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  • White Blue Mountain Range Update Coming To Korean Servers Late June
    See what is in store in the new zone
  • Ncsoft Korea's Recent 2.0 Patch Roundup
    Here are the new changes in the 2.0 patch!
I don't even have the strength to write an actual news post about this so I'll just leave the official announcement here.

Blade & Soul will be coming to North America & Europe free-to-play in English, French,and German!

We are very excited to confirm that Blade & Soul, the martial arts MMORPG from NCSOFT, will be coming to the West this Winter!

Blade & Soul is an action-based martial arts MMORPG set in a fantastical Ancient Eastern world, with a story of revenge and vengeance that follows traditional wuxia literature. You’ll be battling enemies with a strategic- and combo-based combat style and channeling your inner chi to perform supernatural Windwalking abilities such as gliding through the air, running across water, and sprinting up walls.

We’ll be revealing more information in the following weeks and months, but for now you can check out our first trailer below.

Tomorrow we will also be hosting a first-look Livestream over on our Twitch channel. Join us from 10AM PDT / 5PM UTC to see a pre-Alpha Blade & Soul in action and to ask any questions you have. Make sure to follow us for real-time updates on when we’re live.

You’ll also want to sign up to our Newsletter so you get immediate notification of important news, a chance to win a beta code for our CBT in fall, and exclusive sneak-peeks at what we’re bringing. Make sure to also Follow, Like and Subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where we’ll be answering questions, posting exclusive content and more.

Finally, a big thank you to all the dedicated fans who have supported Blade & Soul coming to North America and Europe. We have spent a lot of time ensuring that we bring the best version of Blade & Soul to the West and we hope you’re as excited as we are to begin our journey in this incredible world.

Keep an eye on this website, as we will be updating frequently with news, information, and ways you can be involved in Blade & Soul West.

The Blade & Soul Team

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So, Tencent is commemorating their first anniversary since releasing Blade & Soul (or 剑灵), and they're giving (more) free stuff! Don't you just love free stuff?
Anyways, the event page can be found here for anyone that can read Chinese. If you can't, that's what I'm translating it all for!

*I think Huopaolan was born on the same day, apparently. Little guy in the corner is saying "Happy birthday!" to her. Let's all slaughter her for her birthday, mm?

Step 1: Accept a quest on your taskbar;
Step 2: Complete the quest by going to the NPC. Just use location finder in your journal to find 'er;
Step 3: Get catapulted by a cannon, carnival style;
Step 4: Clap for Huopaolan and get a bag of ammunition.;
Step 5: Destroy balloons;
Step 6: #PROFIT from the rewards!

List of rewards:
  • Birthday Cake ( Buff Item )
  • Snowfrost Mountain Key
  • Dragon Bag
  • Anniversary Drink
  • 1st Year Anniversary Cake Hat
  • Celestial Flowers
  • Some polluted fish bones
  • Snowfrost Mercury
  • Celestial Box of Wonderful Stuff
  • Wrinkled Cloth Token
  • Golden Coin
  • Legendary Bopae Box

Posted Image

*P.S lazy photoshop skills are clearly superior to all
A minor patch for minor bug fixes, and edits to Misty Forest Faction Area NPC shops.

Maintenance Time: March 18th, from 8AM to 2PM GMT+8. (Click this to convert time to your time zone)
Maintenance Range: All regions.

Share the news, as I'm sure many people are going to miss this information.

Major class updates for Summoner KFM and LBM! New skill changes, guild updates, and more! Check out the class changes (courtesy of Draven and Teekayz for translations) here! It is recommended (if you don't have enough disk space) to free up 1.5GB.

Maintenance Time: March 11th, from 6AM to 2PM GMT+8. (Click this to convert time to your time zone)
Maintenance Range: All regions.

Translation of patch notes:
1. End of MSI events
2. Spring event items will be unusuable (namely, Heaven's Blessing and Lucky Blessing)
3. Added new guild system
4. Guild popularity (fame medals) will be cleared
5. Vigor rates and EXP changes are to be made
6. Lower level quests changes to be made
7. Auction house changes to be made
8. Changes to the auction house bidding system
9. Message now appears when party leader wants to change loot options
10. 7 new crafting achievements
11. Skill updates for Kung-Fu Masters, Lyn Blademasters, and Summoners
12. Added maximum amount of dailies
13. Added PvP UI option
14. Increase in perfumes dropped in HuoPaoLan 4man

Share the news, as I'm sure many people are going to miss this information.

Check out Draven's post on the future updates coming along: http://www.bladeands...mount-of-stuff/

View PostDraven, on Mar 10, 2014 - 6:45 AM, said:

3月11日6:00~14:00 +8GMT

Draven said:


Weekly maintainence guys, I suppose I'll start doing this if Sekuiya happens to misses it~

Just some security patches being done, nothing new as far as I can tell. Some more known issues are being fixed, as always.

Maintenance Time: March 6th, from 8AM to 12PM GMT+8. (Click this to convert time to your time zone)
Maintenance Range: All regions.

Share the news, as I'm sure many people are going to miss this information.

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