• Khalija

    Blade & Soul’s newest expansion arrives, featuring Act 7 of the story, a whole new questing area, a revamp of the skills experience and more!
    Act 7: The Search
    Hunt down the Hongmoon School’s youngest and most valuable protégé with the help of your students and some new allies: Chol Mugo, Admiral of the Blackram South Fleet, and Ku Yang, the new Blade Master representative.
    Skill Tree Revamp
    The new skill system is here! Skill points and the skill trees for each ability have been removed, and instead replaced with a more intuitive and simpler solution that maintains build customization and fluidity.
    Insta-50 & Hongmoon Level 20
    This new account service will be allow new characters to be created at Level 50, with all the equipment necessary to continue adventuring in Blade & Soul. Additionally, the cap for Hongmoon Levels will be raised to 20!
    Hongmoon Training Room
    Practice your skills, learn new combos, or test your DPS against dungeon bosses in the new Hongmoon Training Room.
    Naryu Sanctum
    Once buried under the earth for centuries due to a jealous demigod, Xanos the Everlasting, the Naryu Sanctum is again accessible by foolhardy treasure-seekers and warriors alike.
    Celestial Basin
    Designed specifically for more solo-inclined players, venture into this land to fulfil a number of tasks and get rewarded with Heavenly Peaches, a currency to purchase legendary items.
    Mushin’s Tower
    An isolated tower sits off the coast, remote and inaccessible until now. The Tower of Trials, as the dungeon is also known, contains 20 floors of increasingly-difficult challenges, each designed to be faced as a solo player.
    Defeat the Raven King with two 24-member dungeons, a new Legendary upgrade path, and a new generation of Legendary accessories.
    Skybreak Spire
    Enter the Naryu fortress where—still under the influence of the demonic Raven King—Lusung awaits. You will face many powerful guardians within the Spire, until finally you come face-to-face with the former clan mate who betrayed the Hongmoon School. This new 24-member dungeon raid is not for the inexperienced.
    Dawn of Khanda Vihar
    The Naryu Paradise was once protected by the Great Drake, but the Dark Realm has been breached one too many times, corrupting the Great Drake and twisting the land into an alternate realm. Now known as Meganura, the ancient dragon must be awakened and defeated in this 24-player instanced raid.
    New Generation Legendaries
    Evolve your Seraph or Baleful weapon into the new generation—the powerful Raven weapon! Additionally, the new generation of legendary accessories will be introduced with the new Dragonbone, Diametric, and Nightfall Ring and Earring.
    Clan Battleground Ranking
    Queue with your clanmates in the new 6v6 clan setting for Beluga Lagoon or Whirlwind Valley, and face other clans in the battle for dominance! Your clan will be ranked on their performance, with regular seasons and rewards.

    Blade & Soul’s first 24-member raid arrives
    Midnight Skypetal Plains
    A strange moonlight has fallen upon the Skypetal Plains, acting as a bridge between the Earthen Realm and the Spirit Realm. Otherworldly creatures have crossed over and are wreaking havoc. The mightiest among these creatures is the Sacred Longgui, a giant dragon turtle that has long been considered extinct.
    Legendary Soul Shields
     New Legendary Soul Shields and a new costume can be earned through participating in Midnight Skypetal Plains.


    Can you win the White Whale’s favor?
    This update introduces a new 6v6 battleground, new Legendary Soul Shield Weapons, and the ability to preview your weapon and accessory upgrade path.

    Beluga Lagoon
    Beluga Lagoon serves as a staging ground for the annual White Whale Festival, organized by the Fish Network Guild. The festival honors the legendary flying White Whale, a bringer of luck and fortune. Twelve warriors pick sides and do 6v6 battle for the chance to win the White Whale’s favor.

    Legendary Items
    New Legendary Soul Shields and a new Legendary Weapon can be earned through participating in Beluga Lagoon.

    Weapon/Accessory Path Preview
    See the path clearly on your weapon and accessory progression, including future materials and Evolution items that you’ll require.


    Ebondrake Citadel: A formidable prison of evil

    A new end-game dungeon—Ebondrake Citadel—plus the long-awaited Arena Spectator Mode arrive in Blade & Soul’s next update.

    Ebondrake Citadel
    This underground ruin is home to the Phantoms, a vicious division of the Ebondrake Cult led by Bale Phantom Zakhan. The Phantoms, known for dabbling with dangerous Dark Chi, use this secret base to subject Bonemask tribesmen to hideous experiments, breaking their spirits and forcing the Bonemask to serve the Dark Lord’s will. Available in 4- and 6-member versions.

    Spectator Mode
    Jump into a 1v1 Arena match from an adjustable spectator view, and watch your favorite players battle it out with the new Spectator Mode.

    Accessory Evolution Discount
    The materials required to evolve your accessories to the next stage are permanently reduced.