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Pics ^_^

When their good:

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A rare Happy moment! ^_^

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When their bad! :

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[size="5"]Burny Burnin fire time!...

Queue ?

Guys can you help me with this ? I don't know what's this for. I encounter this one for the first time. Should i get myself a VIP sign up to avoid this in the future ? And how to avail VIP ? i can't read Chinese. I love this game so much :<

See the image here >
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Because I bite. On necks. :3
Though I don't suck blood, ew.
It's empty in this section, I guess I'll still post regardless since I am on bns and bored. Met someone named IntEgo from the guild Censored while playing on the 2nd server. apparently its russian since he tried to speak russian to me, but he definitely has a little bit of english. Unconfirmed how active this guild is so I decided not to...
There are a lot of marketing tips and tricks making the rounds on the web that are mostly repeated and restated over and over. They work, which is why they are repeated so often, but they are also “done” which means they have lost some of their efficacy. If you want to really make a splash with your marketing, it might be a good idea to go a...

View PostKyosume, on May 20, 2014 - 6:40 AM, said:

Let's just hope the russians will add an english version of their BnS soon and maybe buy the rights to publish BnS in EU also.

[color="#ffffff"]yes agree !

i like to add some :
[font="arial, sans-serif"][size="2"]the...
You know how you can do so many things during the character creation?!
Weeeeell, I was really bored that I decided to see what kind of character I can create.
As we know it, it's not everyday you see an old looking character in I thought to myself "hey, what if I did an elderly lady?!"

And so--this was born out of...
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Yep, I did it... was back in the lake town after a good hour or so of grinding the bamboo warrior guys for their tokens when I went to this guy to exchange for an outfit when what do you know, I had somehow missed that this npc Lyn was taller than my Jin... VICTORY!!!

Auction House Limitations

As of OBT,
auction house only entitles 20 auction house entry per server (eg. 电信二区) to a player.

This is only tested via VIP 2 accounts,
based on the chinese characters normal players might have lesser.

From: Descendants

[center][color="#FFC0CB"][b][font="Comic Sans MS"] ~ Welcome everybody to Descendants, we hope you enjoy your stay! We are all looking forward to playing in game with each other when the Chinese OBT opens up! We will discuss a server and try and get our time zones remotely sync'd so we can all play together as much...
[center][font="Times New Roman"][size="2"]Well, where do I start?:

Alrighty everyone, for starter this is like the description said will be mainly a gaming blog. Mainly with ya know, games of current day and age. I will try to post as often as I can with as many games as I play. Hopefully I can avoid all the bad ones...
"It's a lot quieter here...I wonder if it's because there's less of them here.", She spoke.

Her parents turned to her with a look of wonder---though at the same time a mixture of relief fell upon them along side that feeling. seemed like this was a prelude to what they had desired. The doctor they had taken...
It comes and goes like the seasons of the year---except it feels as if it were a life-time since it'd showed it's face.

Perhaps this is how strong the shackles I had placed unintentionally on myself were. Perhaps this is how deeply bothered I was by the lack of closure I experienced.

If this is so I am surprisingly more sensitive than...
*Long title I know, but I bet you read the whole thing :p lol*

This is my first blog entry and it was inspired by those who get bored of games (happens to all of us don't worry).

Let's get on with it shall we?

[color="#FF8C00"][size="5"][u][b]Jett's Guide To How Not To Get Bored...
I would like to tell you how i begun my experience in this amazing game. It all started about 1 year ago when i was with my friends at a local internet cafe. We have gotten very bored of the games we played until that day. So i decided to start a detailed search for a new fresh multi player online role playing...

Stats Translation

Well I am playing the game and I been looking for some translations so I can understand Bo-Pae pieces and the stats of weapons.
I bet some of the players that are going on the game right now may not know what they are looking for and what they should build. So I did a little of surfing throught the internet and found the Korean stats and then...

Random Thoughts!

Am bored at work and to retain my sanity, I think I'll write about my thoughts..

So I managed to get an account going for Blade & Soul finally, been playing solo very casually with my free time on and off when my sweety isn't tugging me around in TERA. Definitely enjoying the game and it's beautiful sights and fun combat.

En Masse Entertainment, the accretion aback the abominable acclaimed activity MMO TERA, is admiring to acquaint that TERA?s attainable Argon Queen update, the bigger alter the adventurous has credible to date, will be arise to players chargeless of accusation on August 22. A new video showcasing the game?s all-new PvP battlegrounds access is now...


:surrender: So I everybody , its been a super long time since i've made one of these things. But anyway im just gonna tell everyone whats goin down ;D Like any one wants to know anyway, but im just going to telling some basic info and whats going on in my life right now. My real name is Giana Starr Marzella, and i live in the USA. I am crazy...
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