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some noob questions :D

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hi there,

i was looking around and found this BnS game and i have there some questions.


i heard that the gae is played in korea but there are still 7/8 classes. so is it there just a beta what everyone is playing?i see so many videos etc. about this game that im wondering ^^.


what is it for a game.

PVE grinding or inis and raids like WoW/GW2


what PvP does there exist? just open world pvp with ganking? i like ganking ^^. or is there too an arena where you play 5vs5 1vs1 3vs3 etc? i saw there a video on youtube with a korean name but 20vs20 open world pvp.


does there exist a official EU site from BnS with forum etc.


did they anythink said about the release date in Korea or EU/NA?i just found users who talk about it but still no fix date

sry for my bad english :)


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1. Not sure what gae means but BnS is released since about half a year in Korea. They are still planning to release another class, that is true.

2. Currently this game offers serval 4/6man dungeons in the high lvl. As well as one solo dungeon and 2 "Open" Raid Version of the 4man dungeons (You basicly enter alone and kill bosses that spawn with randoms)


The only PvP BnS offers is currently Open World Ganking. There are 2 main PvP Factions that you can choose. There is 1 camp for each Faction in the last area were people tend to have PvP with a lot of people. (Need to kill 10 players for a dailie quest)


Official Site for BnS is:


As mentioned, its released in Korea. There is no annoucement about a release date in the US/EU.


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