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BnS na Guild recruiting's Photo

BnS na Guild recruiting  Sorry to bother you guys, but this is an important post for gamers ~ As most of the people know, Blade&Soul (North America) is coming out soon this winter. We are some experienced players from Taiwanese Server (also lives in North America), and we want to recruit some people who are interested in join our future guild! Try not to make this long :S And if anyone sees my post, even you dont live in NA, may you, nice people, like my page pls~~? It's really hard to start a new page XD...

Today, 04:32 PM

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Lithia's Photo

Lithia  Designs submitted. I shall be content, regardless of the outcome. - Lith. ...Contender.

Today, 04:13 PM

PomfPomf's Photo

PomfPomf  Getting my Blade & Soul wall scroll today, i'll make sure to show it to you guys.

Today, 04:03 PM

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Rhy's Photo

Rhy  I shouldn't post at 6am while drunk, it could lead to hilarious crap that horribly derails threads.

Today, 03:11 PM

Presh's Photo

Presh  Wonder when will JP get the new skill updates. Really falling behind in content. Should have been caught up to CN. ( ー̀εー́ )

Today, 02:22 PM

Eorza's Photo

Eorza  Challenging Japan to a Mech battle is pretty suicidal.

Today, 12:26 PM

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gjallahorn's Photo

gjallahorn  ppl from europe if u playing bns cn what ping are u getting and with which booster ?

Today, 12:07 PM

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hidden41's Photo

hidden41  Dojo bringed mod section back. Yuppiii :D

Today, 08:36 AM

Shinaji's Photo


Today, 08:25 AM

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Fumika's Photo

Fumika  Happy with my new guild Clarity on Japan Server :)

Today, 07:24 AM

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