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  • Ncsoft Korea's Recent 2.0 Patch Roundup
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Blade & Soul Wiki ( has been collecting dust while our community waited for news of NA and EU release, we need some dedicated Dojo members to come in and polish it up. We will basically be starting from the beginning and preparing the wiki for beta. Don't worry, you don't need tons of experience. This is a volunteer position.


• A strong understanding of English.
For now, the wiki will only support English. If Curse gives us the go ahead, we may be looking at more languages in the future. It's important that you are observant and can type properly, small mistakes can lead to things breaking and you'll need to be able to identify your own errors. It's recommended that you are at least a native speaker.

• The ability to learn and remember some MediaWiki syntax.
I will be here to help everyone who joins the team in teaching you guys syntax and giving you tips. You are certainly not expected to memorize pages and pages of syntax, this isn't homework. But you need to be willing to experiment and see how things work. Don't let this scare you off, MediaWiki has tons of resources for learning. It's also simple and easy to learn.

• A willingness to communicate with the staff.
You will be provided with a to-do list that can be viewed by all admins. It will be a place where you can come in and ask questions on how to help, or dump your work on other admins if you're having a hard time. You need to be very proactive about this because finishing wiki projects means being able to share your work and letting others know what needs to be done.

• Free time.
The process of working on a wiki is pretty time consuming. I certainly don't expect our staff members to be here daily for hours doing work, we all have personal lives to attend to. You need to have some free time to be here and be able to give us notice if you're taking long breaks. You are expected to at least be able to check on the wiki for a few minutes daily if you don't have time to do any work.

• Cool-headedness, a good attitude and good decision making.
You might find yourself dealing with angry editors or running into people who wish to vandalize our wiki. It's important that you're not the type of person who makes rash decisions, you need to be able to communicate without negative emotions influencing things you say. There are also going to be times where you'll encounter people who have more knowledge than you, and you need to be willing to listen to their advice and make changes without pride getting in the way.

What The Work Entails

• Knowledge of the game and adding content.
The most important part of the wiki, this is what we're all using it for! You'll need to be willing to add content during release. This may even mean slowing down your gameplay a little because you'll need to stop and record data from the game or take screenshots so you can finish the job later after playing. Note, we don't expect you to have prior knowledge (you don't need to be a experienced player from a foreign version to apply but it is a bonus).

• Organization and structure building.
One of the biggest parts of wiki is creating a great space for content to be easily found and navigated to. MediaWiki has build in navigation which we will be taking advantage of, along with things we can build on our own. You'll need observant of what makes good organization, it's not a role for a sloppy person.

• Great communication.
I know I hit on this earlier, but the staff isn't going to be the only people you'll be talking to. You'll also be talking to fans of Blade & Soul who want to contribute to our wiki. They may ask questions, want help or just want to crack some jokes with you. You'll have to be willing to respond to that! No ignoring editors!

• Template building.
This is one of the hardest parts of working on a wiki. Templates can be extremely complicated and require great and vast knowledge of HTML, wiki markup, CSS, etc. Luckily, this is one of the smallest parts of building a wiki and you won't need to put in much work once the templates are complete. This knowledge is not required to work on the wiki because we already have staff members who know how to build templates. You will need to learn how to use the templates, but that doesn't require any web development experience.


• You get a cool title.
The most important feature obviously!

• Access to the Staff Forums, you will be involved with decisions made on the Dojo.
Wiki members are allowed to do much more than just work on the wiki, they will also be involved in decisions such as creating new rules, holding contest, voicing changes you want to see, etc. You get to work with all of us which is amazing by itself because obviously the entire staff is amazing.

• A unique and rewarding experience.
Working on a wiki will provide you with entry-level web development experience, where that takes you next is entirely your decision. We will provide you with the resources to build organized and easy-to-use structured content, as well as insight to how to build templates using HTML, CSS, wiki markup, etc. There are many editors who eventually find themselves building bots with languages like python, with the help of the community. You could also find yourself gaining meaningful connections with other editors, who often rely on each other to help a wiki exist. Finally, you will also gain knowledge of MediaWiki software, which is a powerful tool that many companies use and sometimes look for people who have a understanding of that to work for them. It's a specialized skill. As you can see, Curse has made an entire section of their staff dedicated to maintaining wikis, they're certainly not the only ones.

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You need to be logged into your Curse account to see the application, make sure you have at least one edit just to bypass the way the application was written. Feel free to edit my talk page if you're not sure what to edit.
I don't want Dojo members to feel discouraged from applying because they're not old members or they don't have very many post. Your involvement with the forum itself has nothing to do with the wiki. If you feel you can fit this position well, and you have the free time to do things here and there, I encourage you to apply. We have zero active editors now so you guys are all on equal footing. We won't be picking out many people, probably less than five, and we will spend from now until Closed Beta launch simply dealing with the structure of the wiki itself, establishing good guidelines for editors and not so much content until we have the official translations available. This is a role that will change as time goes on because our duty as admins is to fill in where the wiki is lacking and assist editors.

Please remember if I don't choose you, it is not because you're not suited for the role. It's because I'm just not capable of training so many people on using our wiki and being a good admin at the same time. Applications will be revisited in the near future, we will be looking at active editors when choosing again so I encourage you to come edit the wiki anyway.
May 20th, the day we got the news we've all been waiting for; The day we learned that Blade & Soul is finally coming to the West!

It's been over five years since we decided to create the Dojo, a home for NA and EU Blade & Soul fans. Some of you have been here from the beginning, some of you have only just joined. You've all decided to support the Dojo by being apart of its community at some point and for that we are eternally grateful.

Everything we've worked for has lead to this moment, the coming of our very own North American and European versions of the game. It's only fitting that we make some much needed adjustments towards a cleaner and more organized community as we count down the days towards the end of our lives outside of Blade & Soul.

Community Events
Blade & Soul Dojo will begin hosting community events in the near future. From art contests and giveaways to in-game events and tournaments. All of this will be housed in our upcoming 'Community News & Events' forum section which will include an area for our users to host their very own events.

Guild Discussion & Recruitment Forums
With the recent announcement of Blade & Soul's approach to NA & EU we're going to have a lot of folks wanting to find a guild or get their guilds rolling. We're going to be opening individual forum sections for each of the NCsoft West Blade & Soul supported regions and languages; These include NA, EU English, German and French. We're also going to open up another section for non-NA and EU regions.

Mods & Tools Discussions
This is one of the biggest changes coming to the Dojo, and the hardest for us. The Dojo staff has been internally discussing the decision to continue allowing the discussion of Mods & Tools or to abide by the EULA set by NCsoft across many regions and remove them. After much deliberation we decided to no longer support the discussion of mods and tools. We don't want to put the security of the Dojo and our users at risk. We want to respect all aspects of Blade & Soul's EULA; We want to support and play the game the way NCsoft and Team Bloodlust had envisioned.

We know this decision will upset some of you, especially those that have contributed much of their time towards the creation of their mods and tools. We understand this subject means a lot to you folks, and we apologize for doing this; We just ask that you understand our reasoning behind this decision. We would also like to make it clear that NCsoft had absolutely no effect on this decision; They did not ask us to remove any content that breaks their EULA.

We will be updating the Forum Rules with content regarding mods & tools some time this week; Until then feel free to save, discuss and move any topics offsite. Once the 'Blade & Soul Mods and Tools' section is gone, the new rules will be in place.

Now there is one exception to this new rule; We will continue to allow the discussion of English Patches. We know this may come off as a little contradictory, but we feel like the English patch is currently too big of an asset to the community for us to pull off the shelves. Most of us here are currently enjoying ourselves on some of the non-NA and EU regions thanks to the English patch. We'll be moving the pinned English patch threads to the upcoming 'Other Regions' forum section; See below for more information on this section.

Non-NA & EU Region Discussions
The Dojo was primarily built as a community fansite for North America and Europe first and foremost. Until the recent announcement confirming the upcoming NA and EU versions the focus slowly shifted more towards the other regions. We'd like to tilt things back towards our original NA and EU focus in light of the recent news. We're going to be restructuring the forum layout this week to reflect that; This will include moving the CN, KR, JP and TW Discussion sections to sub-forums within our upcoming 'Other Regions' forum where we discuss non-NA and EU versions of the game.

Blade & Soul Wiki Update
It's about time we get that Wiki rolling. Bumble, our most experienced Wiki Team member, is working hard on setting everything up for our wiki and will be recruiting helping hands later this week. She's currently in the process of finalizing a detailed article on the matter, so expect to see that here later this week!

Other Changes
As mentioned above we're going to be restructuring and reorganizing the forum layout. New sections will be introduced and some will be moved. We'll also be removing sub-forums that see little to no use. With this will come the much needed removal of some old and irrelevant pinned topics.

The Forum Rules and global FAQ sections will also be updated this week, so keep a watch out for that. I'll be making a post once the new rules are set in place.

How about that front page news slider? Yep, we'll be working on that as well. It's about time that thing gets fixed and has some relevant news displayed on it.

What comes after all these changes? First and foremost, upgrading IPB and the sites design. I'm sure we're not the only ones that feel like this is long overdue, considering the site's design and back-end hasn't been updated since mid 2011 (Dojo 2.0). This should fix a lot of the issues we're currently experiencing, like uploading avatar's. Outside of the upcoming update, we're going to be recruiting new staff members. As mentioned above, Bumble will be recruiting new Wiki Team members. We'll also be recruiting new moderators, especially those fluent in German and French, in the future as our communities population grows.

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That's everything for now! The Dojo will be in a constant state of change now more than ever; Feel free to stop by our Suggestions & Feedback section to share your thoughts and concerns with us. Help us build a better community!
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Blade & Soul will be coming to North America & Europe free-to-play in English, French, and German!

We are very excited to confirm that Blade & Soul, the martial arts MMORPG from NCSOFT, will be coming to the West this Winter!

Blade & Soul is an action-based martial arts MMORPG set in a fantastical Ancient Eastern world, with a story of revenge and vengeance that follows traditional wuxia literature. You’ll be battling enemies with a strategic- and combo-based combat style and channeling your inner chi to perform supernatural Windwalking abilities such as gliding through the air, running across water, and sprinting up walls.

We’ll be revealing more information in the following weeks and months, but for now you can check out our first trailer below.

Tomorrow we will also be hosting a first-look Livestream over on our Twitch channel. Join us from 10AM PDT / 5PM UTC to see a pre-Alpha Blade & Soul in action and to ask any questions you have. Make sure to follow us for real-time updates on when we’re live.

You’ll also want to sign up to our Newsletter so you get immediate notification of important news, a chance to win a beta code for our CBT in fall, and exclusive sneak-peeks at what we’re bringing. Make sure to also Follow, Like and Subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where we’ll be answering questions, posting exclusive content and more.

Finally, a big thank you to all the dedicated fans who have supported Blade & Soul coming to North America and Europe. We have spent a lot of time ensuring that we bring the best version of Blade & Soul to the West and we hope you’re as excited as we are to begin our journey in this incredible world.

Keep an eye on this website, as we will be updating frequently with news, information, and ways you can be involved in Blade & Soul West.

The Blade & Soul Team
So, Tencent is commemorating their first anniversary since releasing Blade & Soul (or 剑灵), and they're giving (more) free stuff! Don't you just love free stuff?
Anyways, the event page can be found here for anyone that can read Chinese. If you can't, that's what I'm translating it all for!

*I think Huopaolan was born on the same day, apparently. Little guy in the corner is saying "Happy birthday!" to her. Let's all slaughter her for her birthday, mm?

Step 1: Accept a quest on your taskbar;
Step 2: Complete the quest by going to the NPC. Just use location finder in your journal to find 'er;
Step 3: Get catapulted by a cannon, carnival style;
Step 4: Clap for Huopaolan and get a bag of ammunition.;
Step 5: Destroy balloons;
Step 6: #PROFIT from the rewards!

List of rewards:
  • Birthday Cake ( Buff Item )
  • Snowfrost Mountain Key
  • Dragon Bag
  • Anniversary Drink
  • 1st Year Anniversary Cake Hat
  • Celestial Flowers
  • Some polluted fish bones
  • Snowfrost Mercury
  • Celestial Box of Wonderful Stuff
  • Wrinkled Cloth Token
  • Golden Coin
  • Legendary Bopae Box

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*P.S lazy photoshop skills are clearly superior to all
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