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    Just a small treat for everyone today! [URL="http://news.mmosite.com/content/2010-02-08/blade_and_soul_closed_beta_in_the_first_half_of_2010,1.shtml"]MMOSite[/URL] posted a little something about Blade & Soul's closed beta testing date, it's official release, and some good news for you console users! MMOSite received this information from an [URL="http://article.joins.com/article/article.asp?total_id=3715817&cloc=rss%7Cnews%7CITScience"]article[/URL] posted in August of last year.

    Keep in mind, no one actually has an exact date on when all this will be available or if the CBT will be limited to Korea only, you'll hear from us when we get some definite answers.

    CBT Information & Official Release Date[/COLOR][/B]

    Blade & Soul will launch its first closed beta test in the first half of 2010. NCsoft has announced via its financial report last September that Blade and Soul and Guild Wars 2 will meet the public in 2011. Blade and Soul is scheduled to launch closed beta test earlier than Guild Wars 2.

    Kim TaeJin from NCsoft said Blade and Soul has entered the final stage of development and they are speeding up its development, aiming to get it officially released in 2011. According to NCsoft, Blade and Soul will continue the closed beta test till the second half of 2010.

    [COLOR=Silver][B]Console Annoucement[/B][/COLOR]

    Some good news for you console lovers! NCsoft confirmed that the console version for Blade and Soul is under stable development. "The console version for Blade & Soul is under development. The console market is deemed suitable for release and will allow parallel development." Kim Taejin said.

    This is great news for Blade & Soul! Having B&S on consoles will greatly increase the games player base and community. And since the game feels more like an action/fighting, hack and slash MMO in a way (play style is unknown, this is just speculation) the console version should fit right in! This will open the door for future MMO's to be on consoles as well, the MMO genre will significantly expand because of this! More MMO's please!

    [B][COLOR=Silver]Community Discussion! (Plus Poll)[/COLOR][/B]

    Will you be buying Blade & Soul for the PC or the console? Let us know why! How do you feel about Blade & Soul (or MMO's in general) being released on consoles as well as the PC? Discuss!

    We would like to thank [URL="http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/forum/member.php?u=196"]deadplayer[/URL] for pointing this out to us [URL="http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/forum/showthread.php?t=301"]here[/URL]!

    So, the Blade & Soul main page went down last night and most thought it was simply going to be another trick. But alas, this time, the cake was not a lie! Their last update consisted of some information on the four races we have to choose from. This time Team Bloodlust updated their main page with some new candy in regards to the classes featured in the upcoming NC Soft MMORPG. During the previous showing of the G-Star trailer, there were four classes shown to the public; Blade Master, Kung-Fu Master, Force Master, and the Destroyer. Let us look at these classes with a little more depth.

    Blade Master[/size][/b][/color]
    The Blade Master's weapon of choice is obviously the sword. A weapon that has been tested through the ages and come through as a reliable tool of death and destruction. In the beginning of your career as a blade master, you will use a sword and a shield but this will only take you so far before you shed the bulky arm ornament and become a full fledged blade master. However, even in these early stages, the blade master will prove to be a deadly force as you will learn a powerful skill that Team Bloodlust promises will be exceptionally useful and versatile in both the early stages of development and after becoming a hardened and well trained blade master.

    The blade master is limited to equipping single handed weaponry, allowing the class to have a very fast-paced feel. The one-handed sword and dagger are examples of such weapons.

    So, the question remains. Will the blade master be one of those strong and agile fighters that can stand toe to toe with the deadliest of foes? Or will its play style fall more into line with that of a traditional rogue/assassin. Let the speculation begin!

    [size="1"]"She wields the sword as if it were a flower! However, she shows an incredible amount of charisma"[/size]

    Kung-Fu Master
    The Kung-Fu Master would make even Bruce Lee himself proud. They are machines of destruction and grace using their bodies as their weapon. By using various punches, kicks, and amazing combos, this class could easily become the favourite in a genre that has been seriously lacking in the unarmed style class lately. However, this is not your simple run of the mill dps class. By making the most of incredibly high evasion and adding in a little bit of grace and skill, you can defend by quickly dodging incoming attacks and counter-attack your unsuspecting foe, thus making the kung-fu master an effective tanker.

    The kung-fu master uses various types of hand-to-hand weapons and "fighting gloves" to increase their damage output. It will be incredibly interesting to see if Team Bloodlust stays true to their word and gives this class some "tanking" capability and pull away from the traditional sword and board tank.

    Just please, for the love of all that is sacred, no Kung-Fu Master only guilds named "Fight Club"!

    [size="1"]The Kung-Fu Master, master of combo attacks!

    [/size] [url="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4027/4325492114_9534c97194_o.jpg"][img]http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4009/4324755493_8f5818d8ae_o.jpg[/img][/url]

    Force Master[/b][/color][/size]
    This class uses Ki, the mystical essence that lives within us, to bring devastation to its foes. The force master has various skills at its disposal, ranging from destructive single target attacks, and massive area of effect skills powerful enough to vanquish any foe. However, the force master is not without its weaknesses. As you've probably already guessed, the force master is not exactly a master at hand-to-hand combat and prefers to battle its foes from afar. When facing down an enemy such as the blade master or the kung-fu master, it would be best to use your vast magical arsenal to control your opponent and keep your distance as a few devastating melee attacks could result in the end of your career as a force master. But, what the class lacks in pure physical endurance, it more than makes up for in its ability to literally rain destruction down on its opponents.

    The force master's starting weapon is the Ki-Gong-Pe. It is worn on the wrist and is used to enhance the users Ki which in turn makes the users abilities considerably more powerful. Attached at the end of these weapons will be a character that makes the item distinct.

    Considering the play style of Blade & Soul, the force master will definitely be an interesting class to play. It will be a breath of fresh air from the "stand there and push 1..1..1..1..1" play style that we see so often from the caster classes in previous MMO titles.

    [size="1"]17 on 1? No problem! Why? Because I'm a Force Master, that's why! Oh damn, they're getting dangerously close.[/size]

    [size="1"]The Ki-Gong-Pe bracelet equipped![/size][/center]

    [center][size="3"][color="White"][b] Destroyer[/b][/color][/size]
    The Destroyer. What can I say about this class other than it is the pure definition of power. They wield massive weapons of ridiculous proportion, charge head first, and...well, destroy their enemies! Once a destroyer is standing face to face with its foes, his weapon will swing with unimaginable power and moments later there will be nothing left but a pile of corpses and a weapon dripping blood. This class is, in every meaning of the word, a tank. It is near indestructible with its various defensive abilities allowing it to fend off a large number of attacks, making this particular character incredibly difficult to kill, even while on the move. And it brings death with its jaw dropping offensive abilities that will leave your opponents dead or dying on the battle field.

    The destroyer's weapon of choice is of the two-handed variety. Axes, pole arms, swords, etc. However, he is not limited to only two-handed weapons. The destroyer can also equip a shield and use his defense as an offense. The destroyer is an incredibly diverse and powerful class.

    And to anyone the doubts the raw awesomeness that is the destroyer, go watch the G-Star video. Now!

    [size="1"]Scary! You don't want to mess with this guy.

    So there is your closer look at the Blade & Soul classes currently announced. Critique them! Speculate on them! Let the class discussion begin! And a special thanks to Abao for the translation work from the official Blade & Soul website. This article wouldn't be possible without his contribution!

    Finally, some official Blade & Soul news brought to you by Blade & Soul Dojo! This is actually a couple of weeks old, but since we don't have an official Korean translator here at B&S Dojo watching their site, we overlooked the post (Yes, we still need a translator!). This was posted by a forum moderator on the B&S official Korean website, it was posted December 24th of last year.

    The post gives us detailed information about Blade & Souls four playable races, the Kun, Gon, Jin, and the Lyn. Let's take a look.

    [/SIZE][CENTER] [SIZE=3][COLOR=White][B]The Kun[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]


    The Kun, an elegant and beautiful race that consists of only women. They are believed to have embodied the strength of the Chinese phoenix. They represent the ideal image of the male fantasy with their irresistible beauty and grace. They are sometimes mistaken for goddesses and fairies that have descended from the heavens. Their name stands for the sky, which originates from the belief that they indeed came from the sky.

    They are very in tune with nature, and entertain themselves with music and poetry in hidden mountains and riversides. They believe strongly in world order and balance. They are determined to pacify the chaotic world, and to restore peace and honesty.

    [/SIZE][/B][CENTER][B][SIZE=3] [COLOR=White]The Gon[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]


    The Gon, a symbol of strength, are a very masculine race. These giant power houses are not limited to males, they do in fact have women. What distinguishes the Gon females from the women of other races? Their extraordinary height and surprisingly attractive muscles.

    The Gon race is somewhat misunderstood. They are widely feared by ordinary people because of their somewhat destructive ways, but don't let that fool you. Despite the Gon's tough look, they are actually quite warming and hospitable. The Gon's represent the spirit of the earth, they prove to be the most trustworthy and reliable of all the races. However, their stubborn and upright nature can be easily manipulated by evil forces, it is then that these beings should be feared. According to ancient legend, the Gon's were born out of dragons breath and as such, they have inherited the curse that was placed upon the dragons by the gods. The Gon's have taken the curse as their fate and travel the human world helping others in hope that the curse would be lifted for their good deeds.

    [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR=White][B] The Jin[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]


    Although the Jin resemble the average human being, the Jin's spirit is far superior to that of an ordinary being. The Jin have an outstanding skeleton and a wise brain that is good at comprehension. Their name, Jin, means trying ones best. They live up to their name and will stop at nothing to complete the task at hand no matter what the risk.

    With such strength and wisdom, the Jin's have the capability of mastering anything they put their minds to, especially the martial arts and Kung-Fu. Most of the worlds famous Kung-Fu masters are Jin. They are open, optimistic and strongly inclined to justice. Therefore, most of them are living as knight-errands who help others deal with hardships and miseries. However, there are few Jin's out there that have yet to learn their true ability, and are spending their life in the human world as criminals.

    [SIZE=3][COLOR=White][B]The Lyn[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]


    This race was introduced to the public in the GStar 2009 video and was welcomed with open arms. This petite and adorable race features big ears, tails, and an irresistible urge to squeeze their cute little faces. NCSoft has only released two models of this race, a raccoon model and a fox model.

    The Lyn's have very keen senses that greatly surpass the other three races, they have a very strong ability to survive because of this. The Lyn's are a gentle and disciplined race, but they do enjoy their fair share of mischievous acts. Of course, they mean absolutely no evil in these games of theirs. They have inherited the ability of a legendary creature, the Kylin. The Lyn folks are able to communicate with the realm of the dead, as well as look through many secrets and mysteries hidden from ordinary human eyes with this ability. However, the public sees this ability as an evil omen. With their ability to communicate with both sides, the Lyn's are determined to bring peace upon both the living and the dead.

    Although the post doesn't specify whether or not the race will have males, you can see a male Lyn in the GStar 2009 video. Assuming it is a male, it has a mustache after all.


    [*] 4 playable races, the Kun, Gon, Jin, and the Lyn.
    [*] The Kun - Fairy like, beautiful, graceful. Females only!
    [*] The Gon - Strong, intimidating, gentle giants. Males & Females.
    [*] The Jin - Closely resembles humans, very intelligent, disciplined. Males & Females.
    [*] The Lyn - Petite beings, ability to communicate with the dead, heightened senses. Males & Females.

    B&S Dojo has gotten 622 Unique visitors in January alone (912 visits). I think it's safe to say B&S Dojo is officially the fastest growing Blade & Soul community!

    We are loving the support, keep it up guys!

    NCsoft was out to get us today! They had their websites down for maintenance earlier this afternoon, including [url="http://www.bladeandsoul.com/global/en"]Blade & Soul's official website[/url]. We got all excited and hyped up ready to receive some new B&S news when it returned, but they tricked us! We know how much that hurt the B&S community so we prepared a little something for you B&S fans to cheer you up. Of course, this isn't anything new, but it's all we can give you right now.

    We spent a couple hours today analyzing the new [url="http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/6-gstar-2009-trailer-and-interview-video/"]GStar 2009 gameplay trailer[/url] and found quite a few small treats for our community withen its contents. A few high quality screens straight from the video, and a few animated .gif's! I've placed the animated .gif's in links for those of you with limited bandwidth, i don't want to force you to load them.

    Before i get started, keep in mind everything we talk about here is 100% speculation. We have had absolutely no confirmation from NCsoft about the following. We just have strong feelings about a few of these.

    Let us begin with group combat!

    This is something our members have been discussing for the past day ([url="http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/forum/showthread.php?t=47"]here[/url]). The trailer has a lot of solo gameplay, which leads us to believe that group combat, something that every MMO has had, will be scarce. I have pulled the few group combat scenes for us to review into animated .gif's. You have to somewhat pay attention to notice these.

    Group Combat Animated .gif One:

    Group Combat Animated .gif Two:

    In the first animated .gif you're seeing this PvP 3v1 unfairness from a Force Master's point of view. In the background you can see a Blade Master and a Kung-Fu Master ganging up on some Gon. Although the Kung-Fu Master is just standing there looking pretty, you can clearly see the Blade Master doing his in-air spaz attack while the Force Master lights him up with blue balls of fury!

    In the second animated .gif we see a helpless being on the floor with a Gon Kung-Fu Master on top of him ready to pound his/her face in the background. We then see a Force Master (point of view) come to the rescue and lift the Kung-Fu Master into the air, and pushes him away from the victim.

    We can definitely say there will be some group combat involved, but remember, none of this is official, it's just us speculating. Sure, we have visual confirmation but until PlayNC/NCsoft says it confirms it themselves its not official.

    Next in line we found more footage of the summoner class hidden in the video!

    What makes us think that is the same Lyn and beast from the beginning of the video? There are 3 giveaways. The Lyns weapon (the paint brush staff), the creatures physical structure (mostly the wing type extensions), and the Lyn is in the second shot! Now why would that same Lyn be in every scene that creature is in!? As for the creatures physical structure, I posted a clear picture of the creatures model in my [url="http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79"]previous news post[/url], it is definitely him! Here is an animated .gif:

    Summoner & Its Creature Animated .gif:

    At first i thought it was just two people getting stomped by some creature, guess i was wrong.

    Thirdly, B&S has active blocking!

    What do i mean by active blocking? A non-passive ability that allows the player to block all oncoming attacks on command, yep! There's unquestionable proof in the video. Here's an animated .gif that proves my speculation:

    Active Blocking Animated .gif:

    You can see more blocking during the male Kung-Fu Master presentation in the video, precisely 3 minutes in. Active blocking brings "skill" to an entirely new level for this game.

    Last but not least, Force Master's choke hold combo has two sides to it!

    The ability combo appeared to have only two effects to it, the choke hold itself and a push back. The push back appears to be an option. It's either that or a grab "get over here" ability. Take a look:

    Force Master Push/Pull Ability Animated .gif:

    This isn't all that exciting news, just something i noticed and thought I'd toss out there for you guys!

    There's one more thing worth mentioning that i found in the video, just didn't have solid evidence. All the abilities in this game seem to AoE. Anything that is in the path of your offensive abilities animation seems to get hit. An example comes from the animated .gif i posted above (this one). After she blocks all the attacks, she does a quick sword ability that appears to hit two of the targets. I thought this was just a unique spin type aoe ability but then i noticed a Force Master use a clear single target nuke that hit two targets, 8:51 into the video, the dark environment scene.

    I went digging around today for some new Blade & Soul information and found some interesting articles on [url="http://thisisgame.com/"]ThisisGame.com[/url], which seems to be some sort of IGN/Gamespot type site for Korea. There wasn't anything major on the site and most of it was content we've already seen, but i did find a few good tid bits.


    [left]The above image is the creature the Lyn summoned at the beginning of the new [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0_sFZDxLRk&feature=player_embedded"]GStar video[/url]. You can see the similarities in its structure, though the creature in the video was black. However, that could just be part of the summoning animation. She did sort of "paint" him out, maybe the black ink just fades off him to reveal his true, fierce, PINK color!

    (One of B&S's many creature NPC's)

    (Some Lyn sketches)

    (In-game panda costume!)

    I came across an old video on youtube today as well. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's just an extended version of the first B&S video released ([url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtA1jSreK84"]this one[/url]). it was shown at TGS 08. The quality is garbage but it's all we've got!

    [/left][left]We realize this isn't exactly exciting stuff here, it's just all we can get at this time. NCSoft has released very little information about B&S. Not to mention most of the articles currently out there are in Korean. There is only so much Google Translate can do, we can really use some help translating this stuff! It would be greatly appreciated.

    Here are a few articles that caught my eye, they need some proper translating!

    I would like to thank everyone for supporting B&S Dojo and registering! We're growing strong, help us grow some more! Don't be shy, register!

    [size="3"][color="White"][b]Update[/b][/color][/size]: Some more pictures from GStar 2009! Thank you Abao!