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Blade and Soul Twitch

Summoner Class Week

Best friends fur-ever

Welcome to our ongoing Class Week series, where we focus a full week on each of the classes of Blade & Soul. Today we look at the game’s only pet class: the Summoner.

We’ve updated the class page on the Summoner with all your internet-cat-loving needs—wallpapers, a class overview video, and a page from the Hongmoon Secret Tome showing you the little-known techniques of the Summoner. Join us live on Twitch on October 8 at 4pm PDT to see some high-level Summoner play; or check out Blankspace’s stream on October 9 at 12:00PM PDT as he takes the Summoner for a spin himself.

The Summoner Overview

Posted Image

The Summoner and their Familiar are a purr-fect team that always fights together. The Familiar engages with opponents in melee, drawing their attention, while the Summoner attacks from a distance.

The majority of the Summoner’s skills are control-focused—they keep the opponent rooted in place for their Familiar to shred. Because the Summoner is more susceptible to damage than their Familiar, they also have defensive skills that allow for quick escapes if they ever get into trouble.

Summoner in Play

Due to their strong affinity with nature, the Summoner’s abilities call upon Earth and Wind elements. Not all skills will have an associated elemental damage, but those that do will have their damage increased with use of the right items; so building a focus around these damage types is advantageous in the long run—especially as you get to end-game dungeons.

Some say a Summoner is an essential member to any party. While their defensive skills can be applied to party members—helping protect the more vulnerable from harm—they are also the only class that has group healing abilities. With the benefit of their Familiar, the Summoner is also readily capable of dealing with additional opponents while a boss or other primary target is being engaged. In the right hands, the Familiar can display paw-some defensive capabilities; expert Summoners can easily solo content that would normally require additional party members.

In Arena PvP it’s tempting to specialize in pure damage-dealing, but a skilled opponent will commonly bypass the Familiar to focus on the defensively in-fur-erior Summoner—avoid a cat-astrophe and be sure to still consider focusing on defensive skills.

By forcing your opponent to use their defensive escapes early on with your Familiar’s abilities, you can lock them down quickly with the Summoner’s movement-hindering skills, and then unleash the power of your Sunflower to finish them off—leaving them to exclaim “You have cat to be kitten me right meow!”

Common Combos

Posted Image

Posted Image

1. Lunge (TAB)

2. Doom ‘n’ Bloom (F)

3. Strike © - Tier 2 Move 2

4. Uppercut (V)

5. Play Time (V)

Posted Image

Posted Image

1. Weed Whack (1) - Tier 3 Move 3

2. Flying Nettles (F)

3. Thorn Strike (2) – Tier 4 Move 2

4. Doom ‘n’ Bloom (F)

5. Rumblebees (RMB) – Tier 3 Move 2

6. Rosethorn (LMB) – Tier 3 Move 1

Posted Image

Posted Image

1. Lunge (TAB)

2. Doom ‘n’ Bloom (F)

3. Anklebiter (V)

4. Power Pounce (TAB)

5. Headbutt (X)

PvP Combo

Posted Image

Posted Image

1: Lunge (TAB) – Tier 3 Move 1

2: Power Pounce (TAB) – Tier 4 Move 1

3: Flying Nettles (F) – Tier 5 Move 2

4. Rosethorn (LMB) – Tier 5 Move 1

5: Sunflower (RMB) – Tier 5 Move 4

6: Rosethorn (LMB)

7: Sunflower (RMB)

8: Rosethorn (LMB)

9: Sunflower (RMB)

10: Rosethorn (LMB)

11: Sunflower (RMB)

12: Rosethorn (LMB)

13: Sunflower (RMB)

14: Strike © – Tier 3 Move 2

15: Weed Whack (1) – Tier 2 Move 1

16: Doom ‘n’ Bloom (F) – Tier 4 Move 1

17: Rosethorn (LMB)

18: Sunflower (RMB)

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Blade and Soul Twitch

Posted Image
Soul Shield

Martial artists don’t rely on armor to protect them, and instead gain increased power through their Soul Shield.

Martial artists rarely rely on the protection of armor, but instead draw their power through training, meditation, and mastery of the elements that surround them. While you won’t be equipping armor, or at least any that imparts any additional defense beyond its appearance, your Soul Shield—a medallion of immense power—will instead increase your offensive and defensive capabilities.


Your Soul Shield is made up of eight individual pieces, each angled in a specific direction around it. Throughout your adventures you’ll collect the pieces that can be used in your Soul Shield, which then increase your performance. Each piece is also a part of a set, and additional bonuses can be gained by using 3, 5, or all 8 pieces of a set—which also allows 3 and 5 piece choices of different sets to be mixed and matched.

Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

The most powerful and versatile martial artists seek out Soul Shield pieces, and attempt to complete each of the sets in their entirety. It should also be stated that, while attacking without any clothing on can be an imposing sight for your enemy, it’s required that you be clothed for your Soul Shield to be active.


You have a dedicated section of your inventory for your Soul Shield, making it easy to see how complete your sets are, what pieces of a set you still need, and to compare information on individual pieces and complete sets.

Posted Image

Posted Image

You also have the option to create a reserve Soul Shield configuration, using Soul Shield pieces that you’ve collected to build an alternate set of stats and bonuses, especially helpful when switching between PvE and PvP gameplay.

Equipping your reserve set of Soul Shields is easy and can be performed at any time outside of combat.

Upgrading Your Weapon

Your weapon in Blade & Soul will grow in power and ability alongside your own.

Regardless of the path you take, your weapon will be a consistent tool throughout your journey. From your earliest days of training in your chosen martial art, until your last, your weapon will be your constant throughout. Early in your journeys you’ll come across a weapon of immense power—a Hongmoon weapon—your weapon. This is the tool you will keep with you, and work to increase in power along your journey.

Posted Image

Posted Image

When defeating your foes they will at times drop their own weapons or you will be rewarded with training crystals, and these can be sacrificed to imbue your weapon with their strength. As you add the power from other weapons to your own, it increases in level, enhancing the weapon’s power and attributes.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Once it has reached Stage 5, it can be coaxed to breakthrough to Stage 6 with the power of a specific rare weapon, and rare reagents.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Now your weapon can continue its journey to Stage 10 and transform into a new weapon once a different rare weapon and reagent have been collected. After the transformation has been completed, your weapon will return to Stage 1, but with a new appearance and name.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Difficult enemies keep the weapons needed to begin a breakthrough or transformation, and the rare reagents can generally be found through repeatable quests within certain areas of the world.

In addition to your weapon, your path will also include a selection of accessories that also increase in power in the same way as your weapon--fed with other accessories—and also breakthrough tiers using rare accessories and reagents.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Enemy weapons aren’t always destined for destruction though; they also provide unique appearances that can be kept and used to change the look of your own weapon. There are tales of very rare and powerful Legendary quality weapons that can sometimes even rival the power of your Hongmoon weapon at the highest levels of expertise.

The success of any martial artist will not only rely on their own physical strength and training, but also of their weapon.

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