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As some of you know, or don't know, lol I am a In Game Photographer, what I do is take Photo's of anything from Weird to Beautiful. I love taking Photo's even creating my own Photo's while toying around in Garry's Mod, I'd like to show you all some Photo's i'll be taking while in Garry's Mod or maybe other games too.

Not many people know about Neo Tokyo but it was a fun game it seemed, to bad it didn't last long, maybe a year, games now dead and offline but I hear it's coming to Steam so maybe people will play it again.

Now in Neo Tokyo is FPS game with a little not sure but I think it's Spiders from that Anime Ghost in the Shell? You can also find Posters of that anime too, but again im not 100% sure if it's from that anime due to I never watched it but I do remember seeing previews of it with Spider robots. Neo Tokyo is full of it also with a little.....hentai shops and Lol...pantie vending Machines like in Japan lol but i'll get to that some other time, I hope not.

It's a lot of maps they made Very Beautiful and I hope to make more Photo's of the maps soon, right now I only have 1 where I was testing up Sky effects making it Sunset and also toying around with Ragdolls.

I'll take more Photo's soon, for now here's Neo Tokyo map along with, super mario sunshine delfino plaza and Black Mesa.



No that's not Miku....much, it's Glados from Portal with Black Rock Star.


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They look awesome...

I also take in-game photos and I'll share my work soon. Upcoming: BnS, screeniesfrom the 2nd beta.

Btw, the last pic, white hair & clothing, that's GLaDOS?

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