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  • Silverfrost Mountains Update
    The level 50 Silverfrost Mountains expansion has been announced - here is what you can expect!
  • Warlock Class
    Discuss the new class coming out on March 2nd: the Warlock.
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Ebondrake Citadel: A formidable prison of evil

A new end-game dungeon—Ebondrake Citadel—plus the long-awaited Arena Spectator Mode arrive in Blade & Soul’s next update.

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Ebondrake Citadel
This underground ruin is home to the Phantoms, a vicious division of the Ebondrake Cult led by Bale Phantom Zakhan. The Phantoms, known for dabbling with dangerous Dark Chi, use this secret base to subject Bonemask tribesmen to hideous experiments, breaking their spirits and forcing the Bonemask to serve the Dark Lord’s will. Available in 4- and 6-member versions.

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Spectator Mode
Jump into a 1v1 Arena match from an adjustable spectator view, and watch your favorite players battle it out with the new Spectator Mode.

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Accessory Evolution Discount
The materials required to evolve your accessories to the next stage are permanently reduced.

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A new pinnacle of challenging content arrives, in addition to improvements to some key systems.

The next level challenge content arrives with the introduction of the Desolate Tomb dungeon. Also with the update are numerous quality of life improvements, including Whirlwind Valley changes, weapon evolution discounts, and a new DPS Meter.

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Desolate Tomb
Desolate Tomb: The Talus Army has invaded the Tomb of Exiles to study ancient Naryu automaton technology. Available in 4- and 6-member versions.

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PvP Improvements
Introducing weekly and Seasonal rewards for 3v3 Tag Match and 6v6 Whirlwind Valley. Whirlwind Valley premade party size is now capped at two players to improve the matchmaking experience.

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Weapon Evolution Discount
The materials required to evolve your weapon to the next stage are permanently reduced, in addition to a new weapon path that provides additional discounts.

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DPS Meter
Measure your damage output with a new in-game DPS meter, allowing you to see your output, and the output of your party members.

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Hey guys, small update:

I've merged the clan subforums per the recent server merging, which you can read about here. All of the threads in the clan subforums remain, they've just been moved into their appropriate "Group". If you have any issues with a missing thread or any questions regarding this, let me know.

In case you didn't know, you can recruit members of any server within your group now. The dojo subforums now reflect that. (:

In addition to that, I've removed the Marketplace due to lack of use - even moreso with the recent server merges.

Our dear Columnist, Aquarius, has retired. The position is open for anyone interested. The Columnist transcribes official Blade & Soul updates to the Dojo and keeps an eye on all official news outlets for information our readers may be interested in. GM tweets, 3rd party website news, reddit, etc.

If you are interested, please shoot me a PM. (:

I have been out of town all summer and won't return home until the 29th. After that though, we will host a Bamboo Costume giveaway for NA and EU (and for any kitties from those regions). Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. (:
EDIT: New board is out, and it looks like your prayers have been answered! We have another looping track :) I'll be back later to update the latest board, but for now I'll get the picture in place.

After searching all over the place, I realized there is no convenient place to find details on the current Daily Dash board. I plan on keeping this post updated as new boards come out. If I have any details incorrect or you see something missing, please comment and I'll add them here!

Current Board
Dates: 2016.06.01 – 2016.07.20
Completion Reward: Dragon Pouch (x2)

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Coming soon!
It's been a while since I've properly conveyed how the inner workings of the Dojo are going on. Here is a rundown of what's been going on the past few months behind the scenes here.

The long sought after forum updates
Months ago, even last year, we discussed possible forum updates coming to the Dojo. Other Curse-hosted forums are making the move to a forum software called Cobalt. You can see it live on the Minecraft forums and LolNexus forums. Cobalt is very clean and organized and, from what I've been told, is incredibly simple to use (admin-wise). For example, installing modules like Twitch streaming, PvP leaderboards, guides, etc would be very easy if we had Cobalt. As it currently stands, I do not have the ability even create another section of the website, such as guides, due to limited access and a forum software that has not been updated in 6 years. Yes, our current forum software has not been updated in 6 years.

I was contacted by Curse early this year with promises of the Cobalt update, set for January or February. After that, I never heard back from them. I finally received a response a few weeks ago which basically amounted to a "we didn't have enough time for it and now we have more important things to worry about" story. They prioritized other things over the Dojo's much-needed update right around when the game was released, which would have been an amazing time to update the Dojo to support our 1500% viewership increase.

Needless to say, Cobalt likely is not going to happen. They need more development time and money than currently available for us. I guess they enabled advertisements on the Dojo for their other projects?

I will try to work with them to at least get our current forum software updated. If we can get that, we might be able to work with them to get some mods installed and maybe I'll have the ability to actually edit the website. ._.

I would like to remind everyone not to post links to Imgur, per this thread. Unsurprisingly, we are still blocked by Imgur and they are not willing to negotiate with us at all on the block. Please use another image hosting website. (:

I recently discovered that there is a major flaw in our 6 year old forum software. Bans that are marked to be lifted on a certain date are not being automatically lifted. For example, if you were banned from the Dojo from May 1st to May 3rd, the system will not remove your ban on May 3rd despite being told to do so. I apologize if you were caught in this system flaw, I have removed all of the bans from this year that should have been lifted but were not. If you are affected by this, please message me or email me (check my profile for more information).

That is all I have to report for now. (:
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Vengeance Breaks

June 1, 2016
Your tale of revenge comes to a stunning conclusion as you face off against Jinsoyun!

Silverfrost Mountains Act 4 Part 2
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Will you be able to stop the Divine Mandate Ritual, or will you succumb to the darkness inside and seek revenge against your Master's killer? A stunning end to the Act 4 story awaits.

New Heroic Dungeons
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Party with others to defeat these new challenges!

Sundered nexus
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With the secrets of the Naryu in his grasp, a mechanized Be Ido returns in the Sundered Nexus. Available in 4- and 6-member modes.

Altar of Divine Will
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The battle of the ages is finally met upon the Altar of Divine Will as Jinsoyun attempts to bring the Dark Lord into the Earthen Realm. This daily dungeon is available only in 6-member mode.

Zaiwei Ruins
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Zaiwei Ruins is overrun by demonic creatures pouring through a portal to the Dark Realm! Help defend against the invasion in this 24-member open world instance.

Tower of Infinity
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The Tower of Infinity is the ultimate single-player challenge. Defeat a random, AI-controlled challenger on each floor, and see how high you can climb before the timer runs out, or you're defeated.

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Now you can have your very own companion! Pets will follow you around and provide a defensive buff when fed. Along with a wide selection of existing pets, two new exclusive pets are coming to Blade & Soul in North America and Europe: a Griffin and Otter!

Hongmoon Level 15
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Gain experience to increase your
Hongmoon Level.

Each Hongmoon Level will unlock additional training points.

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