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An adventure, or a question?

Dream Date: 12/7/11 (Slept at 1AM)

The dream started with my best friend, my cousin, and I finding a fireplace. I don't know why, but we crawled into it, and all of a sudden we were on a conveyor belt suspended in the air, evidently coming out of a grate. It was moving to the left, with a path on the right as well. We decided to go against the belt and as we were moving, we saw some objects fall into the pit that the belt led to. Followed by some very disturbing shredding noises. This ramped up our fear quite a bit, so we were scrambling to go against the belt to safety. We reached the end of the belt and saw some controls that reversed the belt, so we pressed it. Also above us was a platform. When we peaked at what was a futuristic like world, creatures resembling gangers were being mass produced. At some point in this, I had blacked out in my dream and woke up to fighting these gangers. I was wielding my blades and outfit from Skyrim (Ebony Sword, Dawnbreaker, and Nightingale Armor, but with lights like Tron). I had no clue how long this was going, maybe a few years had passed?

We run back to the grate, and somehow we are transported back to our world. Whatever we had been doing, we sensed some type of threat. Thus we gathered more of our friends and suited up with body armor and weapons. Evidently by this point, there were some government branches here at this fireplace too, keeping watch. As our friends stepped to the fireplace, something went wrong. All of a sudden, their hands and feet disappeared (yet could still stand). They suddenly turned into gangers and turned around to look at us. What had just happened? And then, they attacked. With every person they inflicted a wound upon, there was another ganger-like person. It was a world panic. Our world slowly lost footing, and was being overrun.

But then, we were attacked. When I woke up, I was back in the futuristic world, in a black skin-tight suit. Had we died? This world was so much more advanced than ours. My cousin and friend woke up beside me. We then saw hundreds of people in similar suits, going through a portal. All these people had specialized armor and weapons on. Almost immediately upon going through the portal, did they reappear somewhere else in the futuristic world. These people weren't from this one, they were from our world. But they were depressed. One explained to us that they had originally been attacked and 'died' in the "real" world. When they came here, they had the mental ability to summon strength and arm themselves. People used this ability to attempt to take back the real world.

What was this place? Was it just a realm to test our worthiness to live? People had a choice. They could either suit up and fight, or remain in the futuristic world where they could decide at a later time. My cousin and friend immediately went. I hesitated. I saw how people could no longer go back to the real world after dying twice (once by ganger, another in battle). Not to long after, my cousin and friend returned from death. They could no longer summon their strength mentally. I decided to run. I ran to a dock and took one of our (not quite sure why it was our's) flying machines. After pressing a few buttons, it darted off. I then saw an amazing world. A futuristic city with lush environments. But at the same time, machines of death were everywhere, being made to take our world.

I flew to the tallest building, somehow knowing it had this world's leader. I pleaded for him to stop. He did. More years past. My cousin, friend, and I were inside a large building, looking out a window on the world. We were allowed the same living and rights as those who had already lived here (I'm still not quite sure who was living here). We had learned how to utilize our suit to change clothing upon will, but we still missed the real world. I had a house here, and it seemed like the entire human race was here now. Although I could summon my mental strength to don my armor and weapons, I never stepped foot into the portal. It still remains, but I can't bring myself to go through.

Is that world life? Is this world death? Where realm do I belong in? I am a person who hasn't chosen.
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