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Blade and Soul end game..

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I'm just wondering is this what end game supposed to be like?

1. Farm 24 man stormy pohwaran and after you get a good weapon of your class and a bopae set you move one.

2. Farm 24 man Dark port bloodshark with the exactly same goal as the above + some new accessories.

3. Do pvp dailies and more pve dailies for the black stone to trade for your weapon with NPC and extract it for iron coins.

4. Spiral Labyrinth which I have not attempted yet because it was too hard and the koreans were asking me to pay 2000G per round just to be in their group and they will carry me.

5. Tower of Mushin 8th floor (I couldn't even get pass the 5th floor because my gears were very bad at that time).

Right now I'm at stage 2 and 3 so I just keep farming for a better weapon and trying to complete Haemoojin's bopae set.

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I wouldn't really recommend coin weapons.

Iron coin weapons are completely useless with sub 200 ap.

Silver coin weapons (209-220ap) are worse than Pohwaran weapons (198-242ap).

The gold coin weapons are the only useful ones (around 260ap) but gold coins are incredibly rare so i wouldn't recommend it.

Instead, get Haemoojin's weapons from Dark Blood Shark (max 259ap) or just Blood Shark (max 263ap) after getting a decent Pohwaran weapon (at least 220ap).

Or get Tower of Mushin 7th floor weapon (max 259ap) and if you're up for the challenge 8th floor weapons (262-270ap).

If you want to go further, extract 7th floor weapon and 8th floor weapon (must be your class) and get its crystal and trade it for another weapon from a merchant on the 8th floor (270-280ap about same class as Labyrinth weapons).

Break that weapon and get it's crystal and you can trade it for another weapon on the 8th floor (100% 283ap with 3 hexa gem socket)

Obtaining the crystal for each weapon is random.

For bopae sets, Blood shark harbor one is good.

Another good one is the Endless Tower set (obtained in Tower of Mushin floor 4~7).

Recommended stats for Spiral Labyrinth when going with random people:

Fully farmed Blood Shark Harbor gear (or around same class) with gems

Full Bopae enchant (50% crit rate and 10% defense penetration)

Bleed skill tree (if your class has bleed)

A resolve like steel


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