you’ll want to bring a group of strong and stalwart individuals to handle this ultimate foe.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]General Information[/size][/color]

    Level: 45

    [*]Heroic 6- and 4-Player
    24-Player Dungeon:
    [*]Nightshade Harbor
    Location: Moonwater Plains – Blackram Shipyard

    Prerequisite Quests:
    [*]Invitation from Poharan
    [*]Breaking the Chain (Blackram Supply Chain Daily)
    [*]Wall Dash

    Primary Rewards
    [*]Pirate weapons and accessories, especially the upgradeable Pirate Bracelet
    [*]Bloodshade Soul Shields
    [*]Hae Mujin’s Machismo (Upgrade Material)
    [*]Cobalt Widow & Scarlet Widow outfits and hairstyles
    [*]Hae Mujin’s outfit & adornments
    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]Bloodshade Harbor Bosses[/size][/color]

    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Venomous Thrasher[/size][/color]

    Filled to the gills with corrosive acid, this gravity-defying thrasher needs to be brought back down to earth. Just be sure to deal with its eggs to avoid an unmanageable situation.


    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Munitions Officer Blood Mane[/size][/color]

    Keep him from getting ahold of his mechanical creations, or you’ll find yourself in a front row seat to your own demise.


    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Cobalt Widow & Scarlet Widow[/size][/color]

    These twin sisters are intrinsically linked, and neither one can be defeated on their own. Approach both with equal consideration or you’ll be left seeing double.


    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Admiral Hae Mujin[/size][/color]

    You’ll need to avoid his large AoE and Kung Fu Master combos, and the darkness of his very own shadow, as he seeks to avenge his granddaughter.


    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]Bloodshade Harbor 6-Player (Level 45, Normal Difficulty)[/size][/color]

    Both the 6- and 4-player versions of Bloodshade Harbor are max-level (45). The 6-player version offers group content that requires a modest amount of coordination and group composition, and is most commonly entered through use of the automated Cross Server Dungeon finder (F8).

    In the 6-player version you’ll see reduced damage from enemies, damage indicators (also referred to as telegraphs) from enemies indicating where they’ll attack, suggestions on how to avoid damage, and you’ll have a timer that will show when to best execute a successful dodge out of an attack. You can also use Dragonblood which is obtained from shrines in the dungeon that will return you to full health if you were to take enough damage to kill you.

    While the overall difficulty is well balanced for a full group of six players, it is possible to try to tackle it with fewer than that, and for an equally greater challenge. Rewards you can gain from the 6-player dungeons include [url="http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/soul-shield/"]Soul Shields[/url] and accessories, a chance at chests that contain weapons, and various crafting materials.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]Bloodshade Harbor 4-Player (Level 45, Hard Difficulty)[/size][/color]

    The 4-player version of a dungeon is always a max-level (in this case both 6- and 4-player versions of Bloodshade Harbor are max-level), and offers greatly increased difficulty. Not only are enemies doing more damage, but you won’t see any attack telegraphs (you’ll need to memorize their animations), and you won’t receive any ability suggestions or dodge timers. Bosses may also have additional abilities or different attack patterns, as well as increased health and reduced enrage timers (the amount of time before their damage is increased to instantly lethal levels). You also won’t have the standard Dragonblood to use to resurrect, although your other party members can still always resurrect you directly (if they’re still alive). Of course for the greatly increased challenge come increased rewards—including the boss’ own weapon as a drop, and exclusive outfits and accessories.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]Nightshade Harbor 24-Player (Level 45, Easiest Difficulty)[/size][/color]

    The 24-player version of Bloodshade Harbor is called Nightshade Harbor, and must be entered directly from the instance portal. 24-player versions of dungeons allow multiple groups of players to enter at the same time to conquer constantly respawning enemies and bosses. You can’t use the Cross Server Dungeon finder to join a 24-player dungeon, and instead will want to look for others using the Party Finder, or for people gathering at the entrance to the instance. It all comes down to efficiency of the groups working together to defeat enemies, so joining an efficient group can be extremely lucrative. When an instance fills up with 24 players, a new instance is created and any new players entering will be placed into that one, and then the next when that one’s full, etc.

    Enemies have generally increased health, and reduced damage, allowing anyone who enters the ability to contribute. It’s entirely possible to enter alone and work with the other players already in the instance, but it’s generally recommended to enter with a few other players, or post a notice for a group in the Party Finder. There are daily quests will regularly send players into the standard 6-player dungeon, but a large number of daily quests exist for the 24-player version, and they can be excellent sources of experience and gold.


    [size="5"]Temptress and Seductress costumes, Cobalt Widow Wig, Cobalt Widow Blindfold, and Scarlet Widow Mask.[/size]


    [size="5"]Hae Mujin’s Pirate King and Dark Pirate King (24-player version) costumes, and Noble of the Sea and Pirate’s Ego adornments.[/size]



    [hide]Sorry for being late on this one! Was busy with undertale + getting daqilies done![/hide]

    [color="#FF8C00"]Starting at January 27 3:00 AM PST / January 27 11:00 AM UTC, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 4 hours. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting.[/color]

    [color="#FF8C00"]Below are the list of changes introduced within the update:
    [*]The amount of Hongmoon Keys and Hongmoon Unsealing Charms obtained from certain quests has been increased
    [*]Fixed an issue where the client would crash when using the Spar Request function in PvP Arena
    [*]Fixed an issue where the “Blue Porcelain” and “Scarlet Shade” costumes could not be put within the Wardrobe
    [*]Lowered the amount of Salt Lake Crystals required for the quest “Top Chef” from 7 to 5
    [*]The Healing Tonic given during the tutorial quest will now be bound to the hotkey 8 by default
    [*]Fixed an issue where it was possible to skip NPC dialogue by using the “F” key during a cinematic
    [*]Fixed certain chat commands (emotes) which were not working in French and German
    [*]Fixed an issue where items bought from the Hongmoon Store in French or German would display the English name in the mailbox
    [*]Fixed various localization issues
    Based on the community's feedback, we have implemented the below highly requested features:
    [*]We have added a level 10 or below chat restriction for Region, Faction and Party Finder Chat Channels
    [*]We have removed the level restriction to report a bot or spammer
    [center][color="#FFFFFF"][size="7"]Rising Waters Arrives February 10[/size][/color]

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]New end game content update to be released in two weeks.[/size][/color]

    You’ve mastered your skills, fought through terrifying encounters, and conquered Poharan herself. There’s no rest for a warrior on the pathway of vengeance, and your adventure continues in just two weeks—on February 10—with the release of Rising Waters, an update including three challenging new pieces of max-level PvE content, and new ways to increase your martial prowess.

    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Bloodshade/Nightshade Harbor[/size][/color]

    Available as a 6- or 4-player Heroic (purple) dungeon, Bloodshade Harbor (and its 24-player version, Nightshade Harbor) offers max-level players new challenges against the Blackram pirates, and Poharan’s boss, Admiral Hae Mujin himself.



    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Mushin’s Tower – Floors 1–7[/size][/color]

    Ascend each level of Mushin’s Tower—a single player Heroic dungeon—for increasingly greater challenges, and even greater rewards. Additional floors and content will be added to Mushin’s Tower in future updates.



    [color="#C0C0C0"][size="5"]Hongmoon Level 5[/size][/color]

    Hongmoon Levels allow you to continue to gain experience beyond level 45, and unlock additional skill points to increase your character’s strength in combat. This update will unlock five Hongmoon Levels to be gained after completion of a new quest.

    [size="5"][color="#C0C0C0"]PvP Preseason[/color][/size]

    The update will also mark the start of the PvP preseason, with a new in-game UI to see how your skills stack up. You’ll also be able to earn and spend Zen Beans—the Blade & Soul PvP currency—from competing against others. As we move from the preseason to Season 1 in a future update, we’ll have more information on the high-level rewards you’ll be able to earn from dominating your opponents.

    Stay tuned as we’ll have more information on the upcoming Rising Waters content over the next couple weeks.