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    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]Level any new character to 45 within three weeks and get exceptional rewards.[/size][/color]

    <div> <p>With the launch of Unchained on March 2—and the new Warlock class—we’re challenging everyone to level up a new character before March 23, and get some incredible rewards when they do.</p>

    <p>Any character that is level 10 or under when Unchained releases on March 2, and that reaches level 45 before maintenance on March 23, will receive an upgrade bundle and first chance at the Temptation costume.</p>

    <p>The upgrade bundle includes all of these non-tradable items:</p>

    <ul> <li>Warrior’s Tokens x30</li> <li>Siren's Emblem x20</li> <li>Pirate's Emblem x20</li> <li>Hongmoon Unsealing Charm x15</li> <li>Naryu Silver x10</li> <li>Element of Luck x5</li> <li>Lucky Jewel x5</li> </ul>

    <p> </p>

    <table border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="line-height: 20.8px; width: 450px;"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="text-align: center;"><img alt="" src="//static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/images/160302_BS_News_Level_Up_Temptation_Costume.jpg" style="line-height: 20.8px; width: 300px; height: 575px;"><br style="line-height: 20.8px;"> <span style="line-height: 20.8px;">Temptation</span></td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Your first character of any class that meets the criteria of the challenge will earn the costume and the upgrade bundle, which will be sent to your account-wide Received Items tab where it can be claimed by any character. While the upgrade bundle is only able to be earned once, we’ll grant additional Temptation costumes for any other characters that complete the challenge on your account.</p>

    <p>The rewards will be distributed at defined intervals throughout the leveling challenge, and characters that were level 10 or under—and reached level 45 before server maintenance on March 23—can expect to receive their rewards the day after maintenance each week (March 10, 17, and 24) following when they hit level 45. The challenge rewards will be sent to the account-wide Received Items tab, where it can be claimed by any character on the account.</p>

    <p>We hope to see many of you taking on this challenge, and earning some exceptional rewards. Good luck!</p> </div>

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]These challenging max-level additions arrive with the Unchained update on March 2.
    <div><h4>Naryu Labyrinth</h4>

    <p>The Naryu Labyrinth is an Epic difficulty max-level dungeon available in 6- and 4-player versions. While the encounters and enemies you’ll face are certainly challenging all on their own, you’ll also need to jump, glide, and find your way through this sprawling maze. Each room contains a unique encounter that—when defeated—will unlock a door at random to the next room. Progressing will follow with a similar random advancement to the room beyond, the room beyond that, and so on; creating a unique and challenging experience each time you enter the Labyrinth.</p>

    <p>While there are countless individual rooms that you’ll progress through randomly, there are three total floors to descend, and a boss to defeat that guards each of the exits to the next floor below.</p>


    <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size:22px;"><em><span style="color:#D3D3D3;">Minou</span></em></span><br>
    <a data-reveal-id="Minou" href="javascript:void(0)"><img alt="" src="//static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/images/Naryu Labyrinth - Minou.jpg" style="width: 500px;"></a></p>

    <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size:22px;"><em><span style="color:#D3D3D3;">Be Ido</span></em></span><br>
    <a data-reveal-id="BeIdo" href="javascript:void(0)"><img alt="" src="//static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/images/Naryu Labyrinth - Be Ido.jpg" style="width: 500px;"></a></p>

    <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size:22px;"><em><span style="color:#D3D3D3;">Fujin and Raijin</span></em></span><br>
    <a data-reveal-id="FujinRaijin" href="javascript:void(0)"><img alt="" src="//static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/images/Naryu Labyrinth - Fujin and Raijin.jpg" style="width: 500px;"></a></p>

    <p>Each boss has their own tantalizing treasures to take once they’ve been defeated, but along the way you’ll also acquire Naryu Labyrinth Relic Pieces, which can be turned in to Exchanger Junsu just outside the entrance for a Labyrinth Treasure chest, which contains a variety of items, including the coveted Black Sun costume.</p>

    <p class="inline" style="margin: 2px; text-align: center;"><a data-reveal-id="BlackSunMale" href="javascript:void(0)"><img alt="" src="//static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/images/Black Sun Male.jpg" style="width: 450px;"></a></p>

    <p class="inline" style="margin: 2px; text-align: center;"><a data-reveal-id="BlackSunFemale" href="javascript:void(0)"><img alt="" src="//static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/images/Black Sun Female.jpg" style="width: 450px;"></a></p>

    <p>The Gods of Wind and Thunder, Fujin and Raijin, are a difficult trial for even the most coordinated groups of warriors, and among the gods’ most sought-after treasures are their costumes, allowing anyone to become the embodiment of the wind and thunder itself.</p>

    <p class="inline" style="margin: 2px; text-align: center;"><a data-reveal-id="WindGod" href="javascript:void(0)"><img alt="" src="//static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/images/Naryu_Labyrinth_Costume1.jpg" style="width: 450px;"></a></p>

    <p class="inline" style="margin: 2px; text-align: center;"><a data-reveal-id="ThunderGod" href="javascript:void(0)"><img alt="" src="//static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/images/Naryu_Labyrinth_Costume2.jpg" style="width: 450px;"></a></p>


    <h4>Mushin’s Tower – Floor 8</h4>

    <p>The next floor of Mushin’s Tower has unlocked, and warriors capable of conquering the prior seven floors can now take on the three embodiments of Mushin himself. He has returned to take a personal hand in training those hoping to continue their ascension of the tower.</p>

    <p style="margin: 2px; text-align: center;"><a data-reveal-id="Mushin1" href="javascript:void(0)"><img alt="" src="//static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/images/Naryu Labyrinth - Mushin 1.jpg" style="width: 500px;"></a></p>

    <p>Mushin’s embodiments will use powerful techniques, and those challenging him will need to defeat each one separately against increasingly strict time limits. Among the great treasures he drops are the Fury weapon skins, and Mushin’s Soul Shield—an entirely new Soul Shield set.</p>

    <p style="margin: 2px; text-align: center;"><a data-reveal-id="Mushin2" href="javascript:void(0)"><img alt="" src="//static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/images/Naryu Labyrinth - Mushin 2.jpg" style="width: 500px;"></a></p>

    <p>While Floor 8 completes the first section, it’s clear the tower continues to rise far above this floor, and it’s no doubt that more will be unlocked at some point, though no one knows when that may be.</p>

    [color="#FF8C00"]Starting at February 24, 4:00 AM PST / February 24, 12:00 PM UTC, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 4 hours. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting.

    Below are the list of changes introduced within the update:
    [*]Valentine's Day Event ends -- Red and White Roses will be available for transmutation until 3/1
    [*]Fixed an issue where the Marketplace would not display correctly in certain situations
    [*]Updated class skill descriptions for French and German
    [*]Routine server maintenance and modifications

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    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="7"]Warlock Class Week[/size][/color]

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]A flashy and bold ranged class who summons the spirits through charms and talismans.[/size][/color]

    The Warlock class will become available in Blade & Soul on March 2 with the Unchained update. We’re dedicating this week to previewing the Warlock, and have a new class page where we’ve revealed techniques from the Hongmoon Secret Tome, wallpapers, and a class video.

    Be sure to join us on the official [url="http://www.twitch.tv/bladeandsoul"]Blade & Soul Twitch channel[/url ]February 25 at 10am PST to watch our dedicated Warlock stream; and check out Twitch streamers [url="http://www.twitch.tv/bajheera"]Bajheera[/url] & [url="http://www.twitch.tv/WarcraftJen"]WarcraftJen[/url], [url="http://www.twitch.tv/sattelizergames"]SattelizerGames[/url], [url="http://www.twitch.tv/jf4nathan"]Silkwood[/url], [url="http://www.twitch.tv/virusbns"]VirusBNS[/url], [url="http://www.twitch.tv/MrHappy1227"]MrHappy1227[/url] & Mel, and [url="http://www.twitch.tv/kimvoslice"]KimvoSlice[/url] on Friday February 26 from 1pm-5pm PST as the Warlock is explored from a different perspective.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]The Warlock Overview[/size][/color]


    The Warlock is Blade & Soul’s second dedicated ranged class with great power but considerable fragility. Many of their powerful abilities have significant casting times and long cooldowns, requiring one of two strategies to be employed: keep enemies at bay or incapacitated long enough to be able to cast the high damage abilities again, or reduce cooldown times through expert timing of other abilities.

    The most iconic aspect of a Warlock is their ability to summon a Thrall as an ally on the field. This Thrall lasts for only a short period of time, but can be useful in engaging an opponent while the Warlock is busy setting up the scene for their next big performance.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]The Warlock in Play[/size][/color]

    The Warlock needs to eliminate opponents quickly and efficiently, or risk being overwhelmed and easily defeated. As such, their combos need to be set up on either reducing or resetting the cooldowns of their primary damage-dealing abilities—Dragoncall and Wingstorm—or triggering instant-cast scenarios.

    In keeping with the shamanistic theme, Warlocks can apply certain afflictions on their enemies. A Brand on an enemy will increase the damage dealt by some spells, whereas a Target on an enemy will allow the Warlock to instant-cast spells and direct the Thrall’s attention.

    For party play, the Warlock provides an incredible support buff. Their time-winding abilities can extend out to their party members by triggering Soulburn, which resets the cooldown of everyone’s skills, and gives them the Awakened state. When active, specific abilities for each class will also become Awakened, and receive a big power boost on top of the general buff.

    In Arena PvP, the Warlock has a pretty substantive set of defensive skills to accompany their powerful offensive skills, but still suffers from a glass cannon status that could be easily exploited. The Thrall should be used tactically as their cooldown cannot be reset and their presence alerts the opponent for the potential for highly powered abilities activating upon the Thrall’s sacrifice. Prioritizing instant-cast abilities, fast casting speed, and skills that pierce defenses over high-damaging abilities can all help to ensure the Warlock can hold their own competitively against the other classes.

    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]Common Combos[/size][/color]

    1. Soul Shackle (2)
    2. Leech (F)
    3. Dragoncall (4)
    4. Wingstorm (V) Tier 3 Stage 1
    5. Tether Blade (X)


    1. Soul Shackle (2)
    2. Leech (F)
    3. Wingstorm (V)
    4. Dimensional Volley (RMB) Tier 3 Stage 4
    5. Dimensional Charge (RMB) Tier 3 Stage 4
    6. Dragon Helix (4) Tier 2 Stage 3
    7. Rupture (F)


    1. Imprison (3)
    2. Summon (Tab)
    3. Obliterate (Tab)
    4. Soul Shackle (2)
    5. Leech (F)
    6. Dragoncall (4)
    7. Wingstorm (V)
    8. Dimonsional Volley (RMB) Tier 3 Stage 4
    9. Dimensional Charge (RMB) Tier 3 Stage 4
    10. Dimensional Salvo (RMB) Tier 3 Stage 4
    11. Awakened Rupture (F)


    [color="#FFFFFF"][size="6"]PvP Combo[/size][/color]

    1. Soul Shackle (2) Tier 3 Stage 1
    2. Summon (Tab)
    3. Fall In (E)
    4. Leech (F) Tier 3 Stage 3
    5. Dragoncall (4) Tier 5 Stage 1
    6. Time Distortion (Tab) Tier 3 Stage 3
    7. Wingstorm (V) Tier 3 Stage 1
    8. Dragoncall (4)
    9. Tether Blade (X) Tier 3 Stage 1
    10. Dragoncall (4)
    11. Dragoncall (4)
    12. Dragoncall (4)
    13. Dragoncall (4)
    14. Bombardment (RMB) Tier 3 Stage 1
    15. Bombardment (RMB)
    16. Bombardment (RMB)
    17. Imprison (3) Tier 4 Stage 1


    Source: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/warlock-class-week/